Global Wedding Awards 2023

28 | LUXlife Magazine Most Passionate Wedding Photographer 2023 (Italy): Francesco Frippa Capturing an image is one thing, but being able to bring a photograph to life so that the viewer feels every emotion that makes up that picture is a rare talent indeed. We speak to one photographer who puts his heart and soul into every single shoot, as he celebrates recognition in the Global Wedding Awards 2023. Renowned destination wedding photographer, Francesco Frippa travels the world to photograph luxury and exclusive weddings. With a unique reportage and aesthetics style of photography, Francesco likes to enhance the beauty of each couple by telling their story in a simple way. “I don't like turning weddings into shoots,” he explains. “On the contrary, I prefer my couples to enjoy every single moment of their day by photographing every emotion invisibly.” Francesco left his studies in his hometown, moving away from all of his family and friends, to pursue his dream. This drive, ambition, and passion is the engine that pushes him to always give his all to every single shoot he manages. “Photography is my passion even before being my job,” he continues. “Before being photographers we are people. What makes my work truly unique compared to other studios is the ability to know how to listen, to always be available to couples, to understand their fears, and solve them in a practical way by sharing our experience in the field.” In the last year, Francesco has achieved important milestones, having received awards from the most important associations of photographers in Italy, and indeed in the world, for photographs that have stood out among millions of others for their unique character and composition. Working with some of the most exclusive wedding planners and locations in Italy, and having had his works published in esteemed catalogues such as Vanity Fair, Forbes, White sposa, Fanpage, The Real Wedding, Repubblica, and many others, he has become renowned for his candid style and enthusiastic energy. And this is something he is keen to share with the dedicated team around him. “Within my staff we all work with the same vision of creating unique works for couples with a recognisable style. There is no owner-employee relationship with my staff. We all feel part of a single family that since the beginning of the marriage season spends more time together than with their own families, sharing effort, sweat, and successes!” A very recent success for Francesco was gaining recognition in the Global Wedding Awards 2023 and being named Most Passionate Wedding Photographer 2023 (Italy). This accolade is testament to the tireless days that he spends behind the camera, ensuring that he captures the perfect moments of his clients’ special days. Regarding the future, Francesco has certain plans and projects in store for the rest of 2023 and beyond, including live video projections of wedding days, photobooths with lots of gadgets and polaroids, plus the printing of portraits on fine art paper. But a final word from him reveals that he will also continue to perform his miracles and create his works of art with his clear lust for life. “The most beautiful photos are known to be those that portray the truth, those photos that tell your love in a pure way,” he enthuses. “You don't just take a photograph with a camera. You put into photography all the images you've seen, the books you've read, the music you've heard, and the people you've loved.” Company: Francesco Frippa Web Address: