2018 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

Page 18 www.lux-review.com LUX 2018 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards Using these techniques means that surgery, scars and stiches are avoided, giving the client a simpler treatment with far better results.” In her concluding comments, Elaine tells us what she believes to be her greatest achievements whilst working in the industry, and it is clear from these achievements why her clinics tend to have long waiting lists. “Ultimately, my services depend on skill, great expertise and precise dexterity and, unlike other practitioners I specialise only in Electrolysis and Advanced Cosmetic Procedures, thus ensuring I am a master at my craft. I pioneered many of the new techniques for Advanced electrolysis even providing the name ‘Advanced Cosmetic Procedures’ (ACP) by which it is commonly known today.” Company: Elaine Stoddart Clinics Contact: Elaine Stoddart Address: St. Peters Close, Burnham, Buckinghamshire, SL1 7HT, UK Landline: 01628 603649 Mobile: 07525 233443 Website: www.elainestoddart.com Offering a variety of treatments for a vast array of skin blemishes, Elaine Stoddart Clinics is comprised of three busy practices in London, Buckinghamshire and Southampton. Typically, clients present with all manner of over 20 minor skin blemishes, the most common being Moles, Skin Tags, Warts, Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra, Blood Spots and Thread Veins. Having been selected in the Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards as Medical Aesthetician of the Year within the UK, Elaine tells us how it feels to have won this award, commenting that it is a delight to have been recognised by the industry. “Firstly, I feel very honoured to have won this award. It is the culmination of many years of commitment and hard work. Secondly, whilst it is wonderful to be considered by my peers and colleagues as the ‘go to expert’ in my specialised field, it is always rewarding to achieve official Industry recognition.” Boasting a wealth of expertise and experience, Elaine is a pioneer within the industry and has a single-minded, unstinting commitment to clinical excellence. These are just a few reasons why Elaine’s clinics stand out within the industry, and she tells us why her unique skillset and knowledge entices clients to visit the clinics. “Consumer awareness of using electrolysis and thermolysis for over 20 different skin conditions is not that well known. These fantastic Advanced Cosmetic Procedure treatments are often overlooked and I am particularly proud that I can play a small part in popularising such effective and minimalistic treatments. These proven skin treatments offer safe, effective, fast and affordable alternative to surgery, laser or cryogenics. Elaine Stoddart Clinics offer safe, effective, affordable and fast skin blemish treatment for over 20 minor skin conditions. We spoke to Owner Elaine Stoddart as we explore the secrets behind the Clinic’s extensive success. Elaine Stoddart Clinics Medical Aesthetician of the Year - UK

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