Food and Drink Awards 2023

Best Pan-Asian Poolside Restaurant 2023 - Dubai Located 210 metres above sea level, AURA Skypool provides guests with the opportunity to sample some of Dubai’s finest Pan-Asian dining whilst lending their attention to one of the world’s most iconic skylines. This breathtaking restaurant promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience – one where individuals can soak in the sun-kissed 360 degrees infinity pool and indulge in floating tray beverages. Never before have the tastebuds been quite so tantalised at such soaring heights. Join us as we invite readers to imagine the luxury cuisine that AURA Skypool has to offer. Having cultivated a menu comprised of some of Asia’s most iconic dishes, AURA Skypool offers authentic cuisine in the most unique setting imaginable. Positioned over 210 metres above Dubai’s sea level, its infinity pool and luxurious dining lounge grant guests the opportunity to truly stimulate their senses in ways they never have before. From breakfast to nighttime brunch, AURA Skypool presents individuals with delectable Pan-Asian dishes that can suit every taste. Regardless of whether a diner’s palate is more refined, or they’re looking to share a more easy-going meal, AURA Skypool is committed to delivering some of Asia’s best tastes right to its their table. This is, of course, only made possible thanks to its Executive Chef, Craig Best. Capable of devising the most delicious of dishes, Craig masterfully dedicates himself to presenting a taste of internationally renowned foods, each infused with a Pan-Asian spin. Signature delights and poolside favourites alike – anything is possible for any guest of Aura Skypool. Never once will individuals have to fret about retiring their astounding view too. Though food is to be enjoyed within AURA Skypool’s bespoke lounge, this high-rise skypool lounge promises one of the most picturesque dining experiences imaginable. However, if guests are wanting to prolong their sublime soak, they are encouraged to sample the beautiful beverages on offer. Boasting an extensive wine list and drinks menu, AURASkypool offers a floating tray service. As such, guests can keep themselves transfixed on the city’s skyline from AURA Skypool’s delectable depths, all whilst sipping on some of the region’s most tantalising blends. At its heart, AURA Skypool is set on ensuring that guests receive the most lavish culinary journey possible, and does so through its commitment to fine food and dime-a-dozen drinks. After all, who doesn’t love the sound of watching the city’s day go by whilst indulging in a sky-high serenade of flavour? AURA Skypool can only be described as an unmissable experience. If its sights weren’t enough to entrance and entice, then the unbeatable cuisine that it offers certainly is. The tastes that it has managed to capture are simply unparalleled, and are able to seamlessly capture a guest’s tastebuds in a Pan-Asian parade of palpable flavours. Whether its dishes are sampled by the poolside, or are experienced in the enriching environment of its sky-bound lounge, AURA Skypool presents an airy indulgence to each and every individual. Treating oneself to a view of the iconic Dubai skyline is something that every person should consider at least once throughout their lifetime, and where better to do so than from the heights of AURA Skypool? We’re so very pleased to introduce our readers to the captivating cuisine that AURA Skypool has to offer. Its packed menu, varying from breakfast bites to nighttime nibbles, promises an indulgent experience, and is enough to leave anyone’s mouth watering. It’s no easy feat to master the art of Pan-Asian cuisine, but AURA Skypool has somehow managed to combine the genius of Craig Best with its sumptuous setting to capture the very essence of edible luxury. Web Address: