Food & Drink Awards 2022 Page 9 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 Its Italian and European and Italian customers both laud the quality of its product and customer service as second to none, consequentially. Of course, with the processing done entirely by hand, it is important that Al Canevon can trust each of its employees with such a prestigious task; thus, it keeps it in the family, with the latest generation of family members to take on the mantle excited to get involved. Moreover, it is the only company in the new Unesco DOCG area to have 40 HA of prosecco vineyards on a single hill, and it works hard to make sure it gets the most out of every single acre. Not one to rest on its laurels when it comes to ensuring the excellence of its products, it is always determined to continue improving and developing, listening to the reviews and comments of its customers in order to act on their feedback appropriately, and keeping its website up to date. Indeed, having a healthy online footprint is more important in a post-pandemic world than ever before, and Al Cavenon recognises this, ensuring that its catalogues are kept contemporary and accurate to what’s in stock and being created. So much more than just a job, the Al Cavenon vineyards are the manifestation of passion, a point of familial pride, and a worldwide linchpin of prosecco production. Ostensibly, with its philosophy of ‘producer to consumer’, it does not go through the middleman of a supermarket, instead keeping its clients close with direct service that allows them to benefit from quick and efficient shipping. The benefit to this is that Al Canevon is committed to doing everything it can to preserve the integrity of the bottle in its journey to a customer, and so the client can always trust that it will arrive on time, safe, and to such a standard of quality that they would be forgiven for thinking it was delivered from just down the road. Thus, its customers are the most discerning wine aficionados, and it is proud to say that each of them has come back satisfied. It has developed its reputation from the word-ofmouth referrals and glowing reviews that such people leave, after all, and is always excited to see a client come back for more after they’ve purchased their first bottle, hoping that this is the case for every new customer who buys its prosecco. Having opened a wine shop of its own in the very centre of Valdobbiadene, its prosecco tasting allows clients to sample what it is they’re purchasing before they commit to it, with its staff being happy to talk them through the ideal pairings when it comes to meals or light bites. The only vineyard to have such a brick-andmortar establishment in its region, its prestige and reputation is safeguarded by the clients themselves. After all, it is the commentary of these people who have elevated it to the top, and thanks to the passion and enthusiasm of customers old and new, it has been able to continue growing from strength to strength, something it promises will prevail in the coming years. Indeed, having received several awards for the excellence of its service over the years, it has earned itself accreditation in Italy and further afield with its excellent score in the Vinitaly international competition and certifications amongst its own area. With extremely well kept and well imagined facilities that make prosecco development an art form as well as a science, it is excited to announce the introduction of more products going forward. Alongside its usual and incredibly classic range of prosecco – which will, of course, always be available – it has recently launched its new sparkling Rose of pure pinot noir, something that it had been working on for huge swathes of time in order to ensure that it is up to the same standard as its other products. Through this, it has been able to reach greater heights of success by the day with continual new innovations. Thus, going forward, the entire family is looking forward to welcoming many more customers into the fold as well as continuing to serve its existing client base with Al Canevon’s usual integrity. Company: Al Canevon Contact: Emanuela Geronazzo Website: