Global Wedding Awards 2023

34 | LUXlife Magazine inding products that won’t negatively affect the environment is becoming more and more accessible. The Dried Petal Company is part of that shift. With different types of dried petals available at a range of prices, its vision to make its products available for couples with any budget, so everyone can make the most of its gorgeous ecofriendly confetti on their big day. To make this possible, the company sources its dried petals from farms around the world, including the UK, USA, Netherlands, and China. The Dried Petal Company has a variety of dried petals to choose from. They vary in size and colour, which include yellow, white, different shades of pink, purple, green, and blue. Some bundles are a mix of two or three types, for example, the Full Bloom Dried Petal Mix which features white, pink, and purple to create a beautiful composition of coloured confetti. In addition, it has premium petals in the form of freeze dried rose, hydrangea, and larkspur. These are all purpose grown to use as wedding confetti and are hand-picked to minimise damage before they go through the drying process. The petals are given VIP treatment to ensure that clients receive them in the best possible condition and to maintain their vibrant, magnificent colours. With a range of different colours and sizes to choose from, The Dried Petal Company offers samples of all the different types of dried confetti. This gives clients the opportunity to see, feel, and compare the confetti before ordering enough for all its guests. Best Eco-Friendly Wedding Confetti Provider 2023 The Dried Petal Company offers 100% natural, eco-friendly, and biodegradable dried petal confetti, as well as other products. It works directly with the couples or with wedding planners to provide confetti and accessories that elevate the aesthetic of their big day. We learn more about the company and its products. F The Dried Petal Company also offers a range of accessories such as confetti envelopes, confetti cones that can be personalised, stickers, table numbers, greeting cards, and more. The founder, Nichola Hemingway, shares, “Our eco-friendly ethos doesn’t stop with the petals – what would be the point of purchasing eco-friendly confetti if you’re then going to present it in something that’s not eco-friendly? All of our loose petals are sent out in biodegradable packaging and any plastic that we use is biofilm, which is fully biodegradable in compost or landfill conditions. Our confetti cones are handcrafted from either recycled or FSC® Certified paper stock and our confetti sachets are biodegradable too.” Nichola is a sole trader and with the help of her husband and mum, she pushes the business forward to make it what it is today. With bundles selling out and positive reviews flowing through, the hard work that she has put into her company is paying off! Recently, The Dried Petal Company was awarded with Best Eco-Friendly Wedding Confetti Provider 2023, and we are delighted to see Nichola’s efforts being recognised as she makes available an alternative to wedding confetti that is gorgeous and sustainable. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for The Dried Petal Company. Contact: Nichola Hemingway Company: The Dried Petal Company Web Address: