Food & Drink Awards 2022 Page 17 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 impeccable atmosphere, leading from the front amongst its peers. As this has remained true since its beginnings, it has been able to keep abreast of labour headwinds, continuing to look to welcome more people who share its ethos into its ranks soon. With these people behind it, and an exemplary foundation of excellence at its fore, it promises to continue updating its menu and its standards alongside the guidelines of the industry as well as the changing tastes of a developing market; after all, its customers are the most important part of the business for 7 Mile Kitchen. This is clearly shown in the emphasis it puts on keeping it touch with its market. Appealing to the widest range of diners thanks to not just being casual dining, but elevated casual dining, its concept has allowed it to nestle itself within a stable niche. Indeed, as a company that always looks forward to welcoming in new customers, it has a similarly welcoming attitude towards its staff, promoting inclusion and diversity at every turn as it knows that exemplary customer service requires a personal touch. When recruiting its team members, therefore, it seeks energy and passion, as well as a true commitment to delivering an impeccable dining experience in support of inclusion and family-centric dining and in line with the wider brand. Operating under the Sheraton Resort umbrella, 7 Mile Kitchen hopes to be the best of the best in order to bring repute both to its own name and to the name of the resort proper. Pleased to be widely lauded as a great place to dine, catch up with friends, and just have a drink, it will continue to be a cornerstone of its industry long into the future; with coffee, gelato, and pickup available, customers can enjoy its view of the beautiful surrounding resort as well as take its food away to go home with. 7 Mile Kitchen ensures that its team have access to the best produce, most state-ofthe-art equipment, and the most spacious kitchen areas so that they have every advantage. This has cultivated an internal atmosphere of creativity, limitless potential, and pride that can truly be tasted in every dish that is sent from within. Company: 7 Mile Kitchen Contact: Emily Beery Website: