Food and Drink Awards 2023

Food & Drink Awards 2023 | 17 The company and its workers remain abreast of industry trends to maintain its position as the best chocolatiers on the market. Chocolate shop Cukrček has recognised that many companies have recently raised their prices and has committed to keeping its prices consistent over time. The magic of chocolate is not just in the irresistible product but also in the elegant packaging. Chocolate shop Cukrček prides itself on innovation and is enthusiastic to deliver its beautiful designs and new flavours to its cherished customers. Current trends in the chocolate industry include variations in the shapes of pralines and the use of food colouring. Chocolate shop Cukrček is passionate about its fresh, raw ingredients and would rather use a selection of fruits and nuts to add colour and flavour to its heavenly chocolate. The business remains an industry innovator but is not afraid to reject trends that do not align with its values. Its chocolate bars feature a range of delicious and distinctive flavours, including apple strudel, chilli, pear, lemon, strawberry-vanilla, and many more. Other products include boxed candies, rich spreads, creamy mousses, and hot chocolate powders. Chocolate shop Cukrček also sells sweet commemorative gifts with chocolate personalised to a customer’s choice of logo, packaging, and taste. The brand’s newest releases are its Candies Dragees, a tasty selection of chocolate-coated nuts, succulent raisins, and coffee flavoured chocolates. With its sophisticated packaging, the sweet treats include a mixture of white, milk, and dark chocolate to excite the tastebuds of all chocolate lovers. The rich flavours and aromatic scents of Chocolate shop Cukrček’s Candies Dragees make the perfect gift for all chocoholics. When hiring, the chocolatier seeks employees with a mutual passion for chocolate and is dedicated to fostering creativity, encouraging them to experiment with new flavour combinations. At Chocolate shop Cukrček, employees are one big family and chocolate is a valued family member. In Slovenia, it is not common to train in chocolate making so many young people approach the business to learn more about cacao and the chocolate production process. Chocolate making is an art form that requires a lot of practice. Chocolate shop Cukrček continues to demonstrate its knowledge and expertise through the creation of exquisite designs and delectable flavour combinations. Looking to the future, Chocolate shop Cukrček will focus its efforts on launching the brand in Croatian and Italian markets. The company is excited to deliver its sweet treats to new countries and build relationships with other renowned chocolatiers based on their mutual passion for chocolate. With two decades of experience, Chocolate shop Cukrček is an internationally celebrated brand and a beloved creator of decadent confectionary. Driven by its desire for customer satisfaction, the business will continue to push the boundaries of chocolate making with unique flavours, spectacular shapes, and inspiring projects. We cannot wait to see what new avenues for innovation the brand will discover next. Chocolate shop Cukrček has received our Food and Drink Award for this year’s Chocolate Shop of the Year. Contact Details Contact: Luka Bonotelli Company: Benedict d.o.o, Čokoladnica Cukrček Web Address: