Food & Drink Awards 2021 Page 67 LUX 2021 Food & Drink Awards Sep21174 The Szemes Inn is a beautifully crafted tavern backed up by a rich history and emboldened by modern new ideas. Serving outstanding vegan food that reflects the charm and produce of the local area, its menu is one that incorporates Burgenland cuisine and a seasonal focus in order to wow its customers. Additionally, customers can enjoy such delicacies surrounded by the incredibly well designed interior that the family have worked hard to craft over the years. Familienbetrieb Szemes Best Family Owned A La Carte Restaurant - Vienna 836 Phillip Szemes is the current owner of the family owned Szemes Inn. Since the opening of a butcher shop by Georg Szemes in 1924 and an inn at Hauptstraße 33, the family have been serving the community of Pinkafield since then, despite the butcher shop closing in the 40s. The Inn was created in 1947, when Georg’s son Eugen took over the restaurant, and it became even more of a gem in the community when the hall got a full redesign and extension in the late 60s, synonymous with genuine hospitality and excellent food. The warm, welcoming, beautifully traditional interior has been preserved, and it has remained a meeting point and popular leisure spot for the locals of Pinkafield, a gem in the crown of the lively pub culture in the region. Another expansion and redesign took place in the 1980s, with new parking spaces and a courtyard implemented in 2003. The family then took the renewed vigour for turning the traditional pub into a meeting spot perfect for contemporary customers, including the construction of a vinotheque, kitchen reconstruction, and guest room embellishment, the new lease of life allowing the Szemes Inn to open itself up to whole new markets. Now, it serves both locals and travellers to the region alike, excited to welcome in customers old and new in order to show them the brilliant service and delicious food that has earned this establishment so many awards and so much good will. Critically, these awards include a 1st place vegan’s choice award, a star and 63 points at the yearly á la carte awards, a fork and 80 points at the Falstaff food fair, 12.5 points from Gault Millau, and eventually the whole Gault Millau award, given to the Szemes Inn in the year of 2020. It is also included in the wine host of the year pub guide, and expects this to further embolden the success it has enjoyed over the years as it moves forward into 2022, allowing the rich, well-aged wines and even its 1st barrel aged gin to speak for themselves in letting new customers know just how this Inn has become such a favourite. For years now, the Szemes Inn has become renowned for its hearty, outstanding vegan cuisine. Each incorporating excellent and traditional elements of Burgenland cuisine into itself from the ingredients to the methods of preparation that the kitchen staff use, Phillip and his team work hard to pamper each and every guest with culinary delights that carry a seasonal focus. This, in essence, is part of the Szemes Inn’s dedication to keeping things fresh and delicious all year round, working hard to source high-quality local products and adapting its menu to reflect the bounties of the region. It is also excellent at adapting its dishes to any dietary needs and requirements, happy to advise on ingredients and tailor dishes to fit a guest’s needs. Company: Familienbetrieb Szemes Contact: Philipp Szemes Website: