Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022 Page 19 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Jan22124 industry have taught her a comprehensive way to do this, having studied beauty therapy, homeopathy, genetics, consulting, aromatherapy, and more. She also attends the annual World Congress in Germany on Energy Therapy in order to keep these skills as competitive as possible, establishing relationships with doctors and professors who are bringing new and innovative ideas into the field so she can incorporate the best of the best into her own services. Having lectured all over the world on everything from skincare to nutrition and advanced Consulting, she has been quoted in Porter magazine as a ‘global skincare expert’, her progressive attitude to therapy solutions and advanced holistic wellbeing techniques earning international acclaim. Moreover, as a leading practitioner in the field, she sees it as her duty and responsibility to continue educating and learning, both training herself in new and bold innovations and teaching what she knows to young up-and-comers. In this way, she ensures the future health of her industry by giving young professionals the tools they need to succeed. With a guiding mission of educating her peers and clients in all things physical and mental health, she encourages a holistic view of wellbeing. Her 360 and 3D view of her industry is what has set her apart from her peers, and – for many clients – made her a one-stop-shop for a comprehensive wellness journey. Nominally, she has become well known for her ability to look past ‘linear thinking’, something that often results in a superficial effort to heal someone’s ailments, whereas Marie will consider everything from their diet to their lifestyle, working with them to find new routines, tips, and tricks that will boost their confidence. This dedication to self-empowerment and taking back control over one’s healing journey has allowed her to make use of tools unique to her sector. This includes things such as Energy Therapy that can be done at distance, imprinted colonic hydrotherapy, detoxing, Vital Air, and more, all of which come together to bring clients an enhanced peace of mind with which they can approach the rest of their lives. Emboldening them in reshaping how they think about wellness, Marie can offer a gentle detoxifying process that improves the level of antioxidants in the body, rejuvenating the skin through her multiple skincare products. This, after all, is the core goal of the Marie Reynolds London skincare line. Her MRL mixology advises clients and her stockist both how to blend the myriad ingredients offered in her supplements into something for more topical use, for example the MRL Calmeric flash mask, which includes turmeric. Turmeric has become widely renowned for having properties that it can lend to a good skincare and wellness regimen, such as the ability to brighten, cleanse, and rejuvenate the skin. Marie recommends mixing a quarter capsule of her Calmeric Supplement in her goji mallow Cleanser to create the Calmeric Flash Mask and leaving it for five minutes, applying it to the skin once the two are fully incorporated; this is just one of the many recipes included on her website, and it is a favourite amongst her peers and clients both. These recipes have ensured a certain preeminence for Marie in her field, and with an ever-broadening pool of knowledge and experience behind her, she is determined for this to only keep developing in the future. Her passion for wellness is not something that can be understated, and her in-depth profiling that takes place during appointments can give a client a good sense of their own body, guiding them around what they can expect from undertaking a wellness journey with Marie Reynolds, happy to talk them through the ingredients and manufacturing process of her products. Ethically sourced, affordable, high quality, kosher, vegan, and gluten and dairy free, her products are free from artificial colours and fragrances both. Additionally, they are non-comedogenic, non-sls, and paraben free. This Limited company’s commitment to keeping it that way is second-to-none, along with her outstanding Irish distributor and UK based Lead Educator helping her continue to live up to these dedicated tenants. Between them and her MRL therapists, Marie Reynolds shows her clients the benefit of thinking outside the box when it comes to health and wellness, making long-term friends of the business with ease. Lastly, with new products coming out soon, as well as the introduction of Ozone Insufflation to her Norfolk clinic, she looks forward to helping many more people in the new year, just as she has for decades prior. Company: Marie Reynolds London Contact: Marie Reynolds Website: MARIE REYNOLDS LONDON