Food & Drink Awards 2022 Page 21 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 these appeals to different needs that arise during the day, empowering those who drink them to thrive and flourish. We were fortunate enough to talk to Tim Xenos about what he considers most important when creating drinks for the luxury market. “The intention is to make it healthier, but it’s got to have good taste!” he says with a grin. For Tim, the taste profile is one of the biggest differentiators for his product, ensuring that people don’t just try his delectable drinks once, but time after time. “When we launched our coconut water, you’d be amazed at the amount of people who told us ‘I don’t like coconut water, but I drink it because it’s good for me’,” Tim tells us. “We thought it was important to make something people like to drink. We try to make it good for you, but you’re going to enjoy it too! There’s no point saying I’ve got the best product that’s gonna make you live to 300 if you’re not going to want to drink it!” What’s clear is that Tim and his team have achieved the remarkable with their extensive range of products. And it’s a range that is set to grow as the months and years roll on. Bevpax has built an incredible reputation not only for the staple products that are on offer, but the permanent eye on new ideas that they have too. “There are flavours which are tried and tested,” Tim explains. “People love pineapple, they love pomegranate and cranberries. When these were successful, we experimented with lemon and lime, peach and pear – some of the exotic fruits which people like to eat but not necessarily to drink.” In this way, building on what people are familiar with, if not necessarily in this environment, Bevpax has taken the market by storm with stunning and diverse flavours. It’s not just the drink itself, however, that sets Bevpax apart from the crowd. Every aspect of the product from branding to design is an exercise in luxury. Quite deliberately, the team have designed a product that will stand out from the competition, being brighter and more energetic. This is a drink you’ll want to pick off the shelf because it’s irresistible, and one which people will keep on drinking because it cannot be beaten. Given the drinks industry is driven by billion dollar players, it’s no easy feat to break in as a much smaller outfit. “Since the pandemic, people are much more open to change,” Tim tells us. “They’re exploring more outside the square, so to speak. There’s more of an eye on new drinks which are healthy and boost immunity, which of course is where we excel.” Indeed, people throughout the USA have now had the opportunity to sample the delights of the Bevpax range, and been delighted by it. As people continue to tell their friends and get others excited, the Bevpax team have been able to build an impressive degree of loyalty within their customer base. This customer base is one which can be found all around the world, with Bevpax available in Australia, South Korea, Mexico, the US and Greece, with even more regions waiting to stock these delightful drinks. It goes without saying that the team are working their hardest to keep with the astonishing level of demand. Part of the reason for this demand was the way in which the team continued to innovate throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst many competitors held back during these difficult times, Bevpax took the initiative and opened up a host of new opportunities for themselves. Looking ahead, it’s clear the future is incredibly bright for the Bevpax team, as they continue to develop new concepts for the beverage industry. They are already exploring ideas for a range of innovative and new beverage lines to be released in the next 12 months. With new ideas being a key part of what Bevpax offers, it’s important for them to continue offering unique products to customers. When you turn to Bevpax, you don’t just find something you need, but something you want too. For them, a healthy attitude is important, but wanting to be healthy is crucial. This is what elevates Bevpax to a true luxury product because it isn’t niche in any way. It’s designed to be incredibly good for you, but never at the cost of tasting good too! Company: Bevpax Name: Tim Xenos Email: [email protected] Web Address: