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Best International Couture Wedding & Engagement Photographer 2023 (USA): Marilyn Bray Weddings are designed to be unforgettable, but nothing plays a larger role in capturing your perfect day than a carefully crafted photography collection. You need someone who can truly see the extent of you and your partner’s love and is able to encapsulate it in an artistic way. With the love of her life by her side, Marilyn Bray devotes herself to documenting photos and videos of both wedding and engagements while applying her visionary approach to photography to produce something truly special for every couple. Based in Tampa Bay, but operating worldwide, Marilyn, alongside her significant other, forged Rising Lotus Photography & Films to convey their love for photography and cinematography through their wedding and engagement services. At its heart, Rising Lotus Photography & Films is a studio that specializes in international destination weddings, private estate weddings, and historical venue weddings, with a client base of couples who truly value the art form of photography. Both Marilyn and Jeremy understand what is required to capture the pure, concentrated essence of a couple’s love for one another, and it’s this adept awareness that forges the foundation of Rising Lotus Photography & Films. The couple loves love, and they make this abundantly clear through the breath-taking images that they’re able to consistently capture throughout their catalogue of work. Rising Lotus Photography & Films already has a huge gallery brimming with beauty, with each photo and video adhering to the business’s overwhelming dedication towards love. Personalization is key for Marilyn and Jeremy, and it’s this devotion to their clients that allows them to gain the best possible understanding on how to properly capture a couple in a way that’s both natural and enigmatic. The skillsets that both parties hold for their field is astonishing, and they apply everything they know about their craft to produce images and videos that encapsulate the unique love story of the couple that they’re working with. Rising Lotus Photography & Films gets to know their clients on a personal level, all to achieve a final result that’s completely bespoke for the couple. With its astounding collection of talent, Rising Lotus Photography & Films is able to provide a luxury experience to each and every couple they serve. They strive to produce the highest quality photography and cinematography within the industry, and with the couples they work alongside as their inspiration, Rising Lotus Photography & Films are able to create a timeless story of their couples’ love. Marilyn believes in the permeance of a wedding photograph, and dedicates her all into being Apr23068 able to provide couples with a timeless artistic representation of their union- their love legacy. Of course, through offering such an incredibly personalized experience, both Marilyn and Jeremy have received an abundance of, not only awards, but love letters from clients across the globe. One client had this to say: “I am so thankful that we were able to have you photograph our day. You took note of every little detail, captured both glamorous and silly poses, and helped to incorporate some special long-standing family traditions (Spameos!) I will forever recommend you without hesitation”. Rising Lotus Photography & Films recognizes that photos taken in the moment are often the most authentic, and never places pressure on any of its clients to appear a certain way. Client individuality is carefully preserved in every single photo. It’s clear from Rising Lotus Photography & Film’s overwhelming success that it’s a photography and cinematography studio that has love at the core of its practices. Every event, be it a wedding or an engagement, is treated with the respect it deserves, and will be captured in a way that’s undoubtedly genuine. Marilyn and Jeremy’s intense passion for the field is undeniable, and the evidence is there for all to see. They sincerely are masters of capturing true love. Contact: Marilyn Bray Company: Rising Lotus Photography & Films Web: