Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021 Page 49 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards Multi-award-winning Ciao Bella Aesthetics is a non-surgical cosmetic clinic located in Bristol, home to experienced, safe and ethical registered nurses who offer a talented hand in natural cosmetic enhancements and are well- known for their informative and educational approach, which are the foundations of the company’s ethos. Ciao Bella Aesthetics Best Educational Non-Surgical Treatment Provider – South West England Mar21402 Ciao Bella Aesthetics offers a full medically holistic approach to non-surgical cosmetic treatments, its client base varying from 21+ and looking to improve signs of ageing, skin damage and dermatology concerns. The clinic’s mission is to improve the influences that non-surgical treatment have on society. It wants to educate its followers and investors in understanding sensible limits and realistic goals. It takes a medical approach ensuring it makes a calculated mental health assessment and ensures it protects each patient by sign-posting when required or finding alternative therapies if it feels treatment would contribute toward ill mental health. This is a clear distinguishable approach the clinic takes when it looks at other “promoters” of aesthetics. Its specialties are a clear-cut focus on soft and gentle anti-ageing treatments consisting of dermal fillers, toxins and laser, with its main skill being the use of PDO threads for a maximum non-surgical alternative to life and improvement of soft tissue sagging. The clinic also works with a small multi-disciplinary team which is made up of counselling, physiotherapists and dieticians that allow for a full holistic approach to wellbeing. With staff who are professional and strive on a confidential non-judgemental service, the aim is for the clinic to feel like a safe place for anyone, and when new staff members are recruited, the clinic looks specifically for people with these attributes. Ciao Bella Aesthetics works hard on upholding its reputation as qualified registered nurses and this is something it reminds its base of on a regular basis. Confidentiality isn’t regulated for non-medics. Of course, it is crucial that areas for service improvement are highlighted; this is done by monitoring data weekly and feeding it back to the team in weekly meetings. This allows the team to take focus in areas that total up to weaker service. Company owner, Alexandria Henderson particularly pays dividends to staff meetings which are also held weekly to take advantage of reflection and discuss any negative or positive issues that arose the week before. This gives the team as a collective food for thought and gives ammunition to improve services from an internal control. Additionally, the business often collects patient satisfaction surveys which allow an external output for further areas it may not necessarily identify. Ciao Bella Aesthetics also keeps an eye on current trends. At present, these relate to the COVID adaptations of video calls in all aspects of life. Video calls have now created further issues known as “Zoom dysmorphia”, where people are searching for solutions to better their image on a video call. The clinic finds that it has to be careful to not be exploiting the new issues that everyone is currently experiencing; whilst this can make the business stronger, it’s important to not exploit these people and to continue to remind clients and interested parties that it seeks to help out with improvement when there is something that can be achieved. Non-surgical solutions have a ceiling point. As a result, the clinic has taken the time to improve its consultation skills and work on uncovering the real reason behind search for improvement. Meanwhile, 2021 is an exciting time for Ciao Bella Aesthetics as its clinic is being refreshed with a new look, in addition to its venture into a second new location with the opening of another clinic. The company has also launched a hairless replacement range with its website being updated to reflect an online environment for women to seek the clinic’s hair replacement systems whilst still at home. Company: Ciao Bella Aesthetics Contact: Alexandria Henderson Website: