Food & Drink Awards 2022

Page 30 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Creating wines that are a true testament to the excellence of Italian vineyards, Elena Fucci, the person behind the eponymous brand, is the fresh young face of a family legacy that spans generations. Nominally, although the winery as a business is something that was set up relatively recently at the turn of the century, the vineyards themselves were purchased in the 1960s by Elena’s grandfather, Generoso, who purchased the highest part of the vineyards at the foot of Mount Vulture. Thus, the Fucci vineyards begin, spurring the family into one where each generation passes on how best to cultivate and make use of its crop on to the next, eventually becoming a solid foundation for the current business that is flourishing at the base of this extinct volcano. After years of selling grapes after harvest and keeping just enough to produce wine for personal consumption, Elena was keen to grow the family’s prospects. Thus, she changed her plans from leaving the town of Barile and heading off to university like her siblings, instead opting to invest in her family’s vineyards and keep them in the family, keeping the oldest vineyards on Mount Vulture under the Fucci name. Bolstered by her studies in viticulture and ecology, she worked to get everything off the ground, and soon, success found her. The ‘Titolo’ label is characterized by the characteristic of the Aglianico grape it uses, which when combined with Vulture’s unique volcanic soil and microclimate, produces a truly distinctive taste that sounds out amongst the crowd for waste testers. As a small, prestigious, and bespoke Italian winery, Elena Fucci’s boutique quality alcohol has become widely known for its ability to satisfy even the most discerning palette. With its focus on the quality of the reserve, the detail notes of each wine, and the exemplary representation of its region in the evercompetitive international wine industry, its historically enriched vineyard has grown into a truly modern and sophisticated Italian winery. Sep22414 Elena Fucci Best Traditional Family-Run Vineyard & Winery - Southern Italy Indeed, a simple visit the mountain will tell a consumer all they need to know; the patterns of different layers of soil and earth from the phases of eruption the volcano has been through show the age and quiet dignity of the land, surrounded by majestic rolling hills and expansive blue skies that give it a true air of grandeur. In this way, nature, history, and culture are all big inspirations in what has made Fucci into the business it is today, the love and care poured into the land by the family clear in every drop of wine it produces. Therefore, it is now a name with worldwide acclaim, and it promises that it will continue to live up to this reputation as it keeps growing alongside its vineyard, excited to share its love of Italian wines through the new frontier of social media. With pride, diligence, and tenacity forming its key pillars, its small staff of the family proper and a few collaborators hope to see this progress even further as the years roll on, inviting wine connoisseurs and new enthusiasts alike to pop in and visit. After all, once a person has experienced the magic of Mount Vulture once, it’s hard to look back. Company: Elena Fucci Contact: Elena Fucci Website: