Food & Drink Awards 2022

Page 40 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 With a commitment to the customers who buy its water and to the planet that produces it, Borrisoleigh Bottling is a company that has funnelled Herculean amounts of effort into making its processes and procedures as environmentally sustainable as possible. Nominally, when it took the site on it had a PET line and glass line in place – the former of which it was quick to dismantle – and the latter of which it significantly upgraded to be better and less waste-creating. Alongside these renovations to the existing technologies being used throughout the site, it also implemented something wholly new in its state-of-the-art Tetra Top® Carton line. Both lines have enabled it to deliver products under its W.B. Yeats® brand in varying sizes of glass and carton as well as providing a co-packing service for third party brands. Critically, its staunch efforts are towards ensuring that all brands who come to it for their water sourcing and packaging walk away happy and satisfied, with a product they are happy to bring to the market and a Ostensibly, a premium quality of bottled water and the most premium dedication to sustainability are what make Borrisoleigh Bottling stand out from the crowd. In all it does, it takes pride in being based on the site of Ireland’s first natural mineral water source, a water source that has won it a number of prestigious awards and titles over the years, and something it is utterly committed to protecting with every ounce of available determination. Oct22074 Most Innovative Bottled Water Business - ROI business relationship that they are pleased to continue for years to come. Helping its customers to find success in their market segment in this way is its greatest passion; and, indeed, it is pleased to say that the conscientiousness it displays towards the environment has allowed it to foster a greater love of sustainable efforts amongst both its clients, their customers, and its peers. Flexible in nature, resolute in manner, and green in thinking, it promotes the effectiveness of plant-based carton packaging over PET. Thus, the source of its carton is mainly a set of renewable resources – paperboard and sugarcane – something that it is has been further bolstering this year with its tethered caps, an innovation that it has put in place pre-dating the incoming legislature that makes this a legal must. Moreover, with many of its staff boasting huge amounts of experience, it can promise empathic and professional customer service every step of the way for clients looking for excellent water in a sustainable package. For Borrisoleigh Bottling, importantly, care is just the name of the game. Company: Borrisoleigh Bottling Contact: Dermot Honan Website: