Global Vegan Awards 2022

welcome to the Global Vegan Awards 2022 Introducing the Global Vegan Awards 2022, hosted by LUXlife! Following a hugely successful launch in 2021, we are delighted to present the second edition of the annual Global Vegan Awards. Designed to showcase the truly remarkable businesses and professionals who have brought about positive change through a plant-based lifestyle this awards platform will reveal the best businesses, large and small, who are contributing to a more sustainable way of living. Key trends show that environmental, health and ethical considerations have contributed to rising demand for vegan products and services. Not only are ethically minded businesses supplying delicious meat and dairy free alternatives for the vegan food market, but we are also seeing innovations across vegan skincare, beauty products, clothing, accessories, and more! Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. BIG sister Café: Best Vegan Food Experience 2022 - Grand Est & LUXlife Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 5. Twisted Fork: Best Local Seasonal Cuisine Restaurant - East-Central Alberta 6. Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages: Leading Provider of Vegan Adventure Tours 2022 7. TaniaJane Naturally Curly: Best Clean Beauty Hair Care Product Line 2022 - Canada 8. Suneeta London ltd: Best Anti-Aging Vegan Skincare Products eTailer - UK 9. Elite Beverage International: Best Plant-Based Sport Drink Brand 2022 - USA 10. ZeroYet100: Best Cruelty-Free Natural Skincare Company - East Asia 11. BHAVA: Best Ethical Women’s Footwear Brand 2022 - USA 12. RevealU Skincare Inc: Best Cruelty-Free Skincare Products eTailer - USA

Page 4 LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2022 BIG sister Café began as a team of two, Nicolas (the chef) and Maïlys, who have both been vegans for more than 10 years, with Maïlys saying, “Veganism is so far away from what conservatism wants society to believe it is. We trust this is the ultimate way to freedom. When you get to understand what vegan truly means, it feels like opening the door to this brand-new world full of opportunities, pleasure, and relief.” Focusing on the future of food and the future of life, the crew at BIG sister stand as true optimists, striving to change the world for the better through health and sustainability. They serve extraordinary vegan food, from comfort food to decadent desserts, all of which is homemade in the most ethical and efficient way. The café is very careful with the energy it uses and works on having the smallest possible impact on the planet. The BIG sister brand is all about inspiring people to improve their lifestyle, welcoming every generation into a comfortable, homely environment. These are customers who care, they’re curious, they’re parents with kids or babies, they’re young and old, they’re vegetarians, they’re vegans, they’re meat eaters, and they’re of all ages and genders. The idea is to give everyone the chance BIG sister Café (BIG sister) is a French brand that establishes an ethical and positive alternative to food while encouraging the respecting of our bodies, animal rights, and the planet. Through a modern, innovative, and exciting 100% plant-based experience, it is leading the way toward freedom, peace, and happiness. We got in touch with Co-Founder, Maïlys Torterat to learn more about this award-winning vegan café. Sep22508 BIG sister Café Best Vegan Food Experience 2022 - Grand Est & LUXlife Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 to experience real, beautiful food, crafted through meticulous attention to detail, love, and respect; to empower people to be more respectful towards animal wellbeing and humanity, and ultimately reducing the impact on the planet. Maïlys says, “We see vegan as a brand-new type of cuisine not yet explored. The cuisine we serve at BIG sister Café is neo gastro coffeeshop style. It is a very well-seasoned food, made with love and passion willing to make you expect the unexpected. Incredible desserts that can only be found in Michelinstar restaurants made 100% vegan as well as classic comfort food such as our famous “pain perdu d’avance” (French toast), we want to show that vegan cuisine is limitless.” Customer experience is also important to BIG sister, with Maïlys and Nicolas caring a lot about everyone who visits. Maïlys explains, “We see people and we make sure they feel seen. Respect is at the heart of everything we attempt to do. Our food is unique, cruelty-free, guilt-free, very tasteful, and 100% homemade. Each dish is a one-off and made for you only. From the products we select, and the food we serve, to the customers who come in, it is a feel-good experience.” Currently, Maïlys, Nicolas and the team are taking a moment to celebrate their company’s hard-earned success within the Global Vegan Awards. Maïlys comments, “We want to thank you very much, LUXlife for your interest and we are very grateful for this award which has given us even more trust and strength to work on building a better world. We are sometimes facing issues and day-to-day challenges that can bring the mood down, but we have a vision so much bigger than us and our willingness to change the world is unstoppable.” Indeed, The BIG sister team is showing no signs of stopping as they intend to never stop learning and researching new techniques and experiences. They are full of passion and are always one step ahead. In France, veganism is not as popular as in other countries such as the UK, USA, or Germany. This is why BIG sister chose to open its first establishment in France as that is where there was a need. Over the rest of the year, Maïlys, Nicolas and the team are planning to recruit more staff and develop the brand. They are also working toward expanding the brand outside of France, taking the concept across borders, including the UK, specifically London where the concept was born and the team’s heart still stands. Company: BIG sister Café Contact: Maïlys Torterat Email: [email protected] Website: Page 5 LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2022 A hub for delicious seasonal dishes, Twisted Fork is one of Alberta’s leading restaurants, offering locally sourced produce, homemade preserves, and a welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant has big plans for 2023, including the possible launch of farm tours and workshops, which it envisions will be available by the summer. Twisted Fork Best Local Seasonal Cuisine Restaurant - East-Central Alberta Sep22503 At the epicentre of rural Alberta is a wholesome family restaurant named Twisted Fork. Open for over five years, the eatery is a proud supporter of farmers, and as a result, it utilises fresh and locally-sourced produce. Twisted Fork is wrapped up in a highly diverse area, providing it with access to a plethora of unique delicacies. Thereby, it attracts guests from across the globe, and it is this international draw that allows Twisted Fork to produce exceptional seasonal menus. Creativity and innovation are certainly at home at Twisted Fork. The restaurant’s mission is intrinsically linked to what it does and the way in which it caters to its clients; Twisted Fork wants to bridge the gap between its customers and the farmers it works with. Now, more than ever before, people are curious as to where their food is coming from, and there is a trend toward supporting local businesses, with sustainability being a key factor in this development. The restaurant’s Chef, Debra Poulin, serves to be the catalyst for the use of fresh foods at Twisted Fork, and this is something that she has done throughout her career, maintaining her core values and determination to provide customers with something delicious. Indeed, Twisted Fork works closely with its farmers and sources, regularly visiting their farms and partnering with them to create exciting events. Through these providers, Twisted Fork acquires some of the freshest vegetables, herbs, and microgreens, with produce being completely organic. Grounded in a love for food, this passion continues to grow. During the Covid-19 outbreak, for example, Twisted Fork remained open and utilised the increase of fresh fruits and vegetables to expand upon its line of preserves and pickles that it makes in-house. Of course, the pandemic created several key challenges, contributing to the current food supply chain issues that many businesses are facing. Whilst Twisted Fork is at the heart of a farming area, it is not exempt from this problem. Consequently, Twisted Fork believes that it is imperative to look at ways to combine tradition with innovation, and as a community, Twisted Fork is looking at supporting businesses that are considering or are utilising alternative growing methods, including vertical growing, green houses, and sea can growing. Through taking this approach, the restaurant plans to further support its community in gaining fresh produce all year round whilst upholding the area’s farming culture. One pathway that Twisted Fork is following is the introduction of vegan dishes. The eatery’s current focus is currently upon finding new plant-based items that can be incorporated into its menus whilst still maintaining a harmonious balance for everyone. It is constantly searching for alternatives, attending conferences, and reaching out to others in order to become better. Twisted Fork prioritises excellence in every regard, from the ingredients it uses to the way it deals with its customers – this is what makes it stand out in the Alberta restaurant scene. Twisted Fork is on a roll, with numerous accomplishments coming its way. The company cites its biggest project as becoming an Économusée Artisan at Work for its preserves, of which it currently has 22 products with flavours ranging from Peach Basil Jam to Pickled Garden, and they are all gluten-free and vegan. Moreover, throughout 2022 and 2023, Twisted Fork will be continuing to support local farmers and also local artists. Boasting an on-site art gallery, customers are invited to enjoy the art, and if they wish, purchase the pieces. Contact: Debra Poulin Company: Twisted Fork Web Address:

Page 6 LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2022 When five friends from four countries and four different faiths go together, they couldn’t have known what they would create. Their unique perspectives on the world, shaped by people and culture, history and veganism, has brought about the creation of a truly amazing proposition. Through 27 vegan cultural immersion group tours a year in 10 different countries, VegVoyages offers travel unlike anything else. The very core of VegVoyages is the incredible stories which can be found everywhere in the world. These stories are what bind us together as a species. With journeys taking in the most stunning locations, visitors are encouraged to interact meaningfully and respectfully with local communities, and build intimate cultural contexts of the places visited. Far from tourist traps, these trips are windows into other lives and ways of being. It’s community-based storytelling, veganism, and travel – all in one. With such a unique selling point, an adventure with Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages is not your typical holiday. Every single trip is overseen personally by one of the founders, in order to ensure the best possible adventure for guests. Every tour is unique, because the people on them are unique. As we learn about each other so we come to see what unites us even in the most controversial of subjects. Guests on a VegVoyages trip have done local language lessons, cooking classes and even participated with cultural ceremonies. Your journey is a path untrodden by anyone else, always aiming to offer a lived experience of a region’s rich heritage. Travel is more than simply visiting new places and seeing new faces. The best journeys are ones where we can discover more about different cultures through total immersion with the community. No one understands this better than the team at Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages. With such success in the LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2022, we took a closer look to find out more. Oct22006 Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages Leading Provider of Vegan Adventure Tours 2022 With such close connections to local life, it’s little wonder that the VegVoyages team take great pride in ensuring their actions have the minimum of impact on these communities. They have developed grassroots tourism programs that are environmentally friendly, socially impactful, vegan, and cruelty-free, funding various projects in the communities in which the team works. Similarly, any animal exploitation is avoided with no animal rides, no zoos and no selfie ops. Instead, the team collaborate with frontline conservationists and wildlife protection organisations to ensure that guests have a positive impact on the ecosystems they visit. With tours that take place across Asia with countries like India, Nepal, Cambodia, Indoneisa, Thailand, Laos, etc, you might think there’s already something for everyone. Well, the team at VegVoyages are still broadening their impressive scope to find something new and exciting for guests to enjoy. New tours in Singapore and Cambodia are already on the cards, with 2023 opening new opportunities for trips to South Korea and Japan. For those who want a trip with a difference, maybe even the trip of a lifetime, VegVoyages must be the first port of call. They know where to find the stories that need telling, and they know how to make sure that they can continue to be told for generations to come. Company: Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages Name: Sofna Yusi Email: [email protected] Web Address: Page 7 LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2022 Curly hair is beautiful, and it deserves to be celebrated, nourished, and protected. This is, quite simply, TaniaJane Naturally Curly’s mission. Home to a range of haircare products and an abundance of information surrounding the maintenance of curly hair, TaniaJane Naturally Curly is leading the haircare industry, encouraging many to embrace their natural texture. Best Clean Beauty Hair Care Product Line 2022 - Canada Sep22620 TaniaJane Naturally Curly is a family-owned business that is built upon sturdy values and a passion for curly hair education and maintenance. The company, which began in a kitchen, has since moved into a factory setting; however, it has continued to uphold its vibrant family-business spirit. Alongside her sons, Michael and Brandon, Tania Jane has created a business that benefits people, animals, and of course, the planet. For example, the company does not use animal by-products, as it firmly believes that these hold no benefits for hair and that animal testing is highly unethical. Ethics play a fundamental role in the running of TaniaJane Naturally Curly; the company focuses on sustainability and how it can best support its clients and community. Henceforth, the company uses custom-made bottles which are made up of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic complete with refill pouches that have been designed to minimise any required packaging. In addition to this, TaniaJane Naturally Curly searches for ingredients that are not connected to human or animal cruelty, choosing sustainable and ethical providers. TaniaJane Naturally Curly’s range is therefore packed with powerful, natural ingredients that are vegan-friendly and perfect for the nourishing of curly hair. As the company has held these values since its inception, it has been able to adapt to any industry developments that come its way, meaning that TaniaJane Naturally Curly is always ready and able to switch to the best available direction. In essence, TaniaJane Naturally Curly promises to always choose better. This attitude extends much further than the company’s products and it is infused within the company’s desire to aid its community in tandem with its own growth. Consequently, in this area, TaniaJane Naturally Curly has a multitude of exciting plans in the works. Behind this approach stands a small yet passionate team. Indeed, TaniaJane Naturally Curly is backed by passion, integrity, and creativity, with these factors stemming from the people who assist with the day-to-day tasks, from admin work to stocking the shelves. It is a firm belief at TaniaJane Naturally Curly that these team members are as equally important as the CEO, and that the CEO is no more deserving of financial recognition than the staff who carry out such tasks. Additionally, the company ensures that it supports its staff in ways that many companies fail to: TaniaJane Naturally Curly is a family-friendly workplace. Factoring in each of these elements, it is clear to see that TaniaJane Naturally Curly has carved a path through the industry, introducing vegan, sustainable, and crueltyfree products to the wider market. Tania Jane, throughout her career, has cultivated an environment in which curly hair is celebrated, and this has continued through her range of products. In turn, the company’s success is sure to continue. The company saw rapid growth during the pandemic, and it is looking forward to expanding once the supply chain becomes stable. Contact: Michael Smith Company: TaniaJane Naturally Curly Web Address:

Page 8 LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2022 Dating back to the second century BC., Ayurveda – a form of traditional, alternative medicine – believes that the universe consists of five elements, and that these elements form the three humours of the human body. Simply, in Ayurveda, harmony between nature and the humours must be maintained in order to cultivate a healthy state of living. The philosophy boasts a rich and extensive history and is also the fundamental concept that underpins the products produced by Suneeta London. Suneeta London Ltd. is a small, femaleled, family-run business that specialises in wholesome skincare products that are fun and easy to use. Every product is handmade by Suneeta Dinraz, the company’s owner, and they are inspired by Ayurvedic recipes from Suneeta’s childhood. Henceforth, Suneeta London’s products consist of only the purest ingredients – they are organic, cruelty-free, un-refined, and homegrown where possible. At Suneeta London, there is a firm belief that families should be able to use products that they can trust; therefore, Suneeta London only sells products that Suneeta uses in her own home. Everything is done by hand, with its most technical piece of machinery being an electric whisk. The small team of women that pot and label the products are therefore a fundamental factor in supporting the business, and they are enthusiastic about contributing to the smooth running of the brand. It is clear that there is an abundance Natural skincare doesn’t have to be unaffordable or inaccessible. Suneeta London Ltd. is a cruelty-free, organic, and handmade skincare brand that is not only luxurious but also easy on the wallet. Created by Suneeta Dinraz, the brand truly practices what it preaches, subverting the trend of consumerism that plagues the market. Sep22565 Suneeta London ltd Best Anti-Aging Vegan Skincare Products eTailer - UK of hard work that goes into the production of Suneeta London’s products. Indeed, there are a plethora of defining factors that set Suneeta London apart from its competitors: it is zero-waste and ecofriendly, it believes in making natural skincare affordable and not ‘elite’, and it wants to encourage people to be resourceful and experiment with creating their own skincare. However, the key factor that highlights Suneeta London as a rare jewel in the skincare industry is the fact that it wants to make people feel good – it’s not about achieving perfect skin, although, it does cite this as a bonus. Its prices are affordable, guaranteeing that ethically produced and natural products can be accessible to all. Moreover, Suneeta London caters to everyone, and is neutral in regard to the age, ethnicity, and gender of its clients. This is why Suneeta London’s products are packaged in a stripped back, functional design, as this is more inclusive – it does not want to alienate any group with specific, targeted packaging. The company is, in essence, as client-centric as a company possibly can be. It is open to communicating with its customers at every given opportunity, and Suneeta London takes pride in the fact that customers love to meet the team in markets and talk to them about the products. Suneeta London is the antithesis of consumerism. It believes that cosmetic packaging is a prime example of consumerism and throw away culture on a global scale. As such, by placing emphasis on the product rather than the packaging, Suneeta London is paving the way for reusable packaging. Additionally, Suneeta London offers its products in zero waste, reusable, plastic-free, or biodegradable packaging, such as kraft containers, paper, glassine bags, and recycled glass. With these innovations in its pocket, Suneeta London has been awarded four awards over the past year, and it hopes to continue along this path, growing and sharing what it does along the way. So far, social media has played a vital role in increasing the brand’s profile, and its following continues to grow on the daily. However, if this isn’t enough to convince you, then perhaps the five-star reviews will. As one customer states: ‘I love everything I’ve bought from Suneeta London. Everything just works so well and there are some products I just couldn’t be without. I love knowing that everything is carefully made from the very best ingredients, vegan and cruelty free. And always carefully wrapped. Highly recommended!’ Contact: Suneeta Dinraz Company: Suneeta London Ltd. Web Address: Page 9 LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2022 B.Y.L.T.® (Beyond Your Limit Training), is an advanced vegan electrolyte sports drink developed by Elite Beverage International using a patented SmartCarb® technology that helps athletes hydrate faster, increases endurance, and improves recovery and performance. It combines a plant-based blend of electrolytes, BCAAs, and antioxidants together in an allin-one ready-to-drink beverage that will help take your training beyond your limits. Elite Beverage International Best Plant-Based Sport Drink Brand 2022 - USA Oct22509 B.Y.L.T. is for everyone, from professional athletes to pilates enthusiasts, weekend warriors to kids, and anyone simply looking for ways to stay hydrated. Even pregnant or breastfeeding women in their post-partum journey can benefit from hydration with electrolytes and antioxidants. B.Y.L.T. is also the only sports drink that has patented SmartCarb® technology that doesn’t spike blood sugar and is safe for diabetics to drink. CEO and Founder, Joey Firestone tells us, “We didn’t want to compromise quality over costs and it’s okay if we have less margin than other brands, but we wanted to make something healthy that works and makes a change in the functional beverage/hydration space – not only for athletes, but for kids too – zero caffeine and ingredients that don’t promote tooth decay. We also recognize the increased demand in the market for plantbased performance products and made sure that B.Y.L.T. met the needs of that growing customer segment.” How does it work? B.Y.L.T. is comprised of four key elements that work together to optimize athletic performance. 1. B.Y.L.T. contains electrolytes comprised of key minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium) that are essential to your health. These minerals help carry electrical signals that power your nerves and muscles and maintain your blood’s proper pH. The body loses electrolytes when you sweat, so electrolytes help to balance fluids in your body. 2. Our patented SmartCarb® technology with Palatinose™ (from sugar beets) combined with BCAAs support an extended boost in energy, fat oxidation, along with increased nutrient absorption. Plant based aminos aid in muscle recovery and unlike sugar, Palatinose™ is slowly digested, resulting in lower blood glucose and preventing a spike in insulin response. Insulin is responsible for fat storage and the inhibition of fat burning. Through this limitation, the SmartCarb® technology in B.Y.L.T. supports extended energy and enhanced fat oxidation. 3. HydroMax™, which is a vegetable-based glycerol, increases fluid concentration in blood and tissue (hyperhydration) to increase stamina and blood flow. 4. Spectra™ is a potent antioxidant made only from fruits, vegetables, and herbs, inhibiting free radical production, optimising cellular activity, and increasing nitric oxide levels. Always improving “We are always looking to innovate,” says Joey. “Our team is constantly striving to take the product to new heights. We are always looking for ways to improve our formulation and trying different flavour systems so we can have the most advanced product and something consumers will enjoy as well.” Elite Beverage International has also been working hard to overcome challenges that have impacted markets all over the world. Staying ahead of ingredient sourcing, packaging and freight pricing has allowed B.Y.L.T. to avoid many of the issues affecting other companies in the marketplace. The key to this success is a hard-working team made up of people who share the same vision and goals as the company. Joey says, “We are always looking for motivated individuals that strive to be successful in all aspects of their career. It’s the little things that add up and help make the company reach its goals.” Elite Beverage International has a bright future ahead of it as it looks to expand B.Y.L.T. distribution into more accounts and chains throughout the US along with the international market with our debut in Canada in 2023. Company: Elite Beverage International Contact: Joey Firestone Email: [email protected] Website:

Page 10 LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2022 Formulated from all-natural products, the team at ZeroYet100 have made it their mission to change the way in which many see the skincare industry. In a world where chemicals play a crucial role for many businesses, ZeroYet100 empowers its users to take care of themselves and those they love. Free of toxic and harmful chemicals, ZeroYet100 stands apart as a leader within the skincare industry. From their humble workshop in Hong Kong, co-founders Anita Patel and Sheetal Avlani have built a truly astonishing range of products. At the heart of their process has been a determination to deliver something different in a familiar form. These beautiful, handcrafted products are derived from nature with immensely potent properties. Designed to be gender-neutral and toxic-free, there is nobody who cannot enjoy these stunning products. Absent from toxicity whilst remaining thoroughly effective, the business has developed stunning products, like their best selling deodorants, which appeals to every member of the family. The importance of nature applies not only to this incredible line of skincare products, but to the packaging that they are delivered inside. ZeroYet100 has developed an incredible line of recyclable or up-cyclable packaging, labelled with only lamination and plastic free paper product stickers. Buying from this team is not only natural, but helps nature through its sustainable mindset. When looking for skincare products that truly take care of your skin, there is nothing finer With the concept that natural is better at the core of how the team works, ZeroYet100 stands apart for the incredible quality of what they offer. Their entire range of products is free of toxic chemicals yet remains totally effective. In the Global Vegan Awards 2022 from LUXlife, the team were recognised for their incredible achievement. We dig a little deeper to find out more. Oct22003 than the range available at ZeroYet100. Their tremendous achievement is something to be celebrated, now and long into the future. Company: ZeroYet100 Name: Sheetal Avlani Email: [email protected] ZeroYet100 Best Cruelty-Free Natural Skincare Company - East Asia Page 11 LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2022 Founded in 2012, BHAVA is an international premium vegan footwear brand based in the US which manufactures its products in Spain. As a vegan brand, it does not believe in the use of leather. It always has and will be a cruelty-free company, while believing in a truly compassionate approach to design needs which go beyond using leather alternatives to include the environment, working conditions, its loyal supporters – and of course their feet! Best Ethical Women’s Footwear Brand 2022 - USA Oct22112 BHAVA was the first fully vegan premium footwear brand to be founded in New York, and for a decade its people have been crafting beautiful footwear from the finest Italian custom vegan leathers in its small family-owned factory in Spain. It is a company that is passionate about producing the highest quality artisan, organic, recycled, cruelty-free components while also protecting the health and wellbeing of the workers who create them. Shows like Sex and the City romanticise running around the concrete streets of NYC in stilettos, and while BHAVA Founder Francisca Pineda loves to run around NYC, she doesn’t love the idea of long-term pain, disfiguration, sprained ankles, or any of the other misfortunes that come with wearing poor quality footwear – and not many other people are fond of the idea either. BHAVA’s shoes don’t even make it to the market without a test run through NYC first, to ensure their complete comfort and durability. Indeed, BHAVA designs shoes that last, with all of its styles coming with repairable soles, and shoppers can add an eco-friendly shoe care kit to their shopping cart should they need it. BHAVA is dedicated to a sustainable business model and is always researching the latest technology in sustainable materials. It is even excited to be testing biodegradable options that go beyond footwear to belts and bags. Francisca is truly passionate about conscious fashion and combatting the global leather industry and the devastation it causes, between it every year slaughtering more than a billion animals, and the toxicity it creates, with The Blacksmith Institute having found Hazaribagh in Bangladesh to be among the most toxic zones in the world. The skins created are exported for finishing to Europe, China, and the US, and there is no requirement for their origin to be provided, thus there is no way to verify the sustainability of most leather goods. BHAVA however embraces the challenge of finding the most beautiful, durable, and innovative materials for its footwear which are not derived from animals. From organic cotton linings to hand painted embossed cork and premium recycled microfibers, Francisca travels throughout Europe and India to develop the company’s signature fabrications. Francisca says, “I am very grateful to my local customers; most customers have been buying our shoes for a decade and it is this loyalty which allows small designers to continue without needing to take outside investment and compromise on creating unique designs with premium materials.” Company: BHAVA Contact: Francisca Pineda Email: [email protected] Website:

Page 12 LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2022 Glamour, luxury, and of course, excellent skincare products can be found in abundance at RevealU Skincare Inc., a brand that caters to consumers looking for simple, clean, and affordable skincare products. Boasting colourful product lines and unique formulas, RevealU Skincare is at the heart of a skincare revolution – one in which all natural ingredients are gaining immense popularity. Henceforth, RevealU Skincare takes pride in the fact that its products are comprised of natural resources and are designed to work well with all skin types, regardless of sensitivities, age, gender, or ethnicity. The award-winning brand, which is popular with the likes of Jeremy Scott and other A-list celebrities, keeps its ingredients simple – for example, the REJUVE Face & Body Gel Moisturizer’s base formula is made up of three ingredients, including platinum, gold, silver, copper, zinc, and magnesium infused water. RevealU Skincare’s water helps the skin to maintain moisture levels, retain elasticity, and protects the skin against oxygen and UV ray damage. In essence, every RevealU Skincare product is incredibly beneficial without the unnatural preservatives, fragrances, or synthetic chemicals that most brands utilise. The key to the success of RevealU Skincare comes in the form of its in-house product formulator, who is a former firefighter and rescue responder. It is his creativity and compassionate nature that has led to revolutionary development in RevealU Skincare’s formulas. Moreover, teamwork is vital to the smooth running of the company, and therefore, it is vital that the entire RevealU team works in tandem to boost the momentum Cruelty-free and entirely natural, RevealU Skincare Inc.’s products will not only have you looking good, but also feeling good. Indeed, as the skincare range is designed for a range of skin types, the company is sure to have something available to suit you. So, join us as we learn more about RevealU Skincare and its opulent products. Sep22506 RevealU Skincare Inc. Best Cruelty-Free Skincare Products eTailer - USA of the business. By running a streamlined business – from the production stages to the sales process – RevealU is able to provide an exceptional service to its customers. RevealU Skincare’s products are available for both retail and wholesale customers, and unlike many other manufacturers, it offers private labelling services with healthy profit margins and a low minimum order quantity. In this case, RevealU Skincare’s clientele consists of estheticians, day spas, hair and nail salons, waxing and sugaring studios, and wellness centres. This truly defines the company as a unique force within the skincare industry; its focus is entirely on its clientele. Contact: Lauri Smetona Company: RevealU Skincare Inc. Web Address:

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