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Jun22596 10 | LUXlife Magazine As a major commercial area of Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore presents visitors and locals alike with a wide variety of both shopping and dining options. With such an overwhelming selection to choose from, it can be difficult to find somewhere that truly dedicates itself to cultivating the utmost quality, both in terms of service and culinary creations. However, Red Sea Restaurant stands out as a multi award-winning staple of Maroochydore. With its wide array of dining options, and a team of friendly, welcoming individuals, it sets itself apart as the best seafood restaurant throughout the entirety of Sunshine Coast. What makes Red Sea Restaurant truly special, of course, is its selection of nautical nibbles. From catch of the day options, to fresh seafood platters, there’s a constant supply of perfection upon which the establishment’s brilliant reputation is built. Every dish is crafted by experts, who bring a genuine passion to the craft of cooking that shines through the food Red Sea Restaurant proudly presents to its diners. It takes full advantage of its location to gather the best ingredients possible, all to guarantee a dining experience unlike any other. Red Sea Restaurant aims to make meals to remember. With a menu geared towards anyone of any age, regardless of dietary requirements, it’s able to capture an inclusive and accessible dining experience that’s sure to linger in its guests’ memories for years to come. No matter your tastes, Red Sea Restaurant will provide dishes that are only of the highest quality, composed of the freshest ingredients that Sunshine Coast has to offer. And with wheelchair accessibility and a range of highchair options available, you needn’t worry about having to leave any members of your family behind. Everyone is welcome, and togetherness is fondly encouraged. And with friendly locals frequenting the Red Sea Restaurant, the welcoming environment is able to effortlessly flow throughout the entire establishment. It houses a wonderful coastal lifestyle opportunity for anyone visiting, whilst providing a consistently fantastic flavour to locals and regulars alike. Additionally, as a result of its unique location assets, Red Sea Restaurant gives all diners the chance to appreciate the breath-taking scenery that makes up Sunshine Coast. With outdoor seating available, alongside an indoor alternative, guests can appreciate a versatility that only serves to enhance Red Sea Restaurant’s delectable dishes. Mar23161 Best Seafood Restaurant 2023 - Sunshine Coast When visiting the stunning Australian coastline, sampling the local, fresh seafood is an absolute must. Especially in Sunshine Coast, where the food is caught daily and prepared with unrivalled expertise. But, if it’s the best of the best that you’re looking for, then Red Sea Restaurant is the go-to for all of your culinary desires. Be it extensive seafood platters, or steak cooked to your liking, Red Sea Restaurant offers diners a genuine taste of the Australian coast unlike any other.