Global Wedding Awards 2023

Global Wedding Awards 2023 | 9 “Through all this, I can offer a creative and collaborative experience that empowers and lights up significant moments and ideas in your life or business,” she elaborates. “I have experience in putting together weddings and events of different sizes and complexities, and I can be relied upon to create a seamless guest experience. As a true professional, I’m always the last one to leave and switch the lights off at the end of an event. I represent my clients with the highest regard possible.” Jennifer’s experience and professionalism has seen her grow her company from a one-woman band to the thriving bustling agency it is today, and she truly values each and every team member who has joined her on her incredible journey. Strongly believing in building meaningful relationships, both with her staff and her clients, Jennifer always strives to exude elegance and class, alongside an inviting vibe, and this is something she instils in her team too. “The way we carry ourselves, dress, how we attend our client meetings makes a big impact, as we know first impressions are lasting impressions.” As a tight-knit group that have worked together for many years, each dedicated staff member plays a particular role in coordinating or executing each client’s vision, and each staff member uses their natural abilities in executing their roles and responsibilities. Jennifer tells us that she has certain staff members that are naturally great when speaking and communicating with people, so they are keen to engage with the guests – and she has some staff members who have an eye for detail, so they are essential when dealing with the execution of the décor. Before each wedding, the team will hold meetings wherein they can discuss everyone’s roles and responsibilities, the layout, design, décor, timeline, and even dress code, going through each wedding or event in minute detail to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that nothing is left unknown. “My staff is truly the best!” enthuses Jennifer. “Every individual who works for us plays a vital role in ensuring that we deliver the fabulous weddings and events we are known for. It’s all for the love of the show and it always will be.” The Dominican Republic thrives on tourism which provides Jennifer C with an excellent opportunity as there is an unprovoked and plentiful attraction from many people. However, because of this, the market is becoming heavily saturated and it is important that the firm stays ahead of the crowd by providing customised wedding designs to each and every one of its clients. Due to this determination, dedication, and passion, the agency was recently recognised in the Global Wedding Awards and bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Wedding & Event Planning Agency 2023 - Dominican Republic. Understandably delighted by this achievement, Jennifer now has her sights firmly set on a lucrative future of continued growth, culminating into the company becoming the leading wedding agency not just in the Dominican Republic, but in the entire Caribbean region. “My staff and I are always searching for ways to develop ourselves; sometimes through training or accreditation sessions or even changing our business aesthetic by restructuring some of our business services that are more in demand with our clients,” she states. “I am always looking for new ways to introduce myself to potential clients and to stay in touch with old clients too, in order to continue to improve and expand my services and make everyone’s dream event come to fruition.” Company: Jennifer C. Weddings & Events Agency Web Address: Photography Credit: Puntacanastorytellers