Food and Drink Awards 2023

32 | LUXlife Magazine pecialising in presenting the easiest ways to make fast and simple meals, The Batch Lady has taken the nation by storm since her first display of brilliance. Having earned herself a name among families, busy workers, and students alike, her ingenious meal prep solutions have become an essential part of a variety of households’ daily practises. We all know how difficult it can be to motivate yourself to cook after a long, tiring day, and it’s this exact dilemma that The Batch Lady sought to solve. Now, her cooking videos, cook books, and audio cook along books are a go-to for the busy people of the UK. Possessing a large presence on social media, with frequent features on This Morning, The Batch Lady has mastered the art of navigating trends within the food sphere. Whether it’s a certain style of cuisine, or a new emerging technique, Suzanne has gone above and beyond on several occasions to discover the most effective ways of implementing said trends into day-to-day life. As such, her followers are never left out of the loop – on the contrary, The Batch Lady keeps a close eye on any fluctuation to ensure that her methods are up-to-date, and as easy to replicate as possible. If there’s an simpler way to prepare a meal, Suzanne will be the one to find and present it. Of course, anyone living within the UK will tell you that the recent cost of living crisis has hit a variety of households particularly hard. This is mostly due to the rising cost of food throughout supermarkets. Complex recipes that demand lots of ingredients have started to fall to the wayside due to budget constraints, resulting in many households having to completely rethink the way that they approach dinnertime. In addition, there has never been a higher demand for tips and tricks on preserving food, and the race to reduce food waste has become a chaotic minefield in many cases. Thankfully, The Batch Lady has tirelessly worked to discover solutions. These solutions are, of course, her notoriously simple, yet incredibly tasty, recipes. Not only are these recipes easy to follow, and a cakewalk to understand, but each one is designed with longevity and convenience in mind. Suzanne has very carefully cultivated a specialty in teaching individuals how to make meals that can be frozen or stored, without Most Inspiring Batch Cooking Blogger 2023 (UK): Suzanne Mulholland If you’re an avid watcher of ITV’s This Morning, then you’ve no doubt heard of The Batch Lady. Renowned throughout the country for her four Sunday Times Best Selling cook books, Suzanne Mulholland has become the face of fast, simple meal prep. Her tutelage on how to expertly work around food has helped families and busy individuals across the nation, allowing them to live up to her overarching ethos – ‘Being in control of dinner time so it doesn’t control you’. With over half a million followers, and an unmistakable presence across the UK, The Batch Lady has become an invaluable part of solving the nation’s day-to-day meal planning problems. anyone having to worry about them spoiling the following day. As such, her methods now stand as prized nuggets of information – ones that have undeniably saved dinnertime for busy families, struggling students, and worn out workers across the country. Having already launched multiple successful books, with a fifth – The Batch Lady Grab and Cook - set for release in February 2024, The Batch Lady has completely transformed the way we, as a nation, approach cooking. Meal prep has never been more appealing, and Suzanne has found herself as the beating heart of it all. We’re incredibly eager to see what exciting new recipes she has to share in her upcoming book. If our readers are as keen for updates as we are, be sure to take to social media and give The Batch Lady a follow. We can guarantee that her recipes will be simply life changing. Contact: Suzanne Mulholland Company: The Batch Lady Ltd Web Address: S