Holiday 2023

12 | LUXlife Magazine Best Thai Cuisine Restaurant 2023 - Northeastern Ontario Authentic Thai cuisine is difficult to come by in any location that isn’t within Thailand itself. It’s nearly impossible to replicate the multitude of flavours that makes Thai food so compelling, unless you have the heritage to help concoct these delectable dishes. But no restaurant offers better Thai cuisine throughout Ontario quite like Le Voyageur Inn. Join us as we delve into how its brilliant culinary team manages to represent the food of this astounding culture, all whilst providing a comforting environment that’ll please new and returning patrons alike. Based in Mattawa, Canada, Le Voyageur Inn is paving the way towards making Thai cuisine infinitely more accessible to the people of Ontario. At its core, it’s a Thai restaurant and hotel with an aim to present the authentic flavours of traditional Thai food that truly reflects the richness of the owners’ heritage. Its dedication to offering a Thai culinary experience is what sets Le Voyageur Inn apart from any other restaurant within the area, and its this flair for great food that keeps its reputation strong and its customers loyal. For both new and old patrons, Le Voyageur Inn fosters a warm atmosphere within the establishment that serves to enhance the closeness of the local community. Its comfortable environment allows for a relaxing dining experience that’s full of flavour, whilst also introducing a closeness between people that most other restaurants simply can’t compete with. Le Voyageur Inn’s team cares deeply for the people it’s serving, and aims to provide its very best, no matter the guest. Its heart, however, truly does lie with its overwhelming passion for Thai cuisine, and this uniqueness really lends itself to Le Voyageur Inn’s already fantastic wealth of offerings. Not only does it present guests with the chance to enjoy a blissful sleeping experience in one of its many immaculate rooms, but its prowess in cooking Thai food creates an essence of brilliance that ensures it stands out among others. It believes that Thai food should be appreciated, and has worked tirelessly to bring the unique tastes and dishes of Thailand to the smaller communities within Northern Ontario. Of course, such a devout passion leads to the food being absolutely spectacular. Made from only the highest quality of ingredients, prepared by talented chefs who have mastered the art of perfection, the cuisine is consistently fantastic, and effortlessly encapsulates the authenticity of Thai dishes. And with a drive to constantly improve where possible, mostly in its dietary alternatives, Le Voyageur Inn has proven itself as an establishment more than worth of its awardwinning name. As the food and hospitality industry continues to prosper and thrive, it can become increasingly difficult for most restaurants to match this breakneck pace. However, Le Voyageur Inn has dedicated itself towards providing its guests with the best slice of Thailand within Ontario. Its dishes are expertly crafted, and its establishment serves as a safe place for individuals who are looking to enjoy a more exotic taste. Le Voyageur Inn is full of friendly faces, and fabulous food that’s simply impossible to resist. Contact: Sudawan Butt Company: Le Voyageur Inn Web: Apr23078