Global Vegan Awards 2021

Page 18 LUX 2021 Global Vegan Awards Exhausted by the constant search for products that suited her hair type, Adria Marshall decided to find out what the ingredients in hair products actually did. After a lot of research, she found that natural formulas tended to work much better on her hair. She started to put together her own plant-based products in her kitchen, and Ecoslay was born. Based in Clarkston, GA, today the company supplies 70 retailers worldwide as well as selling directly to the public through its online store. Ecoslay has gained a loyal customer base amongst those with curly and wavy hair textures. It currently has over 40,000 followers on social media. The company’s commitment to sustainability means that every product is handmade to order. Ecoslay doesn’t outsource any of its manufacturing or storage, everything is still made in Adria’s kitchen. Ecoslay was founded on 4 core values that remain true today: Education, or ‘reach one, teach one’ - Adria is passionate about education. Passing on her knowledge about her product ingredients and hair care is a responsibility that’s taken seriously. There’s a section on the Ecoslay website devoted to helping customers and readers identify their own hair type. This enables them to understand which products will work best but also gives them an insight as to why. All products are clearly labelled with an understandable list of ingredients and the reasons why they were chosen. Sep21980 Ecoslay, LLC. Best Sustainable Hair Product Brand - Georgia Use ingredients that are good for you - it’s just as important to put the right things on your body as putting the right things in your body. Each Ecoslay ingredient is carefully chosen not only for its ability to get the job done but also for its positive impact on the body as a whole. All Ecoslay ingredients are 100% natural, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free. Be kind to the environment - Ecoslay is always looking for ways to make its business more sustainable. The company recently moved away from plastic bottles to using sustainable pouches for its products. This change was made in response to feedback from its valued customers. Adria tells us, “Our customers are super supportive and vocal. We love involving them in our decision-making process. They were the wind in our sails behind this remarkable and responsible change.” Be kind to each other - aiming to put a ‘smile on your face and a spring in your step’ Ecoslay works to delight its customers. The company’s social media presence is positive and reactive and the team love to receive feedback from their customers. We ask Adria about the internal culture at Ecoslay. She explains, “Our staff of six is integral to our success. Each team member gives their input. They demonstrate how completely bought into our vision and values they are every day. We’re protective of the culture of kindness, openness and continuous improvement we have in our little shop.” With supply-chain issues high on the agenda at the moment, Ecoslay is using all its creativity and resourcefulness to source ingredients and packaging. Recent additions to the product range include a new cleanser, Chai Latte and a custom sample set. Customers can also take part in an online ‘Hair Quiz’. The quiz helps them choose the best products and techniques for their unique hair type. Check out the latest blog for advice on ways to care for your curls in winter too. Contact: Adria Marshall Company: Ecoslay, LLC. Web Address: Founded in 2015, Ecoslay provides innovative, natural, sustainable haircare to those with textured hair. Ecoslay formulates its unique products using only natural and plant- based ingredients. The company distinguishes itself from its competition by its refusal to store its products in warehouses. We talk to CEO, Adria Marshall, to find out more.