Global Wedding Awards 2023

48 | LUXlife Magazine Best Luxury Live Music & Entertainment 2023 - Romania Prestige Orchestra is part of the entertainment industry in Romania, providing clients with a variety of music styles and shows for a range of events. Recently, it has been recognised in the Global Wedding Awards 2023, so we look at its services to find out more. Music is a key part of a wedding celebration, with song choices contributing greatly to the atmosphere that is created. This is why it is important to have an entertainment company that will deliver a memorable experience for you and your guests. Prestige Orchestra offers its clients a 100% live performance, which can feature international covers, current hits, Romanian hits, DJ sets, live recitals, cabaret shows, saxophone shows, authentic folklore, and more. Prestige Orchestra’s team is made up of two soloists who are Juliana and Costin, nine top instrumentalists, and eight professional dancers. Their amazing talents combined make it possible to deliver clients a complete musical experience. Together, they create an overflow of positive energy that makes it irresistible for guests to sit or stand still. Everyone in attendance will have the time of their life and as newlyweds, that is exactly what you want to see: everyone you love having a great time. Thanks to the fact that Prestige Orchestra’s band covers all music styles, clients are able to request any genre, or a mix to fit all preferences. The team works closely with couples leading up to their wedding to plan what they want their show to include in terms of music, lights, duration, and acts – All with the aim to provide them with a memorable event where fun comes first. Prestige Orchestra wants to bring its audience more than just music which is why it created the concept of One Band Show. The scene that the team sets up includes a podium where the equipment is positioned to be at eye level with the guests. In addition, a key factor that completes the show are the lights, with these incorporated throughout the room to create the most spectacular atmosphere. The team at Prestige Orchestra are highly motivated and united by a common vision of producing musical entertainment to deliver unforgettable experiences. To be able to make this a reality for all clients, they are always exploring new territories and looking for ways to push their limits. Prestige Orchestra has now received an award for the Best Luxury Live Music & Entertainment 2023 – Romania, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for the company and its team as they continue to use their talents to make clients’ weddings and other events incredible. Contact Details Email Address : [email protected] Company Name : PRESTIGE ORCHESTRA Web Address : “We sing your emotions from the beginning to the end.” “A blend of magic, a story, and a continuous show.”