Food & Drink Awards 2022 Page 33 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Luscombe Farm has stood for over 100 years, with multiple generations passing through with their own unique tales. Leslie Luscombe, the current owner of the farm, has created her own story at the farm, using her family’s recipes to produce an award winning range of jams and jellies. Luscombe Farm Specialty Foods Best Homemade Fruit Preserves Producer - North Texas Sep22541 For years Leslie Luscombe was held back by a lack of confidence; her dreams lay just out of reach, clouded by a devotion to her family and an intense fear of failure. Her life as a single mother posed several hurdles, with many of these circling around her desire to give her son an excellent quality of life. In her spare time, Leslie produced delicious preserves in her cosy 1910 farmhouse kitchen, showcasing them at craft fairs and gifting them to her family members, which spawned a handful of corporate opportunities. Leslie juggled motherhood, a career, and a goal that at that time seemed unobtainable. However, in 2007, everything changed. Her son, who had been attending a school in Dallas, Texas, came to her stating that he no longer wanted to make the long journey every day, and instead, he wanted to attend a public school five minutes away. This served as the catalyst for a complete lifestyle overhaul. Leslie delved into producing preserves on a professional, full-time basis, building a commercial kitchen on the Luscombe Farm property that was complete with a gift basket supply room and a space for retail that would only be opened by appointment and on a seasonal basis. The kitchen was also built in a way that it could be converted into a living space if the venture failed. Leslie’s range of jellies and jams grew, developing family recipes passed along generations and innovative new products, including a line of pepper jelly flavours that elevated Leslie’s brand to the next level. Beginning with a booth at the Dallas Gourmet Showroom, Leslie sold wholesale stock to a plethora of buyers, which landed her products in stores and homes across the USA. It’s safe to say that the jellies were an instant hit, with every one being awarded with recognition. For example, the Jalapeño Peach Jelly acquired Best New Product at a national show called Zestfest that hosts up to 4,000 guests, and that same year, Leslie’s brand won Best of Show. By 2009, Leslie’s jellies and jams became available online, in stores across the nation, and of course, in her personalised Luscombe Farm gift baskets. Mouth-watering jellies, including the classics Jalapeño Blackberry Jelly, Jalapeño Peach Jelly, Jalapeño Pepper Jelly, and Sweet Fire Confetti Jelly, are made up of the freshest ingredients, combining sweet fruits and vegetables with fiery jalapeños. In essence, the preserves are a tantalising treat for the tastebuds, perfect with delicacies such as breakfast foods, sweets, and meat dishes. The range of jellies have played a significant role in Luscombe Farm’s popularity – it has become a hotspot for photography, weddings, and events like craft fairs and cooking classes. Luscombe Farm and Leslie’s preserves have taken the USA by storm. Best Homemade Fruit Preserves Producer - North Texas is a title that perfectly summarises Leslie’s pursuits, as her venture – despite her initial concerns – has reached unprecedented levels of success. Contact: Leslie Luscombe Company: Luscombe Farm Specialty Foods Web Address: