Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021 Page 55 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards Iconic Dentistry and Iconic Medispa, are two sister clinics operating in South Perth, Australia. Both are multi award-winning clinics, one being a cosmetic and general dental practice, the other a well-respected skin clinic devoted to complete facial rejuvenation and care. We take a closer look at the clinic as it celebrates success at the Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2021. Iconic Dentistry & Medispa Best Cosmetic & General Dental Practice - Perth Mar21668 Specialists in facial rejuvenation, Iconic Dentistry and Iconic Medispa is a South Perth based clinic of leading aestheticians committed to providing complete care that refreshes, enhances, and preserves facial appearance. The goal is to achieve perfect harmony – and therefore, natural beauty – through the restoration and maintenance of facial health, so that clients can look and feel amazing, inside and out. At the stylish and tasteful salon on leafy Mill Point Road that runs adjacent to Swan River, Iconic Dentistry & Medispa has created a relaxing spa environment which has an almost instantaneous beautifying effect on the mind. Guests feel at ease in the hands of the friendly and well-trained team of staff, who bring together diverse perspectives and broad experience in the fields of skincare, aesthetic dentistry, and facial rejuvenation. Adhering to strict clinical standards and with a keen and unwavering eye to detail, the Iconic team works closely with their clients to establish exactly how they can help them and to set out a bespoke plan of treatments that will enable them to achieve their most beautiful selves. As such, Iconic Dentistry & Medispa utilises the best and latest in technology and techniques, constantly innovating so as to be able to offer its clients the most cutting-edge beauty solutions to fulfil a range of needs and demands. Iconic Dentistry, for example, offers services in maintaining, restoring, and enhancing the health of teeth, both for the sake of oral health – which is vital to overall wellbeing – and for aesthetic purposes, thereby dramatically increasing self-esteem and confidence. The award-winning dental clinic offers services in Cosmetic Dentistry, covering Smile Makeovers, crowns and veneers, whitening, orthodontics, and SmileStyler clear aligners, as well as General Dentistry, covering all dental needs for both adults and children. As a result, Iconic Dentistry is able to deliver excellent teeth that look good and do good, working well and comfortably for a very long time. Iconic Dentistry works in cohesion with its sister clinic, Iconic Medispa, offering even more facial rejuvenation services to guests, all easily accessible under one roof. The medispa’s team of Aestheticians and Dermal Therapists provide superior treatments for complete facial care, covering everything from brow and makeup services to cosmetic injectables to facial peels, laser treatments, IPL skin rejuvenation, radiofrequency, LED therapies and dermaplaning. Iconic clients are able to benefit from an extensive list of proven face and body treatments to address whatever concerns they may have, delivered by a team of expert clinicians who are able to tailor each treatment accordingly. Iconic continues to look after a vast and varied clientele that include local socialites, Olympic sports teams and Miss Universe finalists, but is proud of the fact that all are welcome to experience the service that only Iconic delivers. Despite the challenges with the current pandemic, both Iconic Dentistry and Iconic Medispa has continued to grow with an expanding team, additional services, technology and treatments. Fresh from its success at the Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2021, it continues to deliver stellar treatments and services proven to make clients feel and look their most glorious selves. Contact: Marina Chan Company: Iconic Dentistry & Iconic Medispa Web Address: /