2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

Page 42 www.lux-review.com LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards Since it was founded, Jandico has operated under the core principle that it, and the health and beauty industry, should work in an open and transparent way. Carefully selecting farmer and processors of aromatic plants from around the world, the team at Jandico helps them to establish their products and brand in the global marketplace. In turn, this allows the buyers and brands alike to fully understand where the raw materials originate from, and also engage with the farmers to help bring sustainability to the supply chain. It’s a global business for a global industry, and the results can be seen and felt far and wide. Many of Jandico’s farming partners and projects offer unique essential oils, many of which have therapeutic properties which major brands will use to set their finished goods apart from their competitors. Jandico’s role is to ensure these essential oils are given the opportunity to sell themselves in front of potential development teams and brand owners who are creating future consumer products. As consumers, people are more driven than ever to understand where the products they buy comes from, and within that, where the many ingredients come from. Transparency and clarity are important, more so than ever before. Jandico ensures that if a brand wishes to share the full supply chain, then it can give them that transparency. Jandico can literally take its clients to the fields where their products are grown, whether that is in Rwanda or Russia, and everywhere else its partners are based. Primarily involved in sales and marketing, Jandico is a vital partner and key element in helping its clients understand the opposite side of the supply chain. When there is a short When it comes to working in the industries of beauty and wellness, being clear on what ingredients and chemicals are in the various products is absolutely crucial. That is just one of the ways in which Jandico Limited has become the Best Beauty & Wellness Supply Solutions Business in the UK. Its approach to the supply of natural ingredients into the health and beauty sector may have been unprecedented, but the response and the results speak for themselves. Jandico Limited Best Beauty & Wellness Supply Solutions Business - UK

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