Food & Drink Awards 2022 Page 35 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Every once in a while, there is a product that all but jumps out at you to entice you into a purchase, but few outright shouts ‘Hi!’ from the shelves. With its expressive, excitable brand attached to its equally excellent product, Hi! Wine & Spirits is a beverage company with a unique energy that none of its competitors could hope to match. Hi! Wine & Spirits Best Sparkling Wine Brand 2022 Jul22499 “We are Creators of Sociability.” Founded by Olivier Pasquini – a native of Périgord, France, and a former Wall Streeter – in 2006, Hi! Wine & Spirits is a global company with a diversified portfolio of alcoholic beverages. It has launched its products worldwide, enjoying fantastic momentum across the USA, Canada, China, and Europe. The company and brands were born when Olivier noted that purchasing wine was a stressful decision for many US consumers. A look at the shelves had him noting the difficulty himself, as the abundance of variety was not helped by the seemingly impersonal nature of the displayed varietals. From here, he realised he could do good for these people – and recapture her passion for life – by crushing grapes instead of crunching numbers. Olivier’s goal was to demystify wine in the US, making it appear livelier and more approachable. Though he, and the Hi! Wine & Spirits team, hold a deep reverence for the long, beautiful history of wine across the world. A modern and sociable approach was required to escape the somewhat stuffy aura so many consumers were experiencing. Hi! Wine & Spirits are easily identifiable, genuine, and creative, thanks to the striking colours and logo. Olivier describes each bottle as giving a “cheerful greeting,” which is particularly poignant considering every bottle you pass in the shops has a label that shouts “Hi!” at you whenever you look. Hi! Wine & Spirits is a sympathetic and engaging brand that stands out immediately. Its portfolio of wine from all over the world has the same bold and vivid label, with each varietal displaying its own colour scheme to help it further stand clear of similar brands, as well as its own. However, Hi! Wine & Spirits’ uncanny and unique personality goes well beyond a striking label and pretty colours. The company’s beverages hail from the world’s leading – and historical – wines and spirits centres. Its Rose, Moscato and, of course, its Extra Dry Prosecco are all sourced from the Veneto region of Italy, for example. When picking a bottle of Hi! Wine & Spirits, consumers are guaranteed – beyond the cheery greeting – a bottle of fine wine that was well worth the acquisition. Indisputably, Hi! Wine & Spirits is the brand for modern wine consumers, particularly those who appreciate style and substance in equal measures. However, the company overall does not limit itself to wine alone. Alongside its current offerings, it is bringing a new line of spirits with Hi! Fanny Cognac and Hi! Ginny Pink gin, for those with differing palates. However, these are to be accompanied by an all-new Hi! Organic Prosecco line, for Olivier and his team will never stray far from their love of wine. From the wine to the spirits, everything the company produces comes from the voice of the consumer. Their wants and needs are amongst the company’s highest priorities, as satisfying the market is precisely why the company was founded. The only thing the company puts as much emphasis on is being eco-friendly. It incentivises people that support an ecosystem whereby sustainability and environmental responsibility are front and centre. It is expressly committed to improving techniques that allow it to harvest the materials it needs in ways that work to benefit the environment. Hi! Wine & Spirits – despite well over a decade and a half since its establishment – maintains its distinctive ‘new kid on the block’ energy that ensures the freshness and modern feel of its operations and image. Its offerings are striking visually and when uncorked; Hi! Wine & Spirits draws in newcomers with its bottle’s expressive designs and unique energy, bringing them back for more captivating experiences once they have gotten a taste. For anyone who has sampled their offerings, Hi! Wine & Spirits winning the Best Sparkling Wine Brand 2022 award is no surprise. Contact: Olivier Pasquini Company: Hi! Wine & Spirits Web Address: