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About the Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2023 Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: LUXlife is excited to announce the launch of the Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2023, a programme that we have now proudly hosted for seven consecutive years! We are looking forward to sharing the upcoming 2023 winners with our international audience of high-networth professionals, who are eagerly anticipating the return of these popular awards! The pandemic caused significant financial strain for many industries, and with lockdowns confining the public to their houses and forcing most Health, Beauty, and Wellness service providers to close their doors, this sector was no exception to these pressures. While this did result in a sales downturn during 2020, there was an unprecedented bounce-back following this, with 2021 being a record year for revenue. This upwards trend has showed no signs of slowing, with factors such as rising disposable incomes, the spread of e-commerce, technological and product developments, and the influence of social media all contributing to this continued success in the Health, Beauty, and Wellness industry. The shift from instore to online shopping has led to major customer experience innovations, with companies focused on finding new ways to provide their clients with a more personalised service. Digital solutions including virtual reality, cutting-edge colour matching tools, and online quizzes have been introduced to optimise the browsing experience and make more customised product recommendations for shoppers.

Contents 4. Vinci Hair Clinic: International Hair Restoration Clinic of the Year 2023 - UK 6. Duschkind GmbH: Best Sustainable Shampoo & Cosmetics Brand 2023 – Germany & Best Sustainable Cosmetic Products Manufacturer 2023 – Germany 8. African Oasis Safaris Ltd.: Best Luxury Wellness Safari Operator 2023 - Kenya 10. CTZN Cosmetics: Inclusive Make-Up Brand of the Year 2023 - UK 12. R.G. Hypnotherapy: Best Clinical Hypnotherapist 2023 - Australia 14. Brainstorm Health: Best Children's Nutritional Therapy Company 2023 - South West England 16. The Sanctuary of Ananda: Best Holistic Relationship Counsellor 2023 - Western Australia 17. Dermavant: Best Biopharmaceutical Company 2023 18. Spabreaks.Com: Best Spa Travel Agency 2023 - UK 19. Sunrider International: Best Herbal Nutrition & Cosmetics Brand 2023 - UK 20. Phi Balance Clinic - Cosmetic & Medical Aesthetics (PB MEDICAL GROUP LTD): Rising Star in Aesthetics 2023 - South East London 21. Glass House Retreat: Best Sustainable Wellness Retreat 2023 - UK 22. Massagesessel Welt/P4P Solutions GmbH: Best Massage Chair Exhibition 2023 23. Euphoria Retreat Greece: Best Holistic Wellness Spa & Retreat 2023 24. Seaflora Skincare Inc: Best Seaweed Skincare Brand 2023 - North America & North American Clean Beauty Industry Leaders of the Year 2023 25. Harmonic Egg Healing: Best Emerging Complementary Therapy Centre 2023 - Cheshire 26. Parfums d‘Elmar: Best Luxury Perfume Brand of the Year 2023 27. Florapy Beauty: Best Up and Coming Beauty & Wellness Brand 2023 – California & Most Relaxing Aromatherapy Masks 2023: Florapy - Floral Therapy Sheet Masks 28. Flourish with Nutrition: Nutritional Therapist of the Year 2023 (UK): Jo Kelly 29. Azhar London Venture: Most Innovative Organic Skincare Company 2023 - London 30. Goode Health: Best Functional Medicine Clinic 2023 - UK 31. Skin & Sanctuary: Best Aesthetic Clinic 2023 - London 32. Transderma: Leading Providers of Skin Health Antioxidant Serums 2023 33. Morgan’s Pomade: Most Historic Hair Pomade Production Brand 2023 – UK 34. Dewo International GmbH: Best Dietary Supplements Brand 2023 - Germany 35. Eyebrow Therapy: Eyebrow Salon of the Year 2023 – Sydney 36. ID Hairdressing: Best Unisex Hair Salon 2023 - Colchester 37. Callen Olive: Best Luxury Legs & Feet Product Provider 2023 - UK 38. Deli Aroma LLC: Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Production Rising Star of the Year 2023 - Texas 39. Layla Gordon Nutrition Ltd: Most Transformational Nutritional Therapist 2023 – Layla Gordon 40. M. Reich Gmbh: Best Sustainable Alkaline Nutrition & Body Care Company 2023 41. Delavie Sciences: Most Innovative Anti-Ageing Skincare Product Provider 2023 - Northeast USA 42. Accelerated Health Products: Most Transformative Health Supplement eTailer 2023 - USA 43. Dr Joshua Harley Street Aesthetics: Best Medical Aesthetics Doctor 2023 (West London): Dr. Joshua Van der Aa & Most Innovative Skin Treatment 2023 (UK): InclinEyes 44. mamabella: Best Health & Beauty Website 2023 - Buckinghamshire 45. Maria Maria Beauty: Best Independent Female- Owned Hand Care Brand 2023 46. Clinique De Beauté: Best Skincare & Beauty Treatment Clinic 2023 - Leicester 47. UNICSKIN: Most Innovative Luxury Techno- Beauty Brand 2023 48. Iconic Dentistry & Medispa: Leading Dental Practice 2023 - Perth 49. Boustise: Best Natural Bust & Bum Enhancement Products 2023

Jun22596 4 | LUXlife Magazine More than 80 percent of men and nearly half of women experience significant hair loss during their lifetime. For many, the thinning starts well before middle age and can be the cause of much stress, anguish and low self-esteem. We find out more about what can be done to combat this condition from Salvar Bjornsson of Vinci Hair Clinic as it gains recognition in the Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2023. With more than a decade dedicated to the art of hair restoration, Vinci Hair Clinic’s (Vinci) innovative techniques, cutting-edge technologies and passion for what it does, not only sets the benchmark for the industry but it also sets it aside from the rest within the industry. Not simply another hair restoration clinic, Vinci is different. The staff value each and every client and will ensure that they receive the highest level of professionalism, skill and customer care that all clients have come to expect and deserve. “Not only do we provide cutting-edge hair restoration, but our team will guide you at every stage of your journey with a professional and friendly approach to make you feel comfortable, valued and cared for,” explains Salvar Bjornsson, the clinic’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “At Vinci Hair Clinic, our aim is to deliver the best possible quality, service, and care in hair loss treatment and restoration.” With a vast network of clinics worldwide and a diverse international clientele, Vinci caters to everyone from high-profile individuals whose careers depend on their appearance to regular people looking to regain their confidence. The firm’s hair loss treatments range from vitamins and products to full hair transplants and micro scalp pigmentation treatments. “We understand that self-confidence plays a crucial role in securing better jobs and healthier relationships, and that's why we are committed International Hair Restoration Clinic of the Year 2023 - UK

Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2023 | 5 to changing lives,” Salvar continues. “Our success stems from a team of healthcare professionals who are passionate about providing top-notch solutions to hair loss and are dedicated to providing excellent care to each of our patients.” Vinci Hair Clinic prices itself on being a safe and reliable option for those seeking hair restoration services. The clinic is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ensuring quality and professionalism in all of its work. Compared to other clinics, Vinci has a large team of experienced professionals, and has a global presence in countries such as Brazil, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Nigeria, Ghana, Lebanon, the USA, and UAE (specifically Dubai). Amongst its unique selling points are the five-year warranty for micro scalp pigmentation clients, who can receive a free top-up session if needed within five years of their first appointment. Additionally, Vinci offers comprehensive aftercare services, including post-op assistance via phone, email or social media channels, as well as regular review consultations at six, twelve, and eighteen months after surgery. Founder Salvar was himself a hair loss sufferer, and therefore he fully understands the importance of providing top-quality hair loss solutions to clients. “The relationship between hair restoration and mental health and wellbeing is undeniably strong,” he says passionately. “Hair loss can lead to a decline in confidence, which, in turn, can negatively impact one's overall outlook on life and self-perception. A positive self-image is crucial in gaining the fortitude to take on life's challenges and overcome them with motivation. Hair restoration doesn't just add hair to your head, it transforms your life in a positive way. It's important to look at oneself in the mirror and feel confident, as it can have a significant impact on one's ability to tackle problems head-on.” Today, Salvar is one of the world’s top hair loss experts. Having suffered from early onset hair loss and spending many years looking for ways to counter his thinning frontal hairline, he tried all types of hair loss medication and treatments before finally having a hair transplant. Salvar has since used his own experiences to help other hair loss sufferers on the journey to hair restoration. Salvar trained as a surgical assistant in hair transplants from 2006. Since then, he has worked with numerous surgeons and hair loss experts around the world and has trained others entering the field both in FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques, hairline design and other related hair restoration specialities needed for natural results. He has attended various seminars, meetings and courses on hair restoration around the world and put together comprehensive training programmes for Vinci Hair Clinic surgeons and technicians through the Vinci Medical Academy. In 2011, Salvar published the book “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. Your complete guide to hair loss.” The book has been translated and distributed worldwide as an essential information resource for those suffering from hair loss and he plans to continue his mission to educate people about hair loss with further publications. Salvar has not only focused on surgical hair transplants, but he is also the inventor of the Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP) treatment. MSP is a breakthrough treatment, developed by Salvar and the medical team at Vinci Hair Clinic, for patients suffering from scalp diseases like Alopecia Areata and Alopecia Universalis, as well as scarring from older hair transplants or injuries. The technique has proven extremely popular, offering a solution for those who are not viable candidates for hair transplants and those who simply want an alternative to surgical hair restoration. Working towards a common goal of achieving excellence is part of the internal culture at Vinci and this is reflected on the exceptional service that is provided to clients. Many of the employees under Salvar keen eye have experienced hair loss personally, giving them a deeper understanding of our clients' needs and allowing them to offer empathetic and attentive service to those seeking to enhance their confidence. “The success of Vinci Hair can be attributed to the tireless efforts and commitment of our team of professional experts who come from diverse backgrounds,” Salvar enthuses. “Our team members understand that their individual success is intertwined with the success of the clinic as a whole.” Speaking of success, Vinci was recently recognised in the Health Beauty and Wellness Awards and named International Hair Restoration Clinic of the Year 2023 – UK. This prestigious accolade is just one example of the passion, enthusiasm and empathy that each and every staff member puts into their role of not just restoring a hairline but restoring confidence too. “When you choose Vinci, you can have total peace of mind in knowing that nothing is more important to us than your wellbeing,” continues Salvar. “Everything we do is designed to make your journey a positive one.” Now, a bright and lucrative future beckons and Salvar has plans to expand the clinic’s reach by opening new locations in Brazil and America, as well as starting to produce a regular podcast which is already growing in popularity. “We are excited about our business's direction. Our longevity in the industry is thanks to the results we achieve and the lives we have changed.” Contact: Salvar Bjornsson Company: Vinci Hair Clinic Web Address:

6 | LUXlife Magazine ith the emphasis very firmly on health and sustainability, Duschkind GmbH (Duschkind) is a beauty company with a difference. Since its mission to design a delicious, fragrant, natural product that is kind to the environment as well as the skin, the Duschkind range of toiletries and cosmetics has quickly expanded to include many innovative grooming items, such as shampoos for dry, greasy, or brittle hair. The firm has also developed fragrant varieties that can be used on irritated scalps, plus products created specifically for the sensitive skin of children too. “With a love of detail, a passion for craftsmanship and individuality, and high-quality standards, we produce natural cosmetic products,” explains Christian Vogt, the Managing Director of Duschkind. “From the beginning, we set standards in terms of sustainability, responsible use of natural resources and mindfulness for our precious nature.” Based in Wallenhorst, in the Osnabruck region of Germany, the company manufactures climate-neutral, sustainable cosmetic products that smell wonderful and are compatible with the pH of the skin. All Duschkind goods are lovingly handcrafted from natural substances, and its solid shampoos and conditioners are all biodegradable. “Our focus is currently on solid shampoos, allergy-free solid shampoos, solid shampoos for children, face and body oils,” continues Christian. “Our ingredients used are fully controlled and ultimately guarantee the continuous high quality of our products.” With regards to ensuring high-quality products are produced consistently, Duschkind has a rigorous testing policy whereby its products are checked, tested, and inspected several times over. Every substance that goes into the natural shampoo is thoroughly checked for its ecologically beneficial content and skin compatibility. This means that every natural active ingredient must have health-promoting effects on its own in order for Duschkind to use it in the manufacture of the shampoo. During production, the Duschkind team does not use any harmful additives and substances that are suspected of causing damage to skin and hair do not make it into Duschkind items. There is no animal testing of any kind either – and every product produced by the firm is vegan, using only Best Sustainable Shampoo & Cosmetics Brand 2023 – Germany & Best Sustainable Cosmetic Products Manufacturer 2023 – Germany Sustainability is becoming more and more commonplace in the corporate world, with companies striving to ensure they are being seen to be eco-friendly and reducing their carbon footprint. One company who has been leading the way for years in the cosmetics and toiletries industry is Duschkind GmbH, which consistently strives for a sustainable and ecologically conscious life. We find out more as the firm gains two prestigious accolades in this year’s Health Beauty and Wellness Awards. W

Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2023 | 7 herbal contents. Furthermore, the solid shampoos are all manufactured using water-free technology. This means that no water is added in the entire production process. This not only protects the environment, it also completely dispenses with harmful preservatives. The cold-pressing process completely preserves all the valuable ingredients of the highquality raw materials used, such as the natural organic raw materials which are obtained directly from small cooperations in Ghana and South America. The additional proceeds from this fair trade directly benefit the local families and improve their working and living conditions. “With our work, we support the environmental organisation Ozeankind e.V., which campaigns against the increasing pollution of the world's oceans,” continues Christian. “Duschkind Naturkosmetik stands for sustainable and environmentally conscious living, whereby profit is not the main focus. No preservatives, palm oil, silicones or sulphates are used in our products. All products are vegan, animal testing free, handmade and fully biodegradable. In addition, we do not use any plastic at all, be it for our packaging or for shipping.” Sustainability is one of the company’s most important focuses and forms the key element of its entire ethos. Refraining from creating a mountain of plastic waste, something that applies to both sales and the manufacturing process, Duschkind utilises natural materials for its packaging such as sisal bags and wooden boxes. Economical packaging, such as wooden packaging, is well suited for household use. Smaller things such as hair ties or the like can be accommodated into it, and the firm creates incentives to avoid plastic packaging for a cleaner environment. “For a long time, we thought about more sustainability together with friends, relatives and acquaintances,” Christian elaborates. “Our families today live without plastic products. In our own household we use wood and glass as storage containers. The economical wooden packaging fits harmoniously into our ambience. This means we lead a life where we can do without plastic packaging. Our opinion is very clear: It can also be done without plastic!” Within the cosmetics industry, there is a huge trend towards becoming more ecologically sustainable, which will become more and more important in the coming years. Christian believes that Duschkind is already several steps ahead of the game with its water-free production and the fact that it attaches great importance to sustainability. As well as this, the fair trade of raw materials, also promoted at Duschkind, will also become more and more important. One of the biggest challenges for Christian and the Duschkind team recently, in the last 12 months in fact, was to find a cosmetic jar that is 100% biodegradable and does not produce microplastics. “We have been working on this topic for a very long time and have just the umpteenth jar worldwide in our shop that can really be completely biodegraded,” he states excitedly. “We are very proud of this and want to offer many more products here now. Above all, it is important to us that we manage without plastic packaging in distribution and without the use of plastic in production.” Within the Duschkind culture, each and every team member has a vision to leave their children with a planet worth living on, something that is echoed from management all the way down. “Profit is not our first priority!” enthuses Christian. “We want to leave our children a clean environment and a planet worth living on. We want this planet to be a place where later life is still possible!” Recently, in recognition of the good work, dedication and commitment of Christian and all the team at Duschkind, the firm was rewarded with not one, but two, prestigious accolades in the Health Beauty and Wellness Awards, these being: Best Sustainable Shampoo & Cosmetics Brand 2023 – Germany, and Best Sustainable Cosmetic Products Manufacturer 2023 – Germany. Its strong sense of sustainability and love for the environment has not simply won awards for the company, it has also won it the loyalty of its customers and fans the world over. Of late, Duschkind has been getting a lot of customers through word-of-mouth recommendations from other customers, due to its offering of allergy-free products which marks it out once again as having yet another unique selling point in the natural cosmetics sector. Now, as the future looks set to become more and more environmentally aware, with sustainability at the core of more and more companies’ business models, it seems that Duschkind really is one giant leap for mankind ahead of the game. Currently expanding into the European market, with both France and Italy now under its belt, it is only a matter of time before Duschkind sees its vision of a greener place to live coming to fruition. “Finally, we can realise our dream of offering natural products that are free from harmful substances and biodegradable.” Contact: Christian Vogt Company: Duschkind GmbH Web Address:

Jun22596 8 | LUXlife Magazine When seeking to improve your wellbeing, be it physical, mental, or spiritual, most turn to the idea of venturing to another country to alleviate their stresses. However, often times, holidays can come with a whole range of issues that could directly dampen your mood and leave you more worked up than you were before you left. In cases such as these, wellbeing journeys like the ones offered by African Oasis Safaris are the ones to turn to. Not only are transfers to and from the airport arranged by the friendly team behind African Oasis Safaris, but it actively aims to plan a schedule that’s perfectly suited to each and every one of its clients’ individual requirements. It recognises that each person is privy to their own methods of restoration and rejuvenation, and therefore deploys methods to understand an individual’s needs prior to booking their stays in Kenya. As a result, it’s able to grant an unrivalled luxury experience to anyone looking to experience the innate beauty of Kenya. Above all else, African Oasis Safaris values its clients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, and aims to improve all three aspects in ways that are sustainable, personalised, and inarguably authentic. It represents a more honest understanding of all of the benefits that Kenya has to offer, and makes use of these advantages to plan the perfect escape for anyone looking to take the journey. Not only does it allow individuals to experience the natural world and all that it has to offer through its safari tours, but it also introduces participants to the rich culture that Kenya has managed to nurture with its visits to local communities. This is accomplished through rigorously planned itineraries that take all of the pressure off of the traveller. With its overarching focus on delivering a holistic approach towards wellbeing, Africa Oasis Safaris has been able to carefully select the most peaceful locations within Kenya. From its top-of-the-line hotels, to its luxury camping grounds situated on the safaris it visits, it’s managed to craft an environment that’s good for the mind and soul alike. It recognises the importance of relaxation, and does its all to guarantee a full spiritual recharge in the form of an unforgettable experience. However, its authenticity is what truly sets it apart when it comes to wellbeing getaways. It has an unrivalled appreciation for the local cultures living within Kenya, and aims to introduce a whole other way of living to individuals who are eager to learn. It showcases stunning local traditions and customs, all whilst promoting a mindfulness that’s geared towards keeping all participants in the present moment. African Oasis Safaris cultivates an invaluable awareness and acceptance of Mar23220 Best Luxury Wellness Safari Operator 2023 - Kenya As a second-generation family-run East African travel outfitter with over 25 years of experience, African Oasis Safaris has dedicated itself towards providing a vast array of luxury tours solely focused on improving wellbeing. It exemplifies an intrinsic understanding of healing that’s tied to natural appreciation and cultural connection, and it plans detailed itineraries around giving participants a taste of the beauty that Kenya has to offer. We look into its wellness opportunities, and how it combines travel with healing to create a truly therapeutic experience. one’s thoughts, feelings, and surroundings, which serves to encourage a complete overhaul of an individual’s wellbeing. Additionally, it provides more active tours for those looking to incorporate exercise into their wellbeing rituals. From sightseeing on Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya, to wellness packages that include yoga, spa services, and consultations with nutritional experts, African Oasis Safaris truly has every avenue covered to ensure a getaway that has participant health and wellbeing at its core. No matter the requirements, the team will craft packages that are tailor-made to wipe an individual’s wellness slate clean. Whether you’re travelling as a couple, a family, as friends, or as a woman on your own, African Oasis Safaris is able to cater to you. Each tour consists of small group sizes, and promotes wellness for sustainability throughout its practises. This, in turn, allows the team to integrate eco-friendly accommodations, locally sourced organic meals, and environmentally focused activities into each itinerary, without ever having to minimise the effect on a client’s wellbeing. It recognises that nature holds a whole host of healing properties, and tirelessly works to maintain the intrinsic beauty that the earth has to offer. At its core, African Oasis Safaris’ goal is to provide travellers with an opportunity to unwind, de-stress, and focus on their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Its scheduled tours are more than just expeditions – they can act as transformative journeys for the mind, body, and soul, and its safari experiences are just one prime example of this. These experiences maximise an individual’s connection with the nature surrounding them in a way that’s not only genuine, but lends itself to fostering wellbeing and mental clarity. African Oasis Safaris offers something truly unique to any seeking a relaxing refresh, whilst providing a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone looking to book with them. It seeks to forge unforgettable moments that capture the essence of the Kenyan landscapes and safaris, and combines fantastic customer service with cultural knowledge to create the foundations for the most rejuvenating experience imaginable. Kenya has a wealth of opportunities for visitors to discover, and will awaken the senses, nourish the soul, and inspire a deeper understanding of the human experience in a way that no other safari operator possibly can. Contact: Olia Kinoti Email: [email protected] Company: African Oasis Safaris Ltd. Web Address:

Jun22596 10 | LUXlife Magazine Founded in 2019 by sisters Aleena, Aleezeh, and Naseeha Khan, multiaward winning CTZN has since come leaps and bounds in what it means to celebrate diversity and inclusivity within the makeup sphere. Through its unique makeup products and fantastic formulas, it’s able to not only provide for a variety of different skin tones, but does so with a quality that’s simply undeniable. And with celebrity names such as Doja Cat, Demi Lovato, Mariah Carey, and Hillary Duff behind CTZN Cosmetics’ products, it’s clear that these sisters are definitely doing something right. Of course, its devotion towards inclusivity doesn’t just end with its impressive shade range, complete with a multitude of undertones to truly match any complexion. CTZN Cosmetics offers its platform to makeup artists across the globe, from all walks of life, giving them the opportunity to express their love for their own cultures whilst demonstrating its products. Dubbed as ‘Culture-Torials’, these short form videos showcase the quality of the brand’s various products, whilst allowing the creators to tell tales about their countries in creative and meaningful ways. This, in turn, presents individuals from a multitude of races, genders, ethnicities, and sexualities to be their true selves, and they’re able to do so on a platform that not only acts as a safe space, but encourages diversity in ways that haven’t been seen before within the UK’s makeup industry. The result is an inspiring community built on a mutual love for one another, where everyone feels welcome and included in the existing social sphere. CTZN Cosmetics has shifted the balance in the makeup industry, and continuously promotes any makeup artists seeking to share the story of their heritage. Though CTZN Cosmetics has since expanded its range of products, we feel it necessary to explore the product that first got people talking. Its Nudiversal Lip Duo is a revolutionary product that really put CTZN Cosmetics on the radar of individuals within the beauty industry. Combining matte lipstick on one end with a hydrating lip gloss on the other has allowed for a flexible product that serves an assembly of purposes. And with over 25 shades of nude available, there isn’t a single skin tone that hasn’t been considered. These Lip Duos were created with one sole purpose – to make people feel as though these products were customised for them. And, from the reactions that have been widespread across both its website and Mar23607 Inclusive Make-Up Brand of the Year 2023 - UK Inclusivity has been an ongoing struggle within the beauty industry since its inception. Being able to cater to every skin tone is something that even some of the biggest makeup brands have been unable to accomplish, and it’s incredibly disheartening to see. Every person of any complexion deserves to express themselves, and CTZN Cosmetics has stepped forward to ensure that nobody has to go without. We delve into CTZN Cosmetics’ history, products, and values to see how it’s been able to singlehandedly redefine inclusivity within the makeup industry.

Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2023 | 11 social media, it’s clear that this product has taken the industry by storm. CTZN Cosmetics took what was once a very definition of ‘nude’ and completely reimagined it, and the result is the fantastic, award-winning Nudiversal Lip Duo collection that we see today. Everyone has their own unique shade of nude, and CTZN Cosmetics utilised this as its ethos when designing each and every one of its products. So, it’s no surprise to learn that this ideology was once again applied to the development of its Eye Elements products. As a dual-tipped matte and shimmer eye pencil, Eye Elements has become a game changer within the makeup industry. Its ease of application and longevity makes it a staple among professional makeup kits, and holds a unique versatility that sets it apart from your typical eye pencil. And with a broad shade range, it grants makeup artists a whole myriad of application opportunities for every sort of occasion. However, if customers are ever in need of inspiration, CTZN Cosmetics has you covered, and its all thanks to its proudly appointed Chief Creative Officer, Sir John. Thanks to his dynamic depth of experience in the industry, and his background as a makeup guru, Sir John has been able to enhance the nature of CTZN Cosmetics in truly impressive ways. He’s an artist of the people, and has a multitude of short videos available on CTZN Cosmetics’ website demonstrating unique uses of its revolutionary products. Though diversity and inclusivity has been seen as a problem to tackle by some beauty brands throughout the makeup industry, CTZN Cosmetics saw it as an opportunity for change. The sisters recognised that something needed to be done so that artists could do what they did best, without having to worry about not being able to secure their shade. It’s brought identity and self-love into the spotlight through the creation of its products, and we’re beyond excited to see what it’ll come out with next. Contact: Aleezeh Khan Company: CTZN Cosmetics Web Address:

Jun22596 12 | LUXlife Magazine Based in Greater Melbourne, R.G. Hypnotherapy is a private clinical hypnotherapy practice that uses techniques from various modalities to help people from all walks of life find courage, clarity, and control. The practice is owned and ran by expert clinical hypnotherapist Renay Gramberg, who specialises in emotional issues, holistic health, nutrition, and psychotherapy. She is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals. Here, we speak to Renay about her career and her practice. Most of our daily actions are governed by the subconscious mind. Studies show that our subconscious mind knows our next action seven seconds before we are consciously aware of it. This suggests that the subconscious rules our thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and bodies, and is responsible for the storage of all our experiences and memories. With so many psychological processes occurring in quick succession, it makes sense that many of our responses are programmed. This creates the habits and unconscious behaviours that are so difficult for us to change. Hypnotherapy involves guiding individuals into a state of deep relaxation, where the mind becomes receptive to positive suggestions such as relaxing the body, eliminating physical symptoms, increasing selfesteem, enhancing creativity, and much more. Through hypnotherapy, we can bypass the conscious mind and tap into the subconscious, changing our programming directly. Hypnotherapy utilises neuroplasticity to restructure the neural pathways in the brain, which in turn alters our thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and physical reactions. This allows the subject to heal rapidly, preventing them from revisiting painful experiences from the past. It can be used to address a broad range of issues, resulting in improvement in many areas. With an advanced diploma in hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and psychotherapy, Renay Gramberg is one of the most qualified hypnotherapists in the world. Throughout her career, she has spent over three years in education, followed by eight years gaining Best Clinical Hypnotherapist 2023 - Australia

Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2023 | 13 practice experience. Now, she owns R.G. Hypnotherapy, a private hypnotherapy practice, where she helps clients heal, improve their lives, and achieve their goals. As an expert in her field, Renay enables her clients to truly trust that they will receive the best possible care at her practice. R.G. Hypnotherapy was founded in 2021, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. As many other business owners did, Renay faced several challenges during this time, especially in relation to the limitations on contact with clients. Despite this, Renay has helped many people since the establishment of her practice. The pandemic exacerbated the effects of mental health struggles, which she believes has made hypnotherapy even more important. “I am so proud to have branched out into something that is a little unique and created a successful business from scratch during the pandemic in Melbourne with the strictest lockdowns in the world in place,” Renay explains. “I am proud of the professional, friendly, and unique service I offer and the results my clients achieve.” Utilising a variety of tools and techniques, including hypnotherapy, NLP, psychotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), Renay offers several programmes and packages, addressing clients’ issues over a number of sessions. Her offerings range from a virtual gastric banding package with four sessions to an intensive family support programme which takes place over two weeks. No matter what clients’ needs and desires are, Renay helps them achieve what they want in life by enabling them to move past outdated and limiting thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. Whether they want to give up smoking, lose weight, overcome illness, or give birth naturally, she turns their visions into reality. She is particularly passionate about her work in the mental health field, helping people overcome anxiety, trauma, and addiction. While some people still do not see hypnotherapy as a legitimate method of dealing with psychological issues, Renay is working hard to bring the practice fully into the mental health space. “I believe hypnotherapy is the future of mental health therapies and will replace 90% of old outdated talk therapies within the next 20 years,” she comments. “In many cases, hypnotherapeutic intervention reduces the need for other medical interventions and medications. For example, people with anxiety have found that, with the help of hypnotherapy, they can begin taking lower levels of medications.” Renay believes that a holistic approach to mental health is essential. For this reason, she aims to get to know her clients in a deep and meaningful way during their first session. She strives to learn everything she can about their lives, their experiences, and their dreams. From this, she goes on to create each client an individualised treatment plan, taking into consideration their lives, nutrition, activity, sleep, and home life. With each session, Renay aims to empower clients to take necessary steps and develop a deep inner confidence in their own abilities and resources. She believes that hypnotherapy should be relaxing, and that mental health should not have to be difficult to achieve. She finds that many of her sessions are spent laughing and enjoying the healing process. As a result of her individualised, transformative hypnotherapy services, Renay Gramberg has won Best Clinical Hypnotherapist in the Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2023. We congratulate her on this achievement and look forward to seeing what the future holds for her. Ground-breaking studies into neuroplasticity and the power of the human mind have recently brought hypnotherapy into the spotlight. People are coming to understand that, by tapping into the subconscious mind and harnessing this power, hypnotherapists can help humans reach their full potential. Renay comments, “It’s an exciting time for hypnotherapy as a healing modality and I’m so lucky to be in the industry as it comes of age, joining other health modalities in the mainstream.” Contact: Renay Gramberg Company: R.G. Hypnotherapy Web Address: Hypnotherapy utilises neuroplasticity to restructure the neural pathways in the brain, which in turn alters our thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and physical reactions. This allows the subject to heal rapidly, preventing them from revisiting painful experiences from the past. It can be used to address a broad range of issues, resulting in improvement in many areas.

Jun22596 14 | LUXlife Magazine Numerous studies have provided compelling evidence linking the well-being of our bodies to the health of our brains, with diet, gut and metabolic health playing crucial roles in the communication among brain cells. Among those leading the charge in this groundbreaking field is Stella Chadwick, the visionary founder of Brainstorm Health. With unwavering dedication, she has meticulously developed nutritional and biomedical strategies to strengthen the essential 'gutbrain' connections, with a focus on empowering children and young adults to realize their full potential. Recognised as the Best Children's Nutritional Therapy Company 2023 in South West England, Brainstorm Health employs evidence-based methodologies and a compassionate approach to enhance the health and developmental outcomes of children. By leveraging the power of Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine, the clinic tailors its interventions to address the unique needs of each individual's body system. In discussing their approach, Stella Chadwick explains, "Through our work, we have uncovered a significant correlation between autism and various co-occurring health issues. Utilising Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine, we have witnessed remarkable improvements in mood, sleep quality, engagement, anxiety reduction, aggression management, overcoming picky eating habits, and overall health." With Brainstorm Health leading the charge, a brighter, healthier future awaits children and young adults as their remarkable potential is realised. Brainstorm Health is dedicated to providing advanced services aimed at identifying the root causes of children's health concerns. With a strong commitment to long-term results, their comprehensive approach encompasses a range of modalities, ensuring tailored and personalised health plans. Through their specialised Nutritional Therapy, Brainstorm Health offers invaluable guidance on various diets, such as glutenfree, dairy-free, low phenol, low histamine, low glutamate, low oxalate, FODMAP, and more, customised to individual needs. Complementing this approach is their Biomedical Testing, which thoroughly evaluates genetic predispositions and functional reserves, providing crucial Mar23237 Best Children's Nutritional Therapy Company 2023 - South West England Brainstorm Health is clinic in the UK that focuses on supporting the health and wellbeing of children and young adults with Autism, ADHD, ADD, PANS, and PANDAS. In addition, it also works with those with behavioural and learning challenges, and food/ chemical sensitivities. Here we discover more about its services and approach. insights into the body's inner workings. This comprehensive analysis encompasses digestion, nutrient absorption, detoxification capacity, mitochondrial health, hormonal balance, inflammatory response, as well as toxic and allergenic load, allowing for precise and effective interventions to promote optimal health. Brainstorm Health also incorporates Amino Acid therapy, a holistic approach that has shown promising results in enhancing mood modulation and overall well-being. In addition, Brainstorm Health offers Micro-immunotherapy, a safe and effective solution for conditions related to acute or chronic inflammation, particularly suitable for children. Stella Chadwick, the compassionate driving force behind Brainstorm Health, expresses her confidence in Micro-immunotherapy, noting its seamless integration with other interventions such as dietary adjustments, nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, and even prescription medications. With their comprehensive range of services, Brainstorm Health leaves no stone unturned in their commitment to uncovering the underlying “Building a better future for your child.” Stella Chadwick, Founder of Brainstorm Health

Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2023 | 15 factors affecting a child's health. Through their unwavering dedication and innovative approaches, they empower families and offer hope, paving the way for a brighter future of well-being and happiness for children and their families. Embarking on a journey with Brainstorm Health begins with a confidential questionnaire, conveniently accessible online. This thoughtful intake process allows for a thorough review before the initial consultation, ensuring that every moment is spent efficiently. During the appointment, a dedicated Brainstorm Health Practitioner takes the time to delve into specific health concerns, explore the child's medical history, and gain a comprehensive understanding of their eating habits, lifestyle, and family background. Each Brainstorm Health Practitioner is a highly qualified Nutritional Therapist with additional training in Functional Medicine. The Brainstorm Health Practitioner identifies any necessary tests to accurately assess the child's health and investigate potential underlying issues. If relevant and recent tests have already been conducted, they are carefully considered. Brainstorm Health values open communication and encourages parents to ask questions, prioritising clarity and transparency throughout the process. Once the required tests have been requested and the results have been obtained, the dedicated team collaboratively develops a personalised health plan designed to systematically support the child's well-being. The Brainstorm Health Practitioner curates an easily comprehensible plan for parents to implement at home, encompassing modifications to eating, sleeping, and toileting routines, alongside tailored meal plans and dietary guidance. Additionally, the plan may include targeted supplements, nutraceuticals, and herbal recommendations to further enhance health. Due to the soaring demand for their unique services, the clinic is currently expanding its staff. Their goal is to double the number of Brainstorm Health Practitioners this year to extend their reach and impact as many lives as possible. To ensure the integrity of Brainstorm Health's approach, new staff members undergo an extensive in-house training program lasting a minimum of 12 months. Even after completing their training, ongoing support and mentorship are readily available, and the team regularly convenes to discuss patient cases. Stella Chadwick, the driving force behind Brainstorm Health, frequently arranges sessions with specialist speakers, fostering a culture of continuous learning and fuelling curiosity within their evidence-based practice. Brainstorm Health's approach has consistently proven transformative, enabling children to flourish and positively impacting their overall well-being. With services thoughtfully tailored to each individual, they have garnered remarkable results, as echoed by their clients' heartfelt testimonials. For instance, one parent shares, "Izzy and I had an amazing conversation last night. She feels even more healed in the past couple of months, experiencing infrequent trauma flashbacks and significantly reduced back pain, now rating it at 1-2/10 instead of the previous 9/10. She's now socialising on the phone and even engaging in video chats with numerous friends. She has blossomed into an amazing young lady, and while her journey has been challenging, it has shaped her into a resilient, caring, and empathetic human being. We acknowledge that we can never fully repay what you've done for her! The impact you have on the children you treat, as well as their parents, cannot be adequately expressed in words." Stella Chadwick will be a featured speaker at this year's Thinking Autism Conference, taking place on October 7th and 8th. As the pinnacle event on the medical and biomedical calendar for the autism community in 2023, the conference will gather renowned experts from the global medical and research community. Attendees can expect to gain insights into the latest cutting-edge research and evidence-based practices aimed at promoting optimum health for children and adults with autism. To learn more about this event you can visit the Thinking Autism website As Brainstorm Health continues to expand, we eagerly anticipate their services becoming accessible to an even broader audience. To learn more about their exceptional offerings, visit the Brainstorm Health website and reach out to a member of their dedicated team. Contact: Stella Chadwick Email: [email protected] Phone: +44 (0)207 043 5165 Company: Brainstorm Health Web Address:

16 | LUXlife Magazine Best Holistic Relationship Counsellor 2023 - Western Australia Tantra is an ancient practice which merges sexuality with spirituality. Since 2006, the Sanctuary of Ananda has taken a Tantric approach to life counselling and relationship harmony, empowering people and couples to understand themselves and each other. Owned by Tantric sexuality educator Catherine Wood, the Sanctuary is proud to be a Platinum Approved Training Provider and Silver Ambassador with IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists). Over time, the term “Tantra” has mistakenly become synonymous with sex and pleasure alone. However, the true path of Tantra is Sadhana, an inner soul-searching journey that goes beyond the confines of the form (the body). Through this, people can unlock and decode life’s many mysteries and learn about their own soul and personality. It is only through knowing oneself that people can truly come to know each other, which is why Tantra can be so important in relationships. Practicing Tantra brings a deeper understanding, respect, and love for the relationships we have, bringing equilibrium back into our lives. Throughout her life, Catherine Wood, Founder and Director of the Sanctuary of Ananda, has realised the extent of the impact our relationships with ourselves, partners, families, and friends can have on our physical wellbeing. For this reason, she has dedicated herself to Tantric and Esoteric philosophies. Today, she is passionate about teaching people the core principles of Sacred Love, which branches into the fields of Tantric sexuality, Kama Sutra, and relationship counselling. In 1988, Catherine was introduced to the concept of Tantra by her doctor, who shared with her his knowledge and wisdom of sacred Tantric teachings. She was inspired to learn more about the ancient art, so she embarked on an incredible journey into the heart of India in 1989, where she spent 9 months studying the practices and philosophy of Sadhana. In 2000, Catherine completed a master’s degree in Reiki with the International House of Reiki in Sydney, after which she proceeded to teach the art in her own private practice. She then went on to obtain a diploma in reflexology, as well as a certification in counselling, aromatherapy, and Pranic healing. She also studied many other alternative healing therapies, including raja yoga meditation with the Brahma Kumaris. These experiences encouraged Catherine to create the Sanctuary in 2006 in order to help people expand their vision and awareness of self-love and soul. Today, the Sanctuary offers reiki healing, meditation classes, tantra trainings, couples massage workshops, couples retreats, holistic counselling, and relationship counselling. Through this, Catherine guides her clients down the path towards self-acknowledgement, helping them connect more closely with themselves and their partners. Primarily teaching Tantra, Catherine has faced the challenge of people misunderstanding the concept. Many people think Tantra is all about sex when it’s actually about love, communication, healing, and understanding. However, Catherine believes wholeheartedly in what she does, so she will always fight these misconceptions, striving to enlighten people to what Tantra truly is and what it has to offer. Catherine has also struggled to manage her workload, with many clients booking in at once, so she has navigated the challenges of balancing her own mental health with the work she loves to do. For this reason, the Sanctuary has welcomed an additional member of staff, Jodi, who shares Catherine’s passion for teaching Tantra. The pair always listen to each other’s ideas, working together to spread the teachings of Tantra. Having fallen in love with the art of Tantra many years ago, Catherine is truly passionate about her work. She delivers outstanding services using these teachings, which is why it’s no surprise that the Sanctuary of Ananda has won Best Holistic Relationship Counsellor, Western Australia, in the Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2023. Catherine is astoundingly accomplished in her field, having been featured on Perth’s Channel 9 “Do you know what women want?”, published her own book “The Way of the Heart: Tantra Empowerment for Women”, and co-written the Amazon best-selling book “Y Not”. In the coming year, Catherine and Jodi are planning to travel to Greece and the UK, mainly Oxford and Wales, to teach Tantra through women’s and couples’ workshops. They can’t wait to spread the wonders of Tantra across the globe and aim to travel more in the years to come. We congratulate them on winning this award and look forward to seeing what they accomplish in the future. Contact: Catherine Wood Company: The Sanctuary of Ananda Web Address: https:/