Global Wedding Awards 2023

35 | Luxlife Magazine Most Trusted Wedding Pet Chaperone Service 2023 - South West England Waggs N Woofs Ltd offers socialisation, individual and group training, wedding doggie care, and canine confidence coaching. It supports people with all kinds of dogs in their journey of caring for their furry best friend. We take a closer look to find out more about its services. Having a dog is truly one of the most wonderful things in life; they love you unconditionally as long as you feed them and walk them. Even though it sounds simple, it is not always so easy. Teaching a dog how to behave and regulate their emotions is a tough job. Not everyone knows how to do it and to get long lasting results – it takes a great deal of patience and repetition. Waggs N Woofs Ltd provides training services that have been specially created to provide dogs with a safe and comfortable environment to learn and thrive. Whether it is a group of dogs going for a walk in different locations, or one to one approach to correct your dog’s behaviour in real life environments, it supports clients with tackling issues that may be putting barriers in the activities you are able to do with your dog by your side. Being able to go and do everyday life things with your dog is truly life changing, but what’s more is that Waggs N Woofs is able to offer its services to have your most special friend at your big day too! It offers Wedding Day Pet Chaperone Service, where clients can choose from different packages to cover the needs of the dog throughout the day. Even though there are set packages, Waggs N Woofs will go above and beyond to meet its clients’ and their dogs’ specific requirements. Having recently been awarded with Most Trusted Wedding Pet Chaperone Service 2023 - South West England, the team at Waggs N Woofs will become an added member of your family as they care for your dog as much as you do. The team is made up of fully insured, certified canine first aiders. Therefore, if your dog has any health problems you are still able to access its services. The team is happy to discuss with the veterinarian to ensure that they are monitored, and medication is administered if needed to. This helps clients feel at ease when handing over the most precious member of their family, and it eliminates any worries, not just on your wedding day but when accessing its other services too. To find out more about Waggs N Woofs’ incredible services, check out the company website! Contact: Lynn Lloyd Company: Waggs N Woofs Web Address: