Global Vegan Awards 2022

Page 4 LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2022 BIG sister Café began as a team of two, Nicolas (the chef) and Maïlys, who have both been vegans for more than 10 years, with Maïlys saying, “Veganism is so far away from what conservatism wants society to believe it is. We trust this is the ultimate way to freedom. When you get to understand what vegan truly means, it feels like opening the door to this brand-new world full of opportunities, pleasure, and relief.” Focusing on the future of food and the future of life, the crew at BIG sister stand as true optimists, striving to change the world for the better through health and sustainability. They serve extraordinary vegan food, from comfort food to decadent desserts, all of which is homemade in the most ethical and efficient way. The café is very careful with the energy it uses and works on having the smallest possible impact on the planet. The BIG sister brand is all about inspiring people to improve their lifestyle, welcoming every generation into a comfortable, homely environment. These are customers who care, they’re curious, they’re parents with kids or babies, they’re young and old, they’re vegetarians, they’re vegans, they’re meat eaters, and they’re of all ages and genders. The idea is to give everyone the chance BIG sister Café (BIG sister) is a French brand that establishes an ethical and positive alternative to food while encouraging the respecting of our bodies, animal rights, and the planet. Through a modern, innovative, and exciting 100% plant-based experience, it is leading the way toward freedom, peace, and happiness. We got in touch with Co-Founder, Maïlys Torterat to learn more about this award-winning vegan café. Sep22508 BIG sister Café Best Vegan Food Experience 2022 - Grand Est & LUXlife Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 to experience real, beautiful food, crafted through meticulous attention to detail, love, and respect; to empower people to be more respectful towards animal wellbeing and humanity, and ultimately reducing the impact on the planet. Maïlys says, “We see vegan as a brand-new type of cuisine not yet explored. The cuisine we serve at BIG sister Café is neo gastro coffeeshop style. It is a very well-seasoned food, made with love and passion willing to make you expect the unexpected. Incredible desserts that can only be found in Michelinstar restaurants made 100% vegan as well as classic comfort food such as our famous “pain perdu d’avance” (French toast), we want to show that vegan cuisine is limitless.” Customer experience is also important to BIG sister, with Maïlys and Nicolas caring a lot about everyone who visits. Maïlys explains, “We see people and we make sure they feel seen. Respect is at the heart of everything we attempt to do. Our food is unique, cruelty-free, guilt-free, very tasteful, and 100% homemade. Each dish is a one-off and made for you only. From the products we select, and the food we serve, to the customers who come in, it is a feel-good experience.” Currently, Maïlys, Nicolas and the team are taking a moment to celebrate their company’s hard-earned success within the Global Vegan Awards. Maïlys comments, “We want to thank you very much, LUXlife for your interest and we are very grateful for this award which has given us even more trust and strength to work on building a better world. We are sometimes facing issues and day-to-day challenges that can bring the mood down, but we have a vision so much bigger than us and our willingness to change the world is unstoppable.” Indeed, The BIG sister team is showing no signs of stopping as they intend to never stop learning and researching new techniques and experiences. They are full of passion and are always one step ahead. In France, veganism is not as popular as in other countries such as the UK, USA, or Germany. This is why BIG sister chose to open its first establishment in France as that is where there was a need. Over the rest of the year, Maïlys, Nicolas and the team are planning to recruit more staff and develop the brand. They are also working toward expanding the brand outside of France, taking the concept across borders, including the UK, specifically London where the concept was born and the team’s heart still stands. Company: BIG sister Café Contact: Maïlys Torterat Email: [email protected] Website: