Food & Drink Awards 2022 Page 29 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 With over 15 years’ healthcare experience and 10 years working in senior corporate roles, Dr Sunni Patel created Dish Dash Deets to provide a platform and services centred around food, coaching, and education. Focused on plantbased food and cuisine paired with Sunni’s own personal experiences as an academic, clinician, corporate leader, and person living with chronic illness and recovering from an eating disorder, Dish Dash Deets looks at approaches that are grounded by science and elevated by experience. Dish Dash Deets Best Plant-Based Food Blog - UK Jul22499 As a published clinician scientist and gut health influencer, Dr Sunni Patel has made it his mission to create amazing plant-based recipes and lifestyle plans to help fight gut issues. He lives with inflammatory bowel disease and has a history of an eating disorder, which has fuelled his commitment to helping others explore healthy and long-term relationships with food in a relatable way. Dr Sunni has been featured on Ready Steady Cook, Newsround, and BBC Radio shows and he is often sought after for comment in several national press outlets. Alongside running their food blog, Dr Sunni and his Dish Dash Deets team provide oneto-one or group coaching on a range of health and lifestyle issues that cover all holistic and alternative approaches surrounding science and lifestyle/functional medicine. People typically seeking their guidance are those with issues such as IBS, burnout, fatigue, menopause, and weight management, and they require a bespoke, individualised, and empathetic approach that is second to none. Dish Dash Deets also works with corporate clients and leaders to curate wellbeing strategies and wellness improvement events and coaching in the workplace, to include fun and educational catering and wellness plans and activities. This is in addition to supporting the community and educational endeavours with public health courses, seminars, and demos at events, festivals, and public campaigns that bring an outside thinking approach to allow people to enjoy the experience of health and wellness. Dr Sunni gives us an insight to what the team behind Dish Dash Deets is like: “The family that is Dish Dash Deets are experienced, passionate, and innovative. This is key to our success. They also have built a wealth of personal experience, stories, and social proof that allows them all to connect to our clients or companies. Many have worked in healthcare or large companies and understand the issues that arise in these environments and what strategies to put into place so that people can feel better, live better, and be better. We work to be authentic inside and outside of work and have all walked different lives that also have shaped the team values of communication, creativity, and community.” These values support the team in achieving excellence day in day out. They are motivated to listen, flex, and achieve bespoke plans and events, with which they define excellence for each person or company they work with. For the team, excellence isn’t a benchmark, it’s the norm and the standard it works towards every day. Dish Dash Deets recognises that there is a growing demand in terms of people wanting to be healthy – affordably – while at the same time understanding the nutritional benefits of food. Individuals are seeking to take ownership of their health through food, and this has been a driver for Dish Dash Deets to work with clients and companies who understand and appreciate the impact that food can truly have. At the same time, this industry is competitive, saturated, and sometimes awash with false science and fads that make it difficult to create realistic goals and expectations. Dr Sunni comments, “I think with time, there will be a growing demand for the right support as opposed to Dr Google or the health influencer that dictates the new trend and for people to look towards more evidence-based, bespoke, individualised, and holistic support that we have carved out for ourselves.” Ultimately, there is a lot of ambition in this start-up known as Dish Dash Deets to deliver on the vision of making people understand the art of gut health and wellness overall. Dr Sunni shares plans for the future of Dish Dash Deets: “We are focused on partnering with the right people and organisations willing to make sustainable improvements and changes that drive betterment and not criticism. We are working on different modes of delivering food, coaching, and education, and there will be some exciting announcements in due course on how to make what we do more accessible and available to people.” Company: Dish Dash Deets Contact: Dr Sunni Patel Email: [email protected] Website: