Food & Drink Awards 2022 Page 47 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 As a testament to the sheer scale of good CBD products, Flora Sophia Botanicals draws in all sorts of people as customers. From athletes and professionals looking for something to aid physical recovery to the general populace looking for something to help with sleep and relaxation, the small, tight-knit team has something for everyone. Flora Sophia Botanicals Best CBD Product & Wellness Company – USA Currently, Flora Sophia Botanicals is a tiny, tight-knit team of four. Though the team is looking to grow and expand with likeminded, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic individuals – it is content with its current setup. This means each team member wears many hats and manages multiple responsibilities, and they handle them efficiently and with a boundless energy. Each team member has unique talents and areas of expertise that contribute to the daily work, production, and order fulfilment. The entire Flora Sophia constantly collaborates to reach these ends, and the results are even more impressive considering the team’s size. Flora Sophia Botanicals makes high-quality, full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD products. Its tinctures are simple yet efficacious formulas with no artificial additives, its topical salves are infused with natural and wildcrafted botanicals, and its gummies have delicious flavour profiles and rely on all-natural ingredients with a great classic texture. Customers often write to tell the team how much its products have helped them. A typical example is how frequently its Muscle, Joint and Nerve Support Salve is praised as the best on the market. It is common to see athletes looking to optimise their muscle recovery or busy professionals who need a little help managing daily stress to active retirees who don’t want to lose a minute to achy muscles and joints. Other customers incorporate CBD into their daily wellness routine to find help with sleep, improved moods, or clarity and focus. Overall, the standard result is that customers who trust Flora Sophia – and its products – do not find themselves disappointed. From the passion of its team to the care they take with production, its excellence is constantly appreciated. The core of Flora Sophia’s consistent distinction is its commitment to the quality and purity of its products. Everything starts with its fullspectrum hemp extract. It is grown with such a strong focus on organic methods that no pesticides or herbicides are used. Even those permitted by USDA standards. In addition to the care it takes in growing, Flora Sophia uses a slower and gentler extraction process than other CBD products on the market. This stems from extensive research revealing that faster extraction means more heat and fewer beneficial compounds in its final products. In partnership with this process, its products differ further from competitors by not manipulating terpene profiles or spiking the cannabinoid isolates as a method to achieve an artificial increase in potency. Instead, Flora Sophia allows its full spectrum CBD to stand on its own as it does not require the workarounds or ‘tricks’. This results in a safe, potent, all-natural CBD product line that stands far above the offerings of others. With this in mind, Flora Sophia sits at an interesting crossroads between industry expansion and government regulation. Like all other CBD companies, Flora Sophia Botanicals knows that the next logical step for the industry is into foods and beverages. However, the regulatory landscape has yet to reach that conclusion. Though it hampers a lucrative and obvious avenue for growth – and stands as Flora Sophia’s greatest business challenge – many creative projects can be worked on in the meantime. Flora Sophia’s current goal is to grow its retail and DTC channels in a focused and sustainable way. From here, it can continue to take great care of its existing customers and provide the same high-quality care and output to new customers as Flora Sophia continues to scale its steadily increasing operations. The team will also be conducting some new product development in the coming months. While Flora Sophia doesn’t want to give away too much right now, the team is exploring some new formulations that incorporate complementary herbs and botanicals – and the possibilities of new farmer and producer partnerships. Flora Sophia plans to stay within its central theme of pure, uncomplicated CBD. Any interested parties among LUXlife’s American readers can take a trip to their website, where Flora Sophia Botanicals is offering 30% off any purchase – excluding speciality packs and sale items – with the code LUXlife30. Contact: Chad Derosier Company: Flora Sophia Botanicals