Global Wedding Awards 2023

Global Wedding Awards 2023| 33 Vera Morgana is a wedding photography company that captures its clients’ special day. With a passion for creating still images that speak loudly silently, it is able to create finished results that will leave clients lost for words. We take a closer look at its services after its recent recognition in the Global Wedding Awards 2023. Best Fine Art Wedding Photographer 2023 - Singapore dedicated to documenting their day seamlessly, creating images that show a story line and grasp every detail beautifully. Clients are promised a highly personalised photoshoot that blends their ideas and her expertise to create a visual masterpiece. The testimonials speak for themselves, with client sharing their experience by saying, “Vera was our photographer for our wedding, and we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. Her commitment to detail and professionalism are truly outstanding – She even asked for a ladder to capture a perfect shot! We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional photographer!” We are delighted that Vera Morgana has been recognised for its great services and we look forward to seeing it continue to provide newlyweds with magnificent photographs that couples will hold on to forever. Contact: Nitisha Venkatachari Company: Vera Morgana Web Address: eddings signify love from many angles; as two people combine, their families do too. There is a sense of togetherness and loyalty that are present throughout the day and having those moments perfectly captured is something truly special. That’s where Vera Morgana comes in, making it possible for clients to have beautiful images to look back on. Recently, it received an award for Best Fine Art Wedding Photographer 2023 – Singapore. Vera Morgana is made up of the lead photographer and founder, Nitisha Venkatachari, but for bigger events and themed photoshoots, a whole team is involved. Either way, it is able to offer clients a perfective that will provide them with exceptional photographs, creating still moments that will speak volumes throughout the years. Every package available has been curated with love and thoughtfulness to provide clients with fairytale results. Vera Morgana offers the ‘A Love Story’ package which is perfect for two love birds who are looking for a full gallery of candid photographs in a special location. For those looking to capture every aspect of their big day, the ‘An Epic Tale’ package means that the photographer will be present from when the preparations begins until lights are off. This provides clients with a fully documented day. From the smallest to biggest moments, they will have wonderful images to look back on from their day, and live through moments they may had even missed out on. Lastly, for couples looking to take a pre-wedding shoot to celebrate the beginning of their happily ever after, the ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ package is a once upon a dream photoshoot. It will create the most incredible photographs, perfect to fill the walls of the couple’s newlywed home. Vera Morgana ensures to capture all the magical moments of each client’s wedding day and the leading up to it if requested. Nitisha is W