Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2023

42 | LUXlife Magazine ccelerated Health Products is a company that has grown exponentially year on year, even without the help of any paid advertising promotion. It markets supplements, free health coaching, detoxes and cleanses that really work. The company operates via several branches, which combine to offer an overall accelerated health world view customers can dip into. For example, customers are invited to visit Sara Banta Health (via for access to the latest health articles. They can also listen to the podcast ‘Accelerated Health TV & Radio Show’. For a huge range of detox, cleanse kits and supplements, customers are invited to visit the website It also has a YouTube channel, and makes free group health coaching available through the Telegram app. Accelerated Health has been built into the fast growing and in demand supplement company it is today through the careful application of health education services, and the provision of innovative products. Its unwavering commitment to natural health, and cuttingedge supplement supply is what has helped it successfully find its way. Founder and celebrated health coach Sara Banta’s adventure at Accelerated Health began with a personal journey, as well as a desire to help her own family navigate the path to good health. She is tremendously grateful for this, as from these first steps she has been able to build a business where she can help people to transform their own bodies, minds and spirit. Accelerated Health Products deliver advanced health information and products created to transform health and wellness. Most Transformative Health Supplement eTailer 2023 - USA Accelerated Health offer a plethora of supplements, detox and cleanse kits to help customers live health-filled lives. It provides information about the latest health articles, and offers group coaching sessions. It is dedicated to natural health and the provision of state-of-the-art supplementary health products. Accelerated Health Products are charged with scalar healing frequencies, something that is unique to its range. It offers the 5-star rated Accelerated Scalar Silver solution specifically to help boost the immune system, naturally. This powerful combination of Nano and Colloidal Silver is provided with additional potency through being charged with scalar technology. This helps increase frequency, and supports, strengthens and boosts the immune system. Accelerated Health has an excellent internal culture which is supportive of everyone feeling empowered to put forth ideas. It promotes positivity and ensures communications are maintained through both email and WhatsApp. Taking the first steps to transform your health can be hard, so having a support system like the lovely people at Accelerated Health in the background is a tremendous bonus. Accelerated Health has been awarded Most Transformative Health Supplement eTailer 2023 – USA. This is a fantastic achievement for this small company who are promising more supplements soon to come, plus continued growth of its health coaching, and further collaborations with other healthcare experts. Fabulous stuff on the horizon! Contact: Tracey Munn Company: Accelerated Health Products Web Address: A