Global Wedding Awards 2018 Page 31 LUX 2018 Global Wedding Awards “Drawing on our background, at Royal Restrooms we have vast experience in all types of situations, and are able to assist our clients with any need they may have. Over the years we have been in business, we have not rested on our past successes but are constantly finding ways to increase our customer’s comfort and satisfaction. The mechanical and technical advancements that we have been able to consistently make are a source of pride for all of us.” Understanding the importance of quality service and support in the wedding industry, Royal Restrooms provides a unique service to its couples which David explores in more detail. “Although not as visible as the cake or wedding dress, without a functioning, reliable restrooms, events can go wrong quickly. We understand and work hard to ensure our equipment is working effectively, efficiently, and sanitarily. A wedding is a sacred event, we never want to be a negative part of a bride’s special day. “As such, when they work with us at Royal Restrooms our wedding clients have confidence knowing their guests can go from pre-ceremony cocktails to ceremony to late night dancing in their wedding finest without trotting off to a dark and dingy port-a-potty or having to interrupt the celebration with unnecessary calls of nature. We gauge the number of restroom stalls needed based on the number of guests, so no one is standing in a long line, although we hear the best conversations start at the restroom.” With his final insight David shares the importance of bathrooms at events and the ongoing focus on excellence that will drive Royal Restrooms to even greater success. “Ultimately, whatever the wedding plan may be, we can adapt. A Royal Restroom should not be an afterthought but a primary thought. After all, they say kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. The same idea holds true at events.” Company: Royal Restrooms Management Corporation Contact: David Sauers Address: PO Box 13605, Savannah, Georgia, 31416, USA Phone: 800.969.7434 Web Address: With over 15 years’ experience in the portable restrooms market, today Royal Restrooms is the industry leader. David discusses how the firm has obtained this enviable position thanks to its commitment to excellence and dedication to client service. Royal Restrooms is honoured to work with the most discerning brides, bespoke party planners, and experienced entertainers, providing quality portable bathroom solutions. As we showcase a selection of the winners from our 2018 Wedding Awards, we invited David Sauers to tell us more about the firm and the solutions it provides. Royal Restrooms Management Best for Special Event Portable Restrooms - USA