Food & Drink Awards 2022

Page 34 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Umami Meats has made itself a cornerstone of ethical standards in the seafood industry, seeking to feed humanity while preserving the balance of nature. Supported by Katapult, MassChallenge, Plug and Play, HATCH, and many more corporate giants who see the massive benefit to such innovations, its ‘cultivated, not caught’ approach to seafood production bucks the trend of unsustainable fishing in a way it hopes will catch on. Ostensibly, it has developed a brand-new type of food system that keeps marine life where they belong – in the water – whilst still allowing people access to fish products. These extraordinary processes are carried out as follows: firstly, Umami Over the years, the seafood sector has come under increasing scrutiny. With unethical fishing methods being revealed left, right, and centre – and a global crackdown on such things finally beginning to occur – Umami Meats is carrying the torch for better, more sustainable methods. Its development of cultivated seafood is better for the consumer and better for nature, and its dedication to continued ingenuity and development ensures that such things will only become truer with time as it shows just how it has earned itself the ‘LUXLife Sustainability Excellence Award’ for 2022. & Best Seafood Cultivation Company 2022 - Singapore & LUXlife Sustainability Excellence Award 2022 Meats isolates cells from fish, extracting stem cells that have the potential to become fat and muscular tissue. Then, Umami Meats establishes a cell line and runs through an optimization to identify the ideal conditions for growing the cells, including feed sources, environmental conditions, and processes that will facilitate growth. After this process has been defined, the cells are proliferated in large bioreactors that grow a few trillion cells at a time and signalled to become muscle and fatty tissue that forms the end products; indeed, this process can be used to create a huge variety of different seafoods, from sushi to sashimi, fish balls, and fillets. Starting with tuna, eel, and red snapper, and with many more species in the pipeline, Umami Meats is excited to demonstrate the evolution and excellence maintained within its labs and the wider company is consistently ensuring further growth. Therefore, Umami Meats intends to continue to expand its species offering over time as it finds ways to cultivate yet more different types of seafood. The company believes we can learn from the oceans to progress to a more sustainable future that protects the delicate balance of the natural world. Umami Meats’ approach boasts a variety of benefits: its lab-based cultivations create less carbon emissions than traditional fishing, its lack of exploitation of fragile environments allows for ecosystem recovery, its local production means fresher fish for consumers, and its lab-grown quality means cleaner seafood products on a reliable basis. With so many positives to the cultivation process over other means of fishing that involve taking marine life direct from the source, it’s easy to see how Umami Meats is quickly becoming a front-running voice promoting conservation, something the company will continue to champion on an international level as it moves forward. Company: Umami Meats Contact: Mihir Pershad Website: