Global Excellence Awards 2023

Jun22596 16 | LUXlife Magazine The story of G&D Unique Designs’ beginnings is a humble one indeed, and it starts with none other than Gregory Simon. Inspired by the visual arts and classical music, Gregory sought to unite the pair in wondrous harmony, and did so through the medium of his now award-winning jewellery. At the time, he only wished to make a beautiful piece for his wife, but it wasn’t long before the compliments came in droves. Many expressed the desire to have similar pieces made for them, and thus G&D Unique Designs was born. Gregory had a talent, and it was about time to share it with all jewellery lovers and connoisseurs alike. Whether crafted for fine events, or for everyday wear, Gregory’s pieces are designed with remarkability in mind. After all, jewellery is a form of selfexpression, and everybody deserves to indulge in showing off their inner selves from time to time. It’s this diversity that really makes G&D Unique Designs so distinct – it’s able to forge fashionable pieces of timeless jewellery from concept to creation, be it for cocktail parties, weddings, or a night out at the opera. Regardless, Gregory’s signature style serves to enhance any moment, right down to the smallest gemstones. It's this pursuit of individuality that truly reflects Gregory’s vision for G&D Unique Designs. From the very beginning, when creating a unique piece of jewellery for his wife, Gregory sought to make something nobody had ever seen before. This sentiment has continued throughout the years, resulting in a line of bespoke pieces that each hold individuality in abundance. The personality of each piece shines through its composition, and it’s all thanks to Gregory’s incomparable eye for tasteful, wearable luxury – luxury that’s designed to last throughout the generations to come. However, this individuality is taken one step further through the G&D Unique Designs’ custom service. If you have a vision of your dream engagement ring, or perhaps a personal heirloom that you wish to pass down to those who follow in your footsteps, Gregory is prepared to go the extra mile to craft something truly bespoke. Accommodating such Dec23282 Most Innovative Online Luxury Jewellery Designer – USA Jewellery is more than just a combination of metals and gemstones. It’s wearable art – a means for people to express themselves exactly the way they wish to. Each piece tells a different story, and to capture this exact sentiment is how award-winning G&D Unique Designs came to be. With an unrivalled grasp on how to fashion the most intricate pieces of iconic jewellery, this designer demonstrates an eye for distinguished luxury that simply can’t be overlooked. Join us as we take a closer look at how G&D Unique Designs creates its many exquisite, handmade masterpieces.