LUX Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2019

Page 30 LUX Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2019 UK-based luxury vegan skincare brand, Vida For You combines science and nature to enhance the healthy appearance of the skin, while reducing fine lines and combating sensitive skin issues. Neurocosmetics - The Latest in Skincare Technology Founder Eddy Emilio said: “The mind-body connection is not a new philosophy and the relationship between emotions and skin reaction has been recognised for decades. The key to this exchange is neurotransmitters and the messages sent between the skin and the brain, so by activating or reducing this action our products are able to directly influence skin behaviour. “Consumers will see dramatic differences in the overall wellness of their skin, including reduced sensitivities, wrinkle reduction and an overall rejuvenated glow, while bringing back their natural balance to help ensure skin stays healthy and younger for longer.” Alongside the utilisation of neuro-cosmetics, all Vida For You are born from a love of the Mediterranean diet and the health benefits associated with it. The ingredients are transformed into nourishing, super-charged, creams that not only do your skin good, but the sustainable, cruelty-free ingredients and eco-friendly packaging ensure the environment doesn’t suffer as a result. Distinguished by their positive effect on the wellbeing and health of the user, the products are designed to alter an individual’s neurotransmitters through textures, smells and ingredients, known as ‘neuro-cosmetics’. Neurotransmitters are released by nerve fibres within the skin, and are continuously communicating with fibroblasts, which are responsible for the creation or production of elastin and collagen. Ageing of nerves and neurons impact on these fibroblasts, which affects skin health, but nerve fibres can be stimulated physically, chemically and emotionally. The products use a range ingredients that can stimulate the brain/skin signal exchange, which are also known as pattern referred adaptogens. These adaptogens can affect the skin and respond to external stress and pressure by increasing internal protective forces, stimulating the immune system, and having a positive effect on the wellbeing and health of the user.