Food & Drink Awards 2022

Page 50 LUXlife Food & Drink Awards 2022 With the intention of being “upscale casual”, it’s little wonder that Symphony’s has managed the proud distinction of being a cut above the competition through the Nevada Desert. Offering visitors not only an incredible menu, but a stunning location to enjoy it in, this incredible restaurant more than lives up to the gold medal winning which is its namesake. Open for all breakfast, lunch and dinner, a talented team works extremely hard to ensure that their guests receive nothing less than absolute perfection. The fine food that is produced in the kitchens here brings together a cornucopia of ingredients, each with important parts to play. The end results, of course, are incredible and showcase the power of the team’s hard work. Symphony’s orchestra of talent, both in the kitchen and out, has brought delight to so many people. Creating a stunning menu is no easy task, even for the most knowledgeable of chefs and the team behind the scenes at Symphony’s. The decision to ensure that every dish can be served with one of the incredible wines produced by the winery that shares the sight. The dining experience is one which has been carefully curated over the years, so that no matter when you arrive or what you’d like to sample, you’ll never have had anything quite like what this intrepid team have to offer. This For a taste of the formal with none of the fuss, the team at Symphony’s Restaurant Pahrump Valley Winery are on hand to deliver an experience unlike any other. With food and fine dining at the heart of their experience, you can settle down to delectable dishes with gorgeous views of the winery vineyard mere feet away. With success in the Food and Drink Awards 2022 behind them, we take a closer look to uncover more. Symphony’s Restaurant Pahrump Valley Winery Premier Winery & Restaurant of the Year 2022 - Nevada is a private space, perfect for polite conversation and pleasant trips out. Over the years, the Symphony’s team have become recognised for the truly exceptional food that is on offer. Their filet minon, bone in rib eyes, seafood and lobster bisque are particular highlights, each prepared to perfection and tantalising tastebuds without fail. Such is the nature of the intimate dining space that reservations must be made for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This popular restaurant has seen the Symphony team working hard to maintain standards whilst keeping tables turning. Fresh faces and old friends are equally welcome, as are large groups. While space is limited in the main dining room, a private dining room with a long table can be made available on request. Able to fit 24 guests, this space is equally intimate, set aside from the crowd so that visitors can relax and enjoy in total comfort. Everything has been taken care of, by this impressive luxury name. Those who do visit Symphony’s would be remiss if they didn’t spend some time at the Pahrump Valley Winery. Also on site, tours take place three times a day and allow visitors to see precisely how wine is made. With the opportunity for tastings as well as for ordering, the range of tastes and textures that can be found in this stunning establishment are what sets Pahrump Valley Winery apart from the competition. For those who wish to take the next step in the winery journey, membership provides the opportunity for complimentary tastings and VIP treatment at all times. For a dining experience where food comes first, come to Symphony’s. The atmosphere created by the team is one of the finest in Nevada, combining good food, great company and stunning views. We can’t wait to see even more people delighted by their delicious dishes long into the future. Company: Symphony’s Restaurant Pahrump Valley Winery Name: Sue Dunn