Food & Drink Awards 2022

Page 28 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Shirley Billigmeier created Innergetics with one goal in mind - to resolve all eating and weight issues. Shirley has worked on and refined the Innergetics Process for over three decades. She is now developing a detailed online programme that will be available to everyone. The launch is planned for 2022. We spoke to Shirley to find out more about the principles behind Innergetics. Shirley explains that the key to resolving all eating and weight issues is to allow ourselves to reconnect with our original boundaries. A baby knows instinctively when it is hungry and when it is not. But, as we grow, those boundaries are often interfered with, and we end up with a relationship to food that is way more complicated than it needs to be. As children, we are told to finish our plate so that we can have dessert. Or we are told what we should and shouldn’t eat. We find ourselves eating more than we need so that we can get what we want. Then, by the time we reach adulthood many of us have grown accustomed to overeating. It has become a habit that is hard to break. This often results in poor health or obesity, and we can no longer eat what we’d like to without experiencing feelings of judgement and anxiety. Shirley believes we need to get back to basics. She tells us, “These days, so much time is spent considering what one should and shouldn’t eat. Eating is meant to give us the energy to live our lives. Now it consumes lives and creates frustration. Eating was never meant to be complex.” In 1991, Shirley Billigmeier published her first book, Inner Eating: How to Free Yourself Forever from the Tyranny of Food. The publication introduced a revolutionary concept - the Innergetics Process. By using inner management techniques – instead of external controls such as diets – readers were able to regain the true joy of eating. Since then, Shirley has worked with over 10,000 clients on their weight loss journeys. Sep22154 Innergetics Best Food Relationship Advisory 2022 There is so much that interferes with an individual’s ability to make their own choice based on their body’s natural instinct. Bombarded with so-called ‘healthy choices’, we find ourselves completely disconnected from our natural hunger sensations. Shirley says, “Healthy choices are just another version of diets. The desire to eat what is not healthy becomes very strong because it’s the only choice that someone else has not forced upon you. Choice creates our identity. If we aren’t able to choose what sustains our life, we don’t completely own our own body.” Innergetics teaches individuals to recapture the forgotten joy of eating and how to appreciate and love their bodies. It’s not just a programme, it’s a process that guides the individual back to themselves and shows them how to reclaim their original boundaries. Once they are on the correct path, they soon realise that there is no other way but their way. “We are all creative individuals with our own hunger signals and our own taste buds. We have all heard of the wisdom of the body. Wisdom is within us. But until we can reclaim the choice of eating connected to hunger, we can’t access that wisdom,” Shirley adds. Until recently, Shirley has always worked alone. But in the past couple of years, she has begun training Innergetics coaches. Each coach has already gone through the process themselves. They have each reclaimed their own boundaries, making them confident advocates of Innergetics. Shirley works with people all around the world via Zoom and, later this year will launch a full online Innergetics process. This will enable her to help many more people reconnect with themselves and banish their issues with food and weight for good. Contact: Shirley Billigmeier Company: Innergetics Web Address: