Food & Drink Awards 2022

Page 32 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Created in Scotland, distilled in Glasgow, and enjoyed all over, Ellis Gin brings a fun and a pizazz to gin that revamps the drink for the modern market. With shimmers and shines that give a mystical, enchanting visage to the drink – both for use in mixers and enjoyable neat – it stands out amongst its market just as much as its drinks do at a party. Nominally, it only sells showstoppers. From its shimmer range to its naturally coloured and flavours gins that change colour when mixer is added, it has recently begun exporting to China in order to further expand the pool of people currently enjoying its creations, a market that is always growing. Meanwhile, in the domestic market, it has been listed in over 50 bars, restaurants, and small independent shops across the UK. The growth of this market is what first propelled it into the spotlight of the gin market internationally; indeed, the way its customers speak to its smoothness, and versatility of its drinks in word-of-mouth referrals and online reviews are a testament to how it has been able to let its products speak for themselves. Indeed, Ellis Drinks has managed to earn itself a large social media following as it has funnelled significant effort into keeping With a range of boutique gins, Ellis Gin has been distilled in its home nation of Scotland since the very beginning. With the aim of standing out from the crowd by bringing fun, colour, and elegance to the customer’s drinks options, it has become a cornerstone of the busy Scottish alcohol production market. Moreover, as a multiaward-winner, its reputation is something that has been given to it – and maintained by – its ever-growing following of customers, all of whom have an appreciation for the integrity of its craft and the new lease of life ifs efforts bring to a classic beverage. Sep22142 Ellis Gin Best Craft Gin Producer - Scotland up with the wants and needs of the contemporary gin drinking market. This has allowed it to push through the pandemic, and even though it was initially hit hard, its brand relevance work through online channels has made it an internet darling, blossoming from a 4k social media following to a much healthier 15k. Because of this boom, it has been able to earn itself several new stockists, allowing it to continue growing and pushing forward. As a fast-moving, front-running, and forward-thinking enterprise that rejects stagnation, this is so important to Ellis Gin, and it is excited to see where its resilience and flexibility will take it next, using the recent awards wins under its belt as a springboard. Thus, despite recent market saturation, it is confident that it can use its well-crafted unique gins to stand out. As it moves into the future, leading from the front in its market, its loyal customer following can expect to see further great things from the brand behind the gins they love, maintaining its penchant for fun, quality, and tenacity, as well as maintaining its strict social corporate responsibility. Every year, its Think Pink box generates money for charity, and every Pink Gin it sells in general creates money for the Pink Ribbon foundation, with 20% of the revenue from each sale going straight to this non-profit. Moreover, it looks forward to exporting more in 2023, as well as bringing in more lifestyle products. The mastermind behind these plans, Carol Jackson, is looking forward to the many changes on the horizon for small but brilliant company, and she encourages customers and partners alike to ‘watch this space’ in order to keep up with the coming developments. Company: Ellis Gin Contact: Carol Jackson Website: