Food and Drink Awards 2023

Jun22596 18 | LUXlife Magazine The professional food manufacturer is committed to the pursuit of excellence and strives for high standards of quality control and reliable after-sales service support. Clients come from a range of food sectors, including candy manufacturers, biscuit factories, chocolate factories, pastry shops, snack manufacturers, and many more. Whether a small producer or larger manufacturer, Shanghai FUDE Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is passionate about building long-term relationships with its customers. It is the manufacturer’s mission to help clients maximise efficiency, improve product quality, and maintain a competitive edge in their industries. Core values of collaboration, customer centricity, innovation, and quality control are fundamental pillars that have established the business as a leader in food machinery. The company maintains best practices by monitoring the manufacturing process of new machines. It is essential to define the specifications, materials, components, and performance standards required for each machine. Shanghai FUDE Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. creates a production plan to organise the manufacturing process, with trial tests and checkpoints to ensure that quality standards are adhered to. Through regular inspections and project management, the manufacturer can be certain that its machines consistently achieve exceptional results. These practices have placed Shanghai FUDE Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. at the forefront of Japan’s manufacturing sector. In recent times, the food and drink industry has experienced significant developments that have required manufacturers to adapt to consumer demands. There is now increasing pressure to produce healthier products with an emphasis on clean label ingredients and organic products. This has led to the development of new recipes and updates to existing products. Consumers are also interested in socially responsible investment, favouring products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. To meet these requirements, companies are exploring greener packaging materials, waste reduction strategies, and renewable energy sources. Due to changing government regulations, companies worldwide must enforce stricter guidelines for food safety, labelling accuracy, and a more transparent business ethos. In order to comply with these new requirements, businesses must invest in quality control systems, traceability technology, and stringent food safety protocols. Shanghai FUDE Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has adapted its machine development to meet consumer demand for healthier food and drink options. The manufacturer is particularly proud of its sustainability practices, which focus on eco-friendly packaging solutions, reduced energy consumption, and waste minimisation. Sep23498 Food Machinery Manufacturers of the Year 2023 - China Shanghai FUDE Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of candy machines, chocolate machines, biscuit machines, and other popular food machinery. With over 40 years of experience, the manufacturer offers a comprehensive service, including the design, development, and manufacturing of various food processing equipment. Shanghai FUDE Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides clients with advanced solutions to achieve mutual success. The business has won our award for this year’s Food Machinery Manufacturers of the Year – China. The business’s highly skilled workforce has paved the way for its success. In the hiring process, the manufacturer seeks employees that align with its core values and contribute to its positive company culture. At Shanghai FUDE Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., it is essential that workers possess the necessary skills to grow within their field. Across all aspects of the company, employees require a high degree of knowledge and expertise. The manufacturer aims to hire workers who have an adaptable approach to their work and can adjust to changing circumstances. In the ever-evolving world of food manufacturing, innovation is essential, and employees must embrace new technologies and learn quickly. To continue fostering its culture of collaboration, the business looks for skilled communicators who understand the importance of teamwork. Shanghai FUDE Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. relies on its employees’ diverse skills and unique experiences to provide advanced solutions for its valued clients. Through nurturing workers’ creative thinking, the manufacturer aims to consistently improve and push the limits of innovation in the industry. With an internal culture of professionalism and respect, the business aspires to foster continuous learning by providing opportunities for development. Employees regularly partake in team-building activities and cross-department collaboration. The company has adopted an