Global Wedding Awards 2023

Jun22596 8 | LUXlife Magazine Jennifer C Weddings & Events Agency is a premium luxury wedding agency within the Dominican Republic that offers a wide and varied range of services. These include full service custom wedding planning and design, weekend and destination planning (which includes multi-day wedding weekend experiences, from welcome parties to rehearsal dinners, excursions, and many more throughout the wedding weekend), event planning (such as birthday parties, holiday celebrations, proposals), and corporate events (gala dinners, expositions, parties). Whilst many of Jennifer C’s beloved clients have travelled from all over the world to use the agency’s exclusive services, they predominantly come from the United States, Canada, France, Eastern Europe and, of course, the Dominican Republic – an idyllic, tropical paradise that many people all over the world flock to. So, it’s no surprise that these people (especially those from colder climates) are seeking sunny, Caribbean destinations like Punta Cana as their choice of a wedding destination. Established by its namesake, Jennifer Collado, the company’s motto is simple: ‘For the Love of the Show!’ This mantra forms the central ethos for the firm’s core values and mission, as Jennifer explains further. “This simple statement encompasses why we exist as a company,” she begins. “The slightly chaotic nature of our work all leads to one amazing moment, when the show goes live. “We pride ourselves in transparency with each one of our clients. We aren’t the type of planners that will tell something is beautiful just because, we will be open, honest, and will go above the call of duty to simply see you smile. We work with love for all our clients, and we use that as our guide when planning all our events.” Jennifer herself is a highly ambitious and performance-driven wedding planner and events production expert, with an unparalleled work ethic and proven track record of excellence and professionalism. Well-versed in working with diverse workgroups and managing Mar23084 Best Wedding & Event Planning Agency 2023 - Dominican Republic Based in the picture-perfect setting of Punta Cana, Jennifer C Weddings & Events Agency (Jennifer C) already has a huge advantage over its competitors. However, this doesn’t stop ambitious entrepreneur, Jennifer Collado, striving for more in order to remain at the top of her game. We speak to Jennifer and find out more as her company celebrates a win in the global Wedding Awards 2023. complex tasks, she is known to have an exemplary customer service approach and a team-focused attitude. Founded in 2016, Jennifer C Wedding & Events Agency has successfully pioneered in planning different types of weddings as well as uniquely designed customised weddings, where Jennifer excels in allowing clients to feel free to have their weddings and events just the way they’ve always dreamt of.