Holiday Issue 2019

39 Finding Synergy Between Art and Design Collective Studio is an interior and architectural design firm that specialises in aesthetic excellence and exceptional architectural design. In March, Collective Studio was recognised as ‘Thailand’s Most Outstanding Interior Design Firm’ in the 2019 Leading Designer Awards programme. We spoke to Director, Kopchai Limpanataywin, to find out more about their approach to creating living and functional works of art. A word that keeps cropping up in regard to Collective Studio’s work is ‘hybridisation’ – they have made their mark through an ability to combine artistic appeal with the functional requirements of the spaces they are creating. As a “turnkey solutions provider”, with an ability to fulfil a project from initial consultation through to completion, this has distinguished the firm from a crowded field of peers and competitors, as Nollapan explains more. “The firm is comprised of a group of people working across all disciplines of art and design related to interior decoration and architectural design – which provides a broader frame of reference for the client. With Collective Studio, you get art and design rolled into one. More than that, we also pride ourselves on our realistic and attainable approach to projects: designing every step of a project around the client’s budget and timeline so that they can be sure that the end result will meet and exceed their needs.” This ties in intrinsically with the studio’s methods for achieving success, which is, simply, to make sure that their work is nothing short of outstanding. “Our vision is to use integrated solutions to create valuable products that are outstanding, making our work respected by our clients.” Collective Studio sees a challenge in every project – a challenge that they overcome through a keen sense of collaboration. “We have an intense focus on teamwork. We brainstorm and develop until we find the best solution for each project to make sure every project achieves the goals we set.” Where others might struggle in the wake of an increasingly competitive market, Collective have firmly set themselves apart through this ethos, reaching clients through a dedication to exceeding expectations. In many ways, their portfolio of work speaks for itself, highlighting a modern and contemporary approach to interior design that is different, new, and bold. “The design industry today is very competitive and has an increasing variety of ways to reach clients. We aim to build our company’s character through clear guidelines that help us stand out and make our potential clients trust us with confidence.” This becomes incredibly important when framed against the speed at which the architecture and design industries move forwards, adopting to change and embracing the latest trends. Kopchai continues on this topic. “The trends of the interior design sector have changed faster when compared to the architecture sector Changes in the design industry are related to the way peoples’ lifestyles in society change. That’s why we cannot avoid understanding every trend that reflects consumer behaviour. We use this understanding, so we can adapt and integrate these trends into our work based on our identity and design guidelines.” Finally, regarding the future of the firm, Kopchai offers some insight into where Collective Studio goes from here. “We always find new ways to work and learn social behaviours all the time to get the necessary information for developing new projects with clients. In the future, we planned to work on the whole process starting with design through construction. Also, we planned to expand our service to neighbouring countries which have already started a few projects this year.” Company: Collective Studio Co., Ltd Name: Chatnarin Pramnapan, Kopchai Limpanataywin Address: The Platinum Place, Wacharapon Rd., Tharang district, Bangkok, Thailand Website: Telephone: +66 615 518 555 Mar19554