Global Wedding Awards 2023

Global Wedding Awards 2023 | 11 Wedding images courtesy of Kate Maclean Photography. Given his vast experience, as well as his network of valued partners and service providers, it is only natural that he shifted into other spheres of the industry. This has provided many new opportunities for David, including the chance to produce bespoke private events and weddings for exclusive clients, both locally and internationally. Although not known as a traditional wedding planner, David has had the opportunity to assist couples and their families in creating and producing the most beautiful weddings. He is particularly proud of the fact that he doesn’t restrict himself to a signature look or style, so his weddings are never ‘copied and pasted.’ David was proud to have been featured in the September 2017 edition of Vogue India’s ‘The Wedding Book.’ This series, entitled VOGUEalbums, profiled and celebrated some of the best and most exciting weddings from around the world. David stands out as a wedding planner for many reasons. Firstly, his creative partners are not traditional wedding service providers. Therefore, when it comes to the supply of décor, design, technical support and talent, David’s weddings are truly unique. The clients and their guests are unlikely to have seen similar executions at other wedding celebrations. Secondly, when producing live events, there are so many things to consider that traditional wedding planners may never have to think about. David is used to preparing for every eventuality, going above and beyond to ensure everything is perfect. His clients benefit from his thorough planning. He comments, “I'd like to think it provides a sense of comfort and security that my client is in good hands, and that every possible item and scenario from A-Z is being considered.” David has purposefully only made himself available for a handful of weddings to date. While he usually has multiple projects on the go, David will always be fully focused on one wedding at a time. This provides a sense of exclusivity, making their special day even more exciting. Thanks to his natural flair for the dramatic, brides can always count on the fact that their day will be full of fun, excitement, and theatrics with David Bloch International at the helm. One of David’s brides asked him to produce her wedding after seeing some of his previous corporate and private work. Knowing that he only produced a select number of weddings, she was so excited when he agreed to it. She explained that she did not want a traditional wedding planner because she had attended many weddings in the past and wanted something different. “I was amazed and flattered to have even been asked,” David says. “The fact that she held me in such high regard, and that many of her friends knew who I was because of my reputation in the industry, was a great pride boost. It's always wonderful to be validated and appreciated.” As a result of David’s expertise, which he utilises to produce weddings on exclusive occasions, David Bloch International has won Best Live Events and Entertainment Management Company, South Africa, in the Global Wedding Awards 2023. Moving on from this success, David Bloch International has some exciting projects in the pipeline, both in South Africa and internationally. So far in 2023, the company has begun work on the production of a host of corporate and private events. There is no doubt that the rest of the year will bring many new opportunities and challenges for David and his team. David hopes to continue learning, producing great work and inspiring others, and he is keen to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with emerging talent wherever possible. His industry is truly his passion, and to echo the words of Donatella Versace, "creativity comes from a conflict of ideas.” It is this motto that colours David’s work daily, and the collaborative creation with his clients and valued partners, paired with critical thinking and strategising a multitude of ideas, is something that David is inspired by and thrives upon. Contact Details Contact: David Bloch Company: David Bloch International Web Address: