Global Wedding Awards 2023

Jun22596 12 | LUXlife Magazine Heralded as the Best Unique Wedding & Event Service Provider 2023 - Southern Italy, Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events has already managed to make a name for itself as a boutique wedding service that has mastered the art of planning astonishingly perfect events. From its wide range of venues, to its devotion to each and every individual attending its ceremonies, Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events has every tool to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch. Based in Maratea, the ‘City of 44 Churches’, Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events has garnered an impressive catalogue of venues for couples to choose from. Whether you’re wanting your wedding to take place in a traditional church or cathedral, or looking for a more contemporary beach wedding, Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events has an endless array of options to suit your wedding needs. Whatever you require, the team will provide, and their expertise will guarantee an event unlike any other. Of course, the brilliant coordinators recognise that no two weddings should ever be the same. So, Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events aims to inspire individuality throughout each ceremony it constructs. With an undoubtable prowess in how to perfectly establish a wedding unlike any other, it holds all of the skills necessary to make your day utterly unique to you. There is no go-to plan for this creative team; every wedding is crafted around the wants of the client, all to fashion an unforgettable day. No matter the sort of wedding you’re wanting, be it a catholic or civil ceremony, Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events has the experience to tailor an event that best represents you. It’s mastered the art of homing in on what values its clients hold, and fully focuses itself and its team on realising these values when helping you select your venues, modes of transport, reception and more. No concept is too grand for the team, and every idea holds a whole host of inspiration that they’ll be more than eager to explore. Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events sees every new event as an opportunity to create magic. Assisting clients in living out their dream is its overwhelming passion, and this love for the craft is unmistakable when it comes to the weddings it arranges. With over 10 years of experience, the team have become adept in their field, and, as such, will be able to carefully manage the planning of your big day. Out of their many services, Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events offers a wonderfully thoughtful wedding planner package. Boasting a complete consultancy, as well as providing clients with a vast range of options for exclusive locations, wedding invitations, floral scenography, and much Mar23663 Best Unique Wedding & Event Service Provider 2023 - Southern Italy A wedding day is often what every person in the world seems to be working towards. Almost everybody goes through life waiting for the day that they’ll fall in love, and eventually marry their soulmate. However, when that day finally arrives, it’s imperative that everything goes according to plan, and Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events is at the forefront of bringing everyone’s wedding dreams to life. more, this meticulously crafted service removes all of the stress from your wedding planning process. Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events will ensure your vision is realised, whilst handling all of the tricky parts that could result in unneeded stress. The team want you to enjoy each moment of your wedding, and that includes the planning that leads up to the event itself. And, if you’re wanting your wedding to take place within Italy, Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events specialises in organising its services within Southern Italy. It has plenty of secluded locations, such as hotels, castles, private villas, and churches, in its repertoire, and it’s all thanks to this unrivalled knowledge of the area that allows for such an insight into the more niche wonders of Italy. You aren’t limited to these locations, but they act as a suggestion for anyone set on partaking in an authentic Italian wedding experience. However, if you’re wanting a fantastic service of the utmost quality, but are dreaming of a wedding somewhere else in the world, then Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events will be more than happy to assist. Thanks to its dedication to its clients, it is more than willing to assist you in planning your wedding abroad, and has removed all limitations to ensure your dreams come true. Location isn’t viewed as a barrier, and instead seen as an exciting concept for the team to begin planning. Additionally, if you’re wanting to make a weekend out of your wedding, either for yourself or your guests, Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events has you completely covered. It offers organising services for your guests, including accommodation, as well as transfers from stations, airports, or even via helicopter. It will completely take care of entertaining guests with themed parties or excursions, and will even offer customised welcome bags upon arrival. So, you can be sure your guests will be in as fantastic hands as you are. Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events is a planning service that truly has its clients at the heart of everything it does. It loves weddings, and holds an immense passion for the field of planning that emanates from every part of the process. No matter your wants, needs, or plans, Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events will craft a wedding that’ll be preserved in your memory for the rest of your life. Your special day should be special, and Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events will ensure that your wedding will be perfect. Contact Details Contact: Valentina Trotta Company: Valentina Trotta Wedding & Events Web Address: