Global Wedding Awards 2023

47 | Luxlife Magazine Most Dedicated Wedding Planner 2023 (UK): Charlotte Faircliff Charlotte May Weddings Ltd (Charlotte May) expertly tailors destination weddings in places such as Santorini, Ios, Marbella, and Malaga. It can organise civil ceremonies, blessings, and vow renewals amongst much more, always making sure all paperwork and legalities are deftly arranged. The company’s passionate staff are devoted to creating perfect days against backdrops more beautiful than can be imagined. Charlotte May Weddings is a wedding planning service dedicated to arranging ceremonies in stunning settings, with a special focus on Greece and Southern Spain. The company has a committed team of professional and experienced planners, coordinators, and support staff, who all work diligently behind the scenes, bringing magic to life for loved-up clients. The primary aim of the business is to provide a comprehensive wedding planning and coordination service for worldwide clients seeking a destination wedding on either the islands of Santorini or Ios in Greece, or Marbella in Southern Spain. Charlotte May Weddings was created as a result of founder, Charlotte Faircliff working as a wedding coordinator for a large tour operator on the Greek island of Santorini. She quickly fell in love with the gorgeous location, yet yearned for the opportunity to offer couples a more intimate and bespoke service. Creating her own destination wedding planning service allowed her to fulfil this desire and concentrate on providing a service as unique as those who were celebrating. This is something she felt was missing in her previous role, but was eager to introduce to her new company. Everyone at Charlotte May Weddings wishes its clients a breath-taking experience, from start to finish. It wants them to have a wedding that encapsulates the art of their love story. This is why the Charlotte May planning experience is entwined with intimacy, style, and a dash of luxury. Over the days, weeks, and months it takes to curate a destination wedding, its team connect wholeheartedly with each and every couple. The team are positive that with Charlotte May’s eye for aesthetics and meticulous organisation skills, they will bring clients a day that beautifully reflects their forever moment. Destination weddings are planned with intention through use of the company’s extensive network of prestigious suppliers and talented vendors from all over the world. From the dreamiest florals ever seen to the most elaborate lighting elements, Charlotte May’s handpicked merchants will make it happen. This is all done in partnership with couples, as it is of course imperative they are completely involved in the fine tuning of their wedding day. The entire experience is tailored to their requirements, and everything is individually itemised, ensuring there are no hidden costs. From decadent opulence to intimate understatement, Charlotte May promises all the authenticity, expertise, and passion a destination wedding requires. Its team will be alongside to support, inspire, and empower its clients every step of the way. The unique planning service offered by Charlotte May provides clarity and complete transparency. It enables clients to make informed decisions throughout, and includes the legal facilities needed for the civil paperwork. Its services set it apart from other wedding planners who may be operating in the same destinations because it is not offering simple package deals but tailored and bespoke arrangements. The level of information provided by Charlotte May is extremely detailed, and each element “The relationship I establish with my clients is truly personal, built around you, your requirements and your dreams. It is an honour to work with couples across the world and I would love to hear more about your visions…” is broken down. As opposed to other wedding planning providers, it will refer to venues by their full names, allowing clients the opportunity to carry out proper research. The bespoke service also gives the betrothed couple freedom at every point of the planning process, and full control of their budget. Every step is captured via email, telephone, and Zoom calls, and documented in a 10-page wedding tracker document which acts as the very cornerstone of the Charlotte May planning tools. Clients love this detailed information, and have provided plenty of positive feedback to say as much. This is very rewarding for the hardworking Charlotte May Weddings staff. It seems most fitting that Charlotte May’s founder has now been recognised with a Global Wedding Award, namely the Most Dedicated Wedding Planner 2023 (UK): Charlotte Faircliff. Her story is one that any married-couple-to-be will surely find inspiring, and will reassure them of her valuable experience and best intentions. As Charlotte herself says, her wish is to inspire couples to believe anything is possible when it comes to the most important day of their lives. Company: Charlotte May Weddings Ltd. Web Address: