Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021

Page 50 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards The BridalSpa ‘flawless beauty’ salon is a unique studio that focuses on creating a luxurious, relaxing, and idyllic getaway for its customers. It specialises in stylings, products and services that are hard to find in its region, wishing to be the best in everything it does, from body forming, tanning, sugaring, and sound wave massages in its beauty spa to styling and boutique product sales. It also has a stunning, well-appointed outdoor styling area for its bridal packages, allowing the stylist to work with a client in conditions that elevate the overall prestige of the salon and ensure the experience is a memorable one. It is positive that it has a service and product to suit any bride or their upcoming excursions, with travel-ready accessories such as barefoot sandals, boho accessories, back chains, headpieces, and more. Furthermore, its services are all empowered by the latest technologies and newest techniques available on the market. In this way it not only ensures that it is remaining competitive in an ever-changing and highly complex industry, it is reassuring its customers that they are receiving only the best. In addition, the BridalSpa boasts being the first and only studio of its type in all of Austria. Its services are totally bespoke and tailorable, with an emphasis on client satisfaction that sets it head and shoulders above any other businesses in its market segment, offering unique hair, makeup, and pampering solutions. This has all informed its prevailing attitude of maintaining the highest possible quality. No matter the service or occasion, its holistic programme allows it to cater to a wide variety of different customers and have earned The BridalSpa a diversity of clients. However, something these clients all have in common is their appreciation for the effort The BridalSpa invests into the treatments and the innovations it houses. It offers some of the best weight loss systems that tackle An Austrian beauty business making waves in its industry and occupying a niche as the only studio like it in its region, The BridalSpa covers everything from full body treatments to destination wedding styling and the sale of beautiful, world-renowned products. Apr21283 The BridalSpa Most Revolutionary New Beauty Spa 2021 - Austria stretch marks and tone the figure; all by using the methods of BIA measurement, nutritional advice, and products offered by The BridalSpa. It thusly takes great pride in being able to offer the most relaxing weight loss options in the world. These services are once again partaken of by a wide variety of different customers, but this service has proved popular against mothers and athletes. This once again cuts through to the core ethos of The BridalSpa’s services: relaxation. It prides itself on being the haven of safety and luxurious treatment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing its clients to escape to its retreat when things are too stressful or too much. For instance, during a soundwave massage, tensions are released during a session through the gentle undoing of knots and problem areas. For brides specifically, its destination wedding stylist offers the option of going with a client directly to their destination wedding. No matter where or what theme, the BridalSpa’s specialist and highly professional staff will work hard to accommodate them; should they wish it, a client can even totally rent out the entire studio for a full day of pampering and styling that is guaranteed to make them look their best. A client is provided with relaxing services, a discrete and charismatic team attending to their every need, and complimentary champagne as the stylist works to create perfect hair, make-up, extensions, and so much more. Although it is a small company, it has big goals of expansion to another location after pulling through the challenges of 2020, looking forward to a prosperous future with ‘great confidence’ in both its business model and philosophy. Company: The BridalSpa Contact: Sandy Wiedemann Website: