Food & Drink Awards 2022

Drink Food & awards 2022 Bevpax: Functional Beverage Innovator of the Year 2022 Reach: Best Gourmet World Food Service Provider 2022 - UK Seara Meats B.V: Leading Food Producer of the Year - Brazil

welcome to the Food & Drink Awards 2022 LUXlife is proud to host the Food & Drink Awards for a seventh year, and to commend and recognise those who strive to offer the best products, finest services, and incredible experiences to their customers once again. Keen to recognise the best products, services, and sumptuous cuisines across the world, LUXlife’s Food & Drinks Awards stand as a leader in industry recognition. Our annual celebration will recognise all within the industry, from the most stylish bars and eateries to those who provide innovative and industry-leading services. Our team will leave no stone unturned when evaluating and determining our 2022 victors. Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

6. Dolce Events and Marketing: Best Food & Wine Festival 2022 - USA 8. Al Canevon: Prosecco Producer of the Year 2022 - Italy 10. Woodstock Gin Company: Artisan Gin Brand of the Year 2022 - South Africa 12. Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy: Best Luxury Liquorice Manufacturer 2022 14. Reach Food Service: Best Gourmet World Food Service Provider 2022 - UK 16. 7 Mile Kitchen: Best Gourmet Comfort Food Restaurant - San Diego County 18. Seara Meats B.V: Leading Food Producer of the Year - Brazil 20. Bevpax: Functional Beverage Innovator of the Year 2022 22. Rockcliffe Winery & Gelataria: Best Australian Cabernet Sauvignon: 2018 Nautica Cabernet Sauvignon 24. Kaikén: Most Sustainable Premium Wine Producer – Argentina 26. Winona Frozen Foods: Best Local Butcher’s Store 2022 - Ohio 28. Innergetics: Best Food Relationship Advisory 2022 29. Dish Dash Deets: Best Plant-Based Food Blog - UK 30. Elena Fucci: Best Traditional Family-Run Vineyard & Winery - Southern Italy 31. Destilla GmbH: Leading Innovators of Food Flavouring Solutions 2022 32. Ellis Gin: Best Craft Gin Producer - Scotland 33. Luscombe Farm Specialty Foods: Best Homemade Fruit Preserves Producer - North Texas 34. Umami Meats: Best Seafood Cultivation Company 2022 - Singapore 35. Hi! Wine & Spirits: Best Sparkling Wine Brand 2022

36. The Kefir Guy Company Oy: Best Kefir Dessert Company - Finland 37. Storms Pakhus: Street Food Market of the Year 2022 - Denmark 38. Karine’s: Best Free-From Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant - GTA 39. Agrovillaserra S.L: Best Manchego Cheese & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Marketing Company - Spain 40. Borrisoleigh Bottling: Most Innovative Bottled Water Business - ROI 41. Small Batch Coffee Roasters: Coffee Roaster of the Year – South East England 42. Doctor Salsa: Best Natural Hot Sauce Company 2022 - Europe 43. St. Supéry Estate Vineyards & Winery: Most Sustainable Winery - Napa Valley 44. InnoLab Cafe: Most Innovative Food Hospitality Concept 2022 – WA & LUXlife Excellence Award in Local Business Development 2022 - Perth 45. Big Oak Ranch LLC dba Lightpost Winery: Most Outstanding Premium Wine Company – California 46. Dutton Cuisine: Best Family-Run Catering Company - Cumbria 47. Flora Sophia Botanicals: Best CBD Product & Wellness Company – USA 48. Golden Appam Corner: Most Unique Food & Beverage Enterprise – Malaysia 49. Slater’s 50/50 Las Vegas: Burger Bar of the Year 2022 – Las Vegas 50. Symphony’s Restaurant Pahrump Valley Winery: Premier Winery & Restaurant of the Year 2022 - Nevada 51. Eight Club: Private Dining & Lifestyle Club of the Year 2022 - South East England 52. SEDISAL: Best Seafood Preparation & Support Platform - France

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Page 6 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Sep22232 Considering both the bigger picture and the specifics when it comes to event design, Dolce Events and Marketing creates incredible food, wine, spirits, and beer. Indeed, its team patiently and rigorously research its clients’ needs, deeply considering their situations and specifications in order to work with them in the pursuit of creative, entertaining, and effective solutions. Moreover, when it comes to working with its clients on event planning and management, it has cut its teeth on collaborating with small and large teams both, from 2 people to thousands of people, representing a variety of different types of organization from colleges and non-profits to specialized food and wine seminars, and even grand festivals. Thusly, its event management processes have grown to adapt alongside this diversity. With such a wide range of clients in terms of size, organizational purpose, and values, it strives to make each of its events and the marketing for said events a totally unique and bespoke affair. Included in the services it offers to its clients are its web design proficiencies, marketing and PR, creative ideation, event planning, event execution, and ticketing systems, all of which have been developed with the utmost commitment and tenacity in mind in order to make sure its clients’ events are the best of the best. Prepared for the fact that clients may need only one of its solutions, a couple, or all of them, its flexible business modern has thrust Being an independently managed event, Dolce Events and Marketing is a space for creative, front-running, and innovative specialists in food, wine, spirits, and beer. Critically, its organisation and execution of these events is holistic and comprehensive, allowing it to market outside of the event proper and put its many years of experience to the test in order to continuously make the results bigger, better, and more profitable for its guests. Dolce Events and Marketing Best Food & Wine Festival 2022 - USA it into the spotlight as an industry darling. Moreover, it keeps the client at the centre of the operation the entire time in order to assure them that their vision is what takes precedence over everything else, only declaring itself satisfied when the client is totally happy. This attitude and methodology ensures that it can serve even the most particular clients with the utmost standards of excellence maintained in each of its processes right from the very first meeting. Therefore, when it comes to events, it can create every kind of get-together imaginable, from private corporate events to public facing shows and jamborees. Utilising the tenacity, flexibility, and ingenuity that goes hand in hand with such a changeable business model and fitting such a range of briefs, it has been able to push through all manner of challenges both intrinsic to its business and those faced by the wider world. Recently, this has Sotheby’s history with wine from around the world, from history to culture to geography created the perfect partnership with The Key West Food and Wine Festival. Our relationship as a sponsor of this spectacular event began in 2018, for us it’s a perfect fit, luxury real estate with the finestest wines in the world. Page 7 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 meant the pandemic, as it faced a significant reduction in event bookings due to social distancing rules and has since had to adapt its solutions accordingly. Dolce was undaunted by this, responding by utilizing its years of experience in working to fit changing standards and expectations, responding to the new ways events and experiences had to be organized in line with legislature and safety guidelines and ensuring clients could still feel safe at its events. Thus, it found its smaller events in high demand. With a smaller guest list meaning a more intimate, safer feeling event, as well as one that is easier to work with Covid-19 guidelines on, it has been stepping up to the plate for its clients in every way that matters. Thanks to this, and the excellence with which it carries out its event management, it has been able to retain the good will of its market segment, remaining on its current trajectory towards further growth as a result. Finding that people crave travel and special experiences that give them a personal sense of adventure and exploration, it has been sharing its findings on the current state of the market with its clients. This enables clients to ensure events are contemporary, fit for the market they wish to attract, and empathically imagined, as well as in line with their own goals. And what makes all this possible? Dolce’s staff, of course. Recruiting only the best of the best for its team, it is always proud to introduce clients to the staff who will be helping them to bring their event creation goals to life, with each of them working hard to bring people and brands together in perfect synergy. Fusing food, drink, and music, the passion that runs through this company’s veins is upheld and kept alive by the passion of its own team. Every single professional within its ranks is enthusiastic and exemplary when it comes to performing their duties, able to make event planning into an art form by creating a unique experience that achieves each client’s individual objectives without fail. Experts at everything from exclusivity to accessibility and fun, it provides the spaces within which brands can engage with their consumers on a personable level that builds memorable experiences and lasting relationships without fail. Nominally, it prides itself on its ability to develop its portfolio of events to consistently provide the best events possible. Never put off by a challenge and always raring to go above and beyond the call of duty for its clients, it is excited to see what kinds of projects it will be approached to carry out next, looking forward to weaving together food, drink, and art into creative event management that guests will remember for years to come. From the nitty gritty logistics to the finishing touches, it promises to reliably develop something fabulous. Indeed, for the curious, they are encouraged to ‘watch this space’ to see the reveal of the Viva Argentina show next year, which will embody all of Dolce’s lofty tenets and display its outstanding drive towards further growth. Company: Dolce Events and Marketing Contact: Mark Certonio Website: Photo credit: Terry Martin

Page 8 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Sep22369 One of Italy’s foremost prosecco producers – and a family business operating in a prestigious region – Al Canevon boasts undisputed quality products, a singular commitment to customer satisfaction, and internal processes that have been crafted with the utmost care. Indeed, with its dedication to the excellent maintenance of its familial vineyards, it has been able to achieve its goals of producing market leading prosecco. Plant by plant, its harvests are carried out manually to ensure this is always the case, with its professionals committing themselves to satisfying the most demanding palettes with the most in-depth and intriguing tasting notes that it can cultivate. Growing in the beating heart of the world’s most prestigious prosecco region, its vineyards have earned it global prestige; indeed, Vin del Nono and its Cartizze Superiore have fostered a prominent place within this fiercely competitive space, representing the strong bond the company has to its origins and the unique properties of Valdobbiadene. Nominally, Al Canevon as a business has been able to develop renown as a dynamic and front-running winery as a direct result. Thus, its market has grown in a naturalistic and sustainable manner – with its hand-painted bottles being found, purchased, and shipped across Europe – and is showing no signs of slowing down. As a family business, Al Canevon is a company operating with traditional prestige and modern excellence. With the brand being emblematic of the excellence that an Italian label connotes, it has secured its position as a trusted player within its industry, nestled in the heart of 40 hectares of planted land in the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, telling the story of quality and excellence by reputation alone. Thus, since its founding in 1970, it has been able to become a cornerstone of its market. Al Canevon Prosecco Producer of the Year 2022 - Italy Page 9 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Its Italian and European and Italian customers both laud the quality of its product and customer service as second to none, consequentially. Of course, with the processing done entirely by hand, it is important that Al Canevon can trust each of its employees with such a prestigious task; thus, it keeps it in the family, with the latest generation of family members to take on the mantle excited to get involved. Moreover, it is the only company in the new Unesco DOCG area to have 40 HA of prosecco vineyards on a single hill, and it works hard to make sure it gets the most out of every single acre. Not one to rest on its laurels when it comes to ensuring the excellence of its products, it is always determined to continue improving and developing, listening to the reviews and comments of its customers in order to act on their feedback appropriately, and keeping its website up to date. Indeed, having a healthy online footprint is more important in a post-pandemic world than ever before, and Al Cavenon recognises this, ensuring that its catalogues are kept contemporary and accurate to what’s in stock and being created. So much more than just a job, the Al Cavenon vineyards are the manifestation of passion, a point of familial pride, and a worldwide linchpin of prosecco production. Ostensibly, with its philosophy of ‘producer to consumer’, it does not go through the middleman of a supermarket, instead keeping its clients close with direct service that allows them to benefit from quick and efficient shipping. The benefit to this is that Al Canevon is committed to doing everything it can to preserve the integrity of the bottle in its journey to a customer, and so the client can always trust that it will arrive on time, safe, and to such a standard of quality that they would be forgiven for thinking it was delivered from just down the road. Thus, its customers are the most discerning wine aficionados, and it is proud to say that each of them has come back satisfied. It has developed its reputation from the word-ofmouth referrals and glowing reviews that such people leave, after all, and is always excited to see a client come back for more after they’ve purchased their first bottle, hoping that this is the case for every new customer who buys its prosecco. Having opened a wine shop of its own in the very centre of Valdobbiadene, its prosecco tasting allows clients to sample what it is they’re purchasing before they commit to it, with its staff being happy to talk them through the ideal pairings when it comes to meals or light bites. The only vineyard to have such a brick-andmortar establishment in its region, its prestige and reputation is safeguarded by the clients themselves. After all, it is the commentary of these people who have elevated it to the top, and thanks to the passion and enthusiasm of customers old and new, it has been able to continue growing from strength to strength, something it promises will prevail in the coming years. Indeed, having received several awards for the excellence of its service over the years, it has earned itself accreditation in Italy and further afield with its excellent score in the Vinitaly international competition and certifications amongst its own area. With extremely well kept and well imagined facilities that make prosecco development an art form as well as a science, it is excited to announce the introduction of more products going forward. Alongside its usual and incredibly classic range of prosecco – which will, of course, always be available – it has recently launched its new sparkling Rose of pure pinot noir, something that it had been working on for huge swathes of time in order to ensure that it is up to the same standard as its other products. Through this, it has been able to reach greater heights of success by the day with continual new innovations. Thus, going forward, the entire family is looking forward to welcoming many more customers into the fold as well as continuing to serve its existing client base with Al Canevon’s usual integrity. Company: Al Canevon Contact: Emanuela Geronazzo Website:

Page 10 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Sep22048 Ten minutes from Cape Town’s Central Business District, you’ll find its oldest suburb, Woodstock. Records of Woodstock predate the arrival of the first Dutch settlers in the 1600s. The area, originally inhabited by nomadic farmers, has seen many changes over the years. That even includes its name. The town was known as Papendorp back when its main purpose was farming. When the railway arrived in the 19th century it was named New Brighton for a short time and was a popular seaside resort. Residents eventually settled on the name Woodstock in 1867. During the late 19th century, the town became industrialised and found itself with a rapidly growing working-class population. From an industrial area with a hard reputation, Woodstock has evolved into one of the city’s coolest, most vibrant neighbourhoods It’s from Woodstock’s colourful history and working-class roots that the Woodstock Gin Company draws inspiration for its products. It pays homage to the illustrious precinct surrounding the distillery.. Firstly, “ORIGINAL” is a true gem of a gin with a style similar to London Dry. Taste is characterised by juniper flavours, with hints of wild rosemary, rose geranium, buchu and citrus notes to deliver a complex and balanced taste. Then ‘TANGERINE AND FIERY GINGER” is an easy to drink spirit that blends tangerine flavours with notes of juniper and ginger root to provide a refreshingly zesty finish. Lastly, BRAMBLEBERRY AND LOTUS FLOWER” is the unconventional member in our line-up and delivers a fruity and exotic taste with balanced hints of blackcurrant, lavender and fennel for an overall fragrant finish. Using what nature gave them is exactly what the distillers at the Woodstock Gin Company are doing. Taking inspiration from the history of Woodstock and locally sourced ingredients, the company offers 3 unique gins, each with its own distinctive personality. Woodstock Gin Company Artisan Gin Brand of the Year 2022 - South Africa The company produces its premium South African craft gin with the aim of fulfilling the consumer need for high quality, handcrafted local gin. Brand Home Curator, Jaques Wessels, tells us, “Consumer satisfaction is at the core of our business. It underpins everything we do, from seed to sip.” Unsurprisingly, Woodstock Gin Company has gained something of a cult following. The brand differentiates itself from the competition with its unique flavours and brand positioning. Established in 2014 the company numbers amongst the longest established makers of local craft gin. Having established a network of staff that combine many disciplines, the team at Woodstock Gin Company share a common passion for and knowledge of the product. Each team member brings a key element to the final product that is critical to delivering an attractive consumer proposition. During the COVID-19 pandemic, South Africa was one of the only countries to ban alcohol in a bid to reduce the spread of the virus. From March 2020 to February 2021, the country endured three separate bans. During this time the Woodstock Gin Company saw their trading opportunities slashed by 60%. Its local growth objectives and global expansion plans were put on hold. Moreover and more recently, the local energy crisis as stymied business growth due to ongoing rolling power outages – all in all, Woodstock Gin Company has navigated a plethora of significant challenges that have curtailed growth expectations in the last couple of years. As life, and trading, returns to normal the company is looking to further exploit its innovations pipeline, grow its local distribution network and explore opportunities on the worldwide stage. Contact: Jaques Wessels Company: Woodstock Gin Company Web Address: Page 11 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022

Page 12 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Sep22162 Over the years, Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy has made itself a staple of kiosks and hypermarkets alike with its delicious liquorice products. Never compromising on quality, and always delivering on taste, it now exports 20-25% of its product all over the world, using its traditional production method and a recipe that has been passed down through the years to earn itself an ever-growing market segment of people who love its sweets. Moreover, Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy is committed to keeping the oldest and noblest way of producing liquorice alive and well in cooking it in an open pot by masters who live and breathe their craft. This results in a fresh product that reaches the customer within an extremely short turnaround period, so that they can appreciate the liquorice as close to straight from the cooling rack as possible. Liquorice departs its factory almost immediately after it’s made, resulting in a soft texture and an uncompromising flavour that sets it apart from the rest, keeping itself a household name in the confectionary world by way of smart, innovative, and forward-thinking ways to fit a traditional product to the modern world. Indeed, operating with tenacity, efficiency, and quality in mind, it takes a responsible and determined attitude to meeting rising demand, opening a new factory soon that will allow it to maintain this; always developing new products it rejects the stagnation that can so often claim older companies. With Founded in 1906, Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy began as a soft drink manufacturer, diversifying into liquorice after World War 2 when it was able to attain the permits needed to supply the raw materials. Since then, it has been working hard to deliver the best liquorice to its market segment, growing repute enough to be exporting its products all over the world to Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, Canada, England, the USA, and Japan, and showing them what liquorice made with love tastes like. Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy Best Luxury Liquorice Manufacturer 2022 Page 13 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 its loyal staff – 9 of whom have families that have been with the company for 254 years– its smiley, well looked after people can extend the support the company gives them out towards the customers, creating an outstanding environment of the best people with the best attitudes. As one of Finland’s best known and most loved confectionary brands, it also likes to give back to the community that have allowed it to secure such a glowing reputation. Thus, it has been supporting charitable initiatives throughout its lifetime, working together with the JaPS sports club in order to help the club keep abreast of funding concerns and keep itself afloat. With a collaboration that has been ongoing since spring of 2021, the club and the company came together by chance over a Guinness Book of Records entry vying to make the world’s largest milk bag, the result of which clocked in at a colossal 832.8 kilograms. The bag was then sent to a Citymarket in Järvenpää, where many members of the blue community participated in the ‘dismantling’ of the bag into smaller units. The JaPS team and Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy then went on to have a more direct collaboration with the team in helping them to fundraise during the Coronavirus pandemic, with Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy creating modified liquorice packaging that brought the club to the attention of the company’s international market, encouraging brand familiarity and bolstering their reach. In the end, about 2500 packages of the specially packaged liquorice were sold, collecting a net profit 10,000 Euros; moreover, suits were made easy to book and pick up from Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy’s office, as the company wished to make the fundraising process as simple and effective as possible for the young sportsters and their families. In this way, the company and team have forged a bond through mutually pushing through the adversity of the pandemic, resulting in a collaboration that will last a lifetime. It is excited to see where this leads both the sporting group and the enterprise proper in the future, with this just being one example of how the old and inspiringly committed confectionary company is dedicated to supporting its nation and its people throughout tough times. It also promises that throughout such staunch community support, it will be continuing to better itself and improve its own product line, with a multitude of exciting things on the way that it is looking forward to being able to announce. Its liquorice products currently encompass a generously stocked bag of liquorice pieces that weigh in at 500g, as well as an older style recipe of Old Viipur Liquorice, a caramel sea salt liquorice product, Salmiaki liquorice, gift boxes, and even liquorice pipes such as the gentleman’s pipe and the big smoke pipe. Indeed, its products also cover packs for gifting and even just as a personal treat, with a starter pack and a gastro pack. Its gastro offerings are also innovating by bringing clients a new way to incorporate liquorice into everyday cooking, with a powder, vanilla sauce, liquorice sauce, and liquorice sauce Kinuski. It is, therefore, not just a candy company, it’s a company responsible for delivering small moments of joy to hundreds of people all over the world. Taking this as its sacred trust, it is now also working hard on making healthier and more sustainable products, compensating 100% of its carbon footprint, looking for more ways to recycle, and creating products made with molecular biological agriculture. With its aim of being the undisputed premium liquorice company in the world getting closer by the day, and a staff of the most committed people at its core, Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy is well prepared for the bright future that is surely in store. Company: Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy Contact: Timo Nisula Website:

Page 14 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 There’s simply no substitute for dedication, which is what Reach is known for. Their standing for uncompromising quality, food safety, responsible sourcing and exceptional client service puts them head and shoulders above their peers. Reach Food Services has dominated the food service industry for the past four years, thanks to how the team goes about their work. The company has spent this time cultivating an exceptional network of suppliers, each responsible for some of the world’s finest gourmet treats. The team is motivated by its love of international cuisine, its preference for highquality ingredients, and its goal to promote environmentally responsible business. They bring detailed knowledge of the industry to the table alongside insight into the supply chain, which is truly exemplary. Innovative products, an original approach to sustainability, certified quality credentials, and a firm commitment to superior customer service are the foundations on which Reach Food Services is built. These unique characteristics also earned them the LUXlife Food and Drink award for Best Gourmet World Food Service Provider 2022 – UK. We take a closer look to find out more. Best Gourmet World Food Service Provider 2022 - UK The group’s expertise in market trends, individual cuisine categories, and ethical and environmentally sound sourcing has made them valuable business allies to hundreds of high-end dining establishments. If you own a high-end restaurant or hotel, you know how important it is to have a consistent source of fresh, high-quality food. But the stakes are high when acquiring the world’s finest foodstuffs and keeping them fresh and well-presented. Reach offers not just fresh seafood but also a selection of premium meats such as Australian and Japanese Wagyu, the finest British beef, and luscious Scottish lamb. However, the team’s caviar selection is among Reach’s most well-known products. In every way, their Caviar is best-in-class and are environmentally friendly, making them a hit with both eateries and their patrons. From procurement until delivery, Reach accepts nothing less than perfection from the suppliers of these high-end goods. Every effort is made to guarantee the highest standards of food safety by the team. Because of this, the company maintains an Page 15 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 entire fleet of dual temperature-controlled trucks throughout all its markets, allowing for deliveries to be made in chilled, frozen, or ambient conditions. The chill chain is never jeopardised, thanks to remote temperature monitoring and GPS tracking equipment. Reach stands apart from the crowd since it only sells products that are produced ethically and do not harm the environment. Companies like The Kingfish Company and Clearwater are suppliers that they are dedicated to working with because of their commitment to ethical and sustainable fishing and highquality goods. Reach also hold MSC & ASC chain of custody certification, enabling them to ensure that their seafood is 100% traceable. In addition, their London and Dubai offices have both been Chain of Custody certified for sustainability. Whether customers are seeking food from the gentle hills of New Zealand, the depths of the Bering Sea, or the rugged mountains of the Scottish Highlands, Reach is committed to providing only the finest sustainable goods. It’s easy to see why prestigious businesses like Hakkasan, The Arts Club, Novikov, Annabel’s and Coya have made them their go-to supplier thanks to their dedication to eco-friendly business methods and their formidable distribution skills. The outcome is that the search for a reliable provider of high-quality food for restaurants is over. So, where does Reach go from here? The company is committed to its five-star service and growth. In 2022, the group will reach out to Doha and set the stage for a 2023 expansion into the United States. Ideally, this expansion into the United States will create two additional stores, one in Miami and one in New York, giving the team access to two new and very thrilling consumer markets. Beyond these initiatives, the Reach team hopes to expand its wholesale meat and wet fish market so that even more people can benefit from its offerings. The group is doing similar research into potential collaborations with food banks. So far, Reach has sent 250 tons of food to several organisations that serve the hungry. Reach’s success stems from the team’s unwavering dedication to meeting the foodsourcing requirements of all its clients in a timely and environmentally responsible manner. They deserve to be honoured for their outstanding achievement in the Food and Drink Awards both now and in the future. Company: Reach Food Service Name: Abbas Lalljee Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Page 16 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Serving the local area with a selection of San Diego’s favourite brews and foodstuffs, 7 Mile Kitchen pays attention to detail at every turn. Nominally, it maintains a deep dedication to positively impacting everyone who walks through its doors, making itself a trusted culinary expert in the community with a reputation that has remained unblemished right from its very first day in operation. Serving a populous town of local people, folks from out of town, and those just passing through, 7 Mile Kitchen has made itself a waypoint and rest stop both. With the quality, versatility, and locally sourced nature of its food, its casual dining atmosphere is elevated above that of its peers simply by working with an ever-increasing dedication to excellence and enthusiasm both in the creation of its food and in the service of it. Indeed, its team have developed a reputation for relentless quality and staunch operating With an impeccable team that welcomes families, friends, and solo diners alike, 7 Mile Kitchen allows comfort classics to take centre stage. Its culinary team allows warmth and friendliness to be the superstars of its establishment, always keeping the satisfaction of its customers at the forefront of its operations in order to keep itself a cornerstone of the Carlsbad community. Indeed, with its wood-fired pizza and gourmet burger selection, its food pairs well with its selection of San Diego brews. Best Gourmet Comfort Food Restaurant - San Diego County principles. Each of these principles have been built up from an unshakable foundation of values that cover empathy, respect, and enthusiasm, and ensure that each new hire who joins the team fits the ethos and atmosphere that 7 Mile Kitchen is striving to create as the foremost concern. After all, skills can be trained; finding people with the right attitude is much more important to get right straight away. Appealing to the tightly knit community that surrounds it, 7 Mile Kitchen provides an inclusive meeting spot and hang-out location for the locals who call Carlsbad home, making itself a place for casual meetups, family get togethers, and spontaneous outings. Presently, despite increased competition in the Carlsbad area, 7 Mile Kitchen is proud to say that it has remained a favourite meet-up spot for its customers, one that delivers delicious food and Page 17 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 impeccable atmosphere, leading from the front amongst its peers. As this has remained true since its beginnings, it has been able to keep abreast of labour headwinds, continuing to look to welcome more people who share its ethos into its ranks soon. With these people behind it, and an exemplary foundation of excellence at its fore, it promises to continue updating its menu and its standards alongside the guidelines of the industry as well as the changing tastes of a developing market; after all, its customers are the most important part of the business for 7 Mile Kitchen. This is clearly shown in the emphasis it puts on keeping it touch with its market. Appealing to the widest range of diners thanks to not just being casual dining, but elevated casual dining, its concept has allowed it to nestle itself within a stable niche. Indeed, as a company that always looks forward to welcoming in new customers, it has a similarly welcoming attitude towards its staff, promoting inclusion and diversity at every turn as it knows that exemplary customer service requires a personal touch. When recruiting its team members, therefore, it seeks energy and passion, as well as a true commitment to delivering an impeccable dining experience in support of inclusion and family-centric dining and in line with the wider brand. Operating under the Sheraton Resort umbrella, 7 Mile Kitchen hopes to be the best of the best in order to bring repute both to its own name and to the name of the resort proper. Pleased to be widely lauded as a great place to dine, catch up with friends, and just have a drink, it will continue to be a cornerstone of its industry long into the future; with coffee, gelato, and pickup available, customers can enjoy its view of the beautiful surrounding resort as well as take its food away to go home with. 7 Mile Kitchen ensures that its team have access to the best produce, most state-ofthe-art equipment, and the most spacious kitchen areas so that they have every advantage. This has cultivated an internal atmosphere of creativity, limitless potential, and pride that can truly be tasted in every dish that is sent from within. Company: 7 Mile Kitchen Contact: Emily Beery Website:

Page 18 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Sep22595 Excellence, quality and reliability lie at the heart of Seara. For many around the world, these values and expectations are reflected in the chicken that they provide to restaurants, take aways and retailers every day. Working in partnership with approximately 10,000 small, family-run chicken farms, the team maintain the strongest possible supply chain to keep your shelves stocked, without ever compromising on the quality of our chicken. From our base in Brazil – the biggest supplier of chicken to the world – Seara Meats delivers our products to customers, companies and connoisseurs across the globe. At the core of Seara Meats is the relationship that the team maintains between those who breed chickens, those who ensure their health and quality and those who rely on them as a key ingredient. Made with 100% chicken breast meat, free from artificial ingredients and palm oil, there is little finer out there than the Seara Professional range. The market has been calling out for a high-quality product that can be made available at a competitive price. Value for money is clearly important, but never at the expense of looking after animal welfare. To complement this addition to the Seara Meats range, our business has created a delicious array of mouth-watering recipes and menus to accompany this premium range. These recipes are accompanied by step-bystep videos, perfectly showcasing how to get the very best from our first-rate produce. Our Global leaders in chicken, the team at Seara Meats B.V. has built its reputation on the incredible quality of its poultry. As a supplier to some of the biggest names in the food industry, their inclusion in LUXlife’s Food and Drink Awards is no surprise. We caught up with the team to uncover how some of the most delectable dishes travel from the farm to your plate, and what sets Seara apart as a leading provider. Seara Meats B.V Leading Food Producer of the Year - Brazil premium range is designed for chefs, consumers and connoisseurs of good food. Bringing together a wealth of different chicken farms, each of them able to pay real attention to the welfare of their animals, our team know the quality of what they can provide is second-to-none. Seara Meats provides the best vets, alongside animal health checks, support and advice to its suppliers This ensures that the facilities and production process of our suppliers stand up to the leading marketing standards which have been set by Seara Meats. Our promise of convenience and practicality is demonstrated through our best-selling products such as battered breast chunks and southern fried goujons. However, innovation continues to take place throughout our offerings. We are aware of the need to meet high customer expectations when it comes to health and well-being. Whilst the team has committed to supplying exemplary products, they are not surprised that the cost-ofliving crisis has had an impact on their trade. Fortunately, chicken remains relatively affordable, as well as a healthy form of natural protein. Our aim is to keep providing that protein at a fair, affordable price, without compromising on quality. Seara’s offerings have changed over the years, as consumer tastes evolve. In recent months our frozen coated category has proved a particular favourite. We continue to deliver the secret ingredient at the heart of many of the world’s most popular restaurants. But we’re also passionate about supplying chicken to small, family run restaurants and take aways, so that they can continue to create the curries, salads and stir fries you know and love. Behind the scenes, the Seara Meats team is founded on discipline, determination and humility. It’s not enough to simply provide food that is delicious: the team’s commitment to quality underlies every part of the production process. The firm acts as a transformative force – feeding millions of families in the world every day, supporting family farms, franchises and food businesses. Company: Seara Meats B.V Name: Juliano Jubileu Email: [email protected] Web Address: Page 19 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022

Page 20 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Sep22198 Finding something new to drink has never been more contradictory. Whilst always on the lookout for something healthier and more likely to keep us fit, we’re also hooked on the tastes and flavours that come from artificial ingredients. To make something better for us, therefore, demands an approach which ensures that the taste profile comes first. It’s this invaluable insight it comes to beverage innovation that has kept the team behind Bevpax stand at the forefront of what the industry has to offer. The firm’s incredible R&D department really is the beating heart of the organisation, constantly exploring new ideas and opportunities when it comes to creating the drinks of the future. The challenge is to find a place for people to find these stunning luxury products on the shelves. With so many names already out there when it comes to beverages, it can be challenging to make a splash! Bevpax stands out because it’s a healthier, tastier alternative. Whilst soda is high in sugars and preservatives, Bevpax uses water as a base, using natural ingredients and sweeteners, working with proteins and electrolytes to provide you with all of the nourishment you might need to get through the day. The team’s astonishing selection includes the stunning functional beverages range, the refreshing range, the performance range and various teas and coffees expertly crafted to calm with nature’s own wonders. Each of The value of a healthy lifestyle has become more and more important to people over the last few years, but what’s the point of being healthy if you can’t enjoy it too? The team behind Bevpax have developed a tremendous line of delicious drinks which have delighted tastebuds across the globe. We take a closer look following the team’s enviable success in the LUXlife Food and Drink Awards 2022 to uncover some of their secrets. Bevpax Functional Beverage Innovator of the Year 2022 Page 21 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 these appeals to different needs that arise during the day, empowering those who drink them to thrive and flourish. We were fortunate enough to talk to Tim Xenos about what he considers most important when creating drinks for the luxury market. “The intention is to make it healthier, but it’s got to have good taste!” he says with a grin. For Tim, the taste profile is one of the biggest differentiators for his product, ensuring that people don’t just try his delectable drinks once, but time after time. “When we launched our coconut water, you’d be amazed at the amount of people who told us ‘I don’t like coconut water, but I drink it because it’s good for me’,” Tim tells us. “We thought it was important to make something people like to drink. We try to make it good for you, but you’re going to enjoy it too! There’s no point saying I’ve got the best product that’s gonna make you live to 300 if you’re not going to want to drink it!” What’s clear is that Tim and his team have achieved the remarkable with their extensive range of products. And it’s a range that is set to grow as the months and years roll on. Bevpax has built an incredible reputation not only for the staple products that are on offer, but the permanent eye on new ideas that they have too. “There are flavours which are tried and tested,” Tim explains. “People love pineapple, they love pomegranate and cranberries. When these were successful, we experimented with lemon and lime, peach and pear – some of the exotic fruits which people like to eat but not necessarily to drink.” In this way, building on what people are familiar with, if not necessarily in this environment, Bevpax has taken the market by storm with stunning and diverse flavours. It’s not just the drink itself, however, that sets Bevpax apart from the crowd. Every aspect of the product from branding to design is an exercise in luxury. Quite deliberately, the team have designed a product that will stand out from the competition, being brighter and more energetic. This is a drink you’ll want to pick off the shelf because it’s irresistible, and one which people will keep on drinking because it cannot be beaten. Given the drinks industry is driven by billion dollar players, it’s no easy feat to break in as a much smaller outfit. “Since the pandemic, people are much more open to change,” Tim tells us. “They’re exploring more outside the square, so to speak. There’s more of an eye on new drinks which are healthy and boost immunity, which of course is where we excel.” Indeed, people throughout the USA have now had the opportunity to sample the delights of the Bevpax range, and been delighted by it. As people continue to tell their friends and get others excited, the Bevpax team have been able to build an impressive degree of loyalty within their customer base. This customer base is one which can be found all around the world, with Bevpax available in Australia, South Korea, Mexico, the US and Greece, with even more regions waiting to stock these delightful drinks. It goes without saying that the team are working their hardest to keep with the astonishing level of demand. Part of the reason for this demand was the way in which the team continued to innovate throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst many competitors held back during these difficult times, Bevpax took the initiative and opened up a host of new opportunities for themselves. Looking ahead, it’s clear the future is incredibly bright for the Bevpax team, as they continue to develop new concepts for the beverage industry. They are already exploring ideas for a range of innovative and new beverage lines to be released in the next 12 months. With new ideas being a key part of what Bevpax offers, it’s important for them to continue offering unique products to customers. When you turn to Bevpax, you don’t just find something you need, but something you want too. For them, a healthy attitude is important, but wanting to be healthy is crucial. This is what elevates Bevpax to a true luxury product because it isn’t niche in any way. It’s designed to be incredibly good for you, but never at the cost of tasting good too! Company: Bevpax Name: Tim Xenos Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Page 22 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Oct22270 Selling wine all over Australia to bring the delicious taste of the Great Southern Wine Producing Area to a wider audience, Rockcliffe Winery & Gelataria produces all manner of different wines to the highest possible standard. Nominally, sold so widely and exported to a select few other locations, it has been able to make a name for itself by working with exporters, distributors, government agencies, cellar door customers, liquor stores, and restaurants, through which it has reached all manner of end customers. Striving to use the best equipment, operated by the most dedicated and committed winemakers and cellar staff, Rockcliffe truly spares no expense when it comes to ensuring its products are the best of the best, and its team are a huge part of making this happen. Thus, despite the previous challenges the company have faced regarding distributor changes and sales controls changes, it has been able to grow and improve significantly, with a marketing office now open in Fremantle and a designated marketing professional on With its vineyards having been planted over 30 years ago, Rockcliffe Winery & Gelataria as a company has grown alongside the very land it creates its products from. Located in one of Australia’s most prestigious wine production regions in the South of the country, the climate, soil type, and amount of arable land make it somewhat of a breadbasket, and somewhere that Rockcliffe Winery and Gelataria is proud to say it calls home. Rockcliffe Winery & Gelataria Winery of the Year 2022 - WA & Best Australian Cabernet Sauvignon: 2018 Nautica Cabernet Sauvignon the team who is behind the development of the brand. Critically, this has been hugely important to the growth of the company as – in a world where digital footprint and online reputation are becoming more pivotal than ever – it has been able to keep up with newer and younger companies who may have an easier time achieving this. In this way, it is indeed true that an old dog can learn new tricks. With a freshly bolstered reputation and a renewed dedication to keeping itself at the head of the pack, this small but highly motivated group of winery professionals hold each other to the highest standards, and each operate with passion as their lifeblood. Through its website, a modern and freshlooking platform, it can take a client through the vast range of different wines that it offers, showing them through the offerings of the ‘beautiful Great Southern James Halliday’ facility that it has created as its flagship and home base. Indeed, the winery itself is a fivered-stars facility, meaning it is in the bracket of Australia’s top 10 wineries and has earned itself accreditation as such; customers don’t need to just take its word for it, it also has the awards and pedigree to back it up. Having maintained this status for 7 consecutive years, the pride that comes from these achievements has further emboldened Rockcliffe’s push towards an innovative and bright future. Producing different ranges of wines under its name and operating as a modern contract winery business above all else, it makes its clients a promise when they come to it to purchase wine for sale or direct consumption. Fundamentally, this promise is a guarantee that each bottle will retain the integrity of the grower’s grape variety. Wine and reputation – two concepts that are inextricably interlinked – are maintained, enhanced, cherished, and champions, and are never compromised; the effort it consistently makes to ensure this remains the case is second-to-none. With the new landmark achievements pouring in, it hopes that it can continue to go above and beyond the call of duty in serving its clients. Indeed, this was the attitude it maintained towards the celebration of its 20th birthday, taking it as an opportunity to give thanks to the market’s buyers, peers, and enthusiasts, all of whom make its business both possible and a true pleasure to run. It did this by hosting a series of luxury celebrations in Perth in the same year as its birthday, taking its Denmark origins and mingling this with the traditions and excellence of its new home country of Australia in order to fine tune itself to the customer base in Perth. The result of this was service with a renewed vigour and increased brand awareness. Invaluable insights having been gained, many of the resulting learning that it accomplished