Holiday 2023

Holiday 2023 | 11 In addition, Red Sea Restaurant also presents diners with the opportunity to reserve tables for special events, so patrons can take full advantage of the fantastic facilities. Red Sea Restaurant houses an impressive bar that welcomes any and all to a wonderful taste of traditional Australian beverages, and is eager to ensure everyone enjoys themselves. And, if you’re needing a cake for your special event, the team will craft your delicious dessert in-house to guarantee an unforgettable freshness. The team at Red Sea Restaurant are passionate about giving all they can to anyone they can, all whilst maintaining an undeniable quality. With such a dedication towards satisfaction across the board, it comes as no surprise to learn that Red Sea Restaurant is also incredibly active within the local community. Costs have been rising across the globe, resulting in a multitude of struggles for a whole wealth of individuals. As a result, Red Sea Restaurant has taken it upon itself to give back to the community, offering free food to any facing a difficult time, and providing homeless people within the area with carefully crafted meals to bring a smile to their day. Its compassion is truly admirable, and with an active presence on social media, diners can keep track of bake sales, food opportunities, and much more. Red Sea Restaurant truly is an establishment that puts its diners first. Its team, from the waiters to the chefs, are each carefully selected in order to deliver the best dining experience possible. It’s devoted plenty of time and resources towards establishing an inviting atmosphere that’ll be sure to please individuals with the highest of standards. It goes above and beyond to prove that it’s deserving of its myriad of awards, and consistently presents guests with an unparalleled quality in its seafood and steak alike. One previous diner expressed that: “This place is worth a visit! This family run restaurant prides itself on freshness, quality, and quantity. Their staff are very welcoming and personable”. This acts as a testament to the hard work the team are constantly putting in to encourage Red Sea Restaurant’s overwhelming success, and highlights the intense focus that it places upon delivering the best of the best within the area. Red Sea Restaurant really is a star-studded establishment that presents the best of Maroochydore, all whilst delivering service with a smile. If you’re visiting Sunshine Coast, Red Sea Restaurant’s dining experience is an absolute must for anyone looking to sample the finest seafood Maroochydore has to offer. Contact: Neil Deakin Company: Red Sea Restaurant Web Address: What makes Red Sea Restaurant truly special, of course, is its selection of nautical nibbles. From catch of the day options, to fresh seafood platters, there’s a constant supply of perfection upon which the establishment’s brilliant reputation is built.