Holiday Issue 2019

52 Mar19227 Succeeding Through Architectural Innovation and Creativity Founded in 2013 by Architect Alejandro ‘Alex’ Macias, Studio AM11 was created to utilise an expert team in the design, administration and construction of commercial, residential and industrial projects of all sizes around the world. In March, the studio was recognised in LUXlife’s 2019 Leading Designer programme as ‘Mexico’s Most Innovative Architectural Design Studio of the Year’. We spoke with Alex to find out more about the studio’s approach to inspiring architectural design. Contemporary design defines Studio AM11. The firm’s portfolio is exemplified by a certain daring and an unwavering strength, found in the bold lines and unflinching dedication to their creative vision. Here the rulebook is thrown aside, as colours, textures and form are used in new, innovative ways. There’s a geometric sort of beauty in each of Studio AM11’s projects that has sort to distinguish them in a notoriously competitive market. To begin, Alex offers more insight into the studio and its expertise. “Studio AM11 is characterised by minimalist design that is expressed through pure forms and superposed volumes. I base my designs on the idea of the simplicity found in structural elements, the geometric composition of various elements and the total absence of ornaments based on an architecture of proportions, providing functional, innovative and transcendent solutions. “The firm is specialised in the development of the architectural-executive and interior design projects, covering areas such as landscaping, construction and its administration, as well as eco/sustainable projects.” There can be no doubt that the firm boasts a talent pool comprised of some of the best architects in the business. Working hand in hand with their considerable skill is a commitment to client service, as Alex explains: “Studio AM11 is highly committed to its customers offering a full service in each of its projects, combining experienced professionals, top-tier tools and advanced technology. We also have a programme of continuous improvements for the team, where we teach different tools, design programs, and techniques that let us improve and develop new ideas continuously.” Continuous development remains a key focus for many architects working in such a fast-moving industry. In Monterrey, where Studio Style AM11 is based, the landscape is moving towards new trends that represent significant growth opportunities for those with proactive enough to capitalise on them. “Vertical apartment building developments are something that have been very latent in recent years. In this city, this was not very usual or accepted at first, but, through the years, this has been changing and we are taking advantage of that as a positive growth for the architecture and construction industries.” One of the newest trends in the region is a move away from ‘safe’ architecture. “Clients want risky designs. People are so used to more traditional architecture, and lately architects are trying to think outside of the box by implementing new design strategies and that is great for the city! We are always seeking attractive and risky designs based on our characteristic orthogonal elements and the way we work with cantilevers.” Finally, Alex comments on the studio’s use of cutting-edge technology that drives their unique creative vision. “We use Graphisoft Archicad as the base platform of our designs – we make all of our projects in it. The program has 2D and 3D dimensions that help us explain the concept and design to clients easily. We also use BIMx, a similar platform to Graphisoft Archicad that helps us to seeing the project on other devices such as laptops, and handheld devices. We are one of a few firms here in Monterrey that uses this program, and the only firm certified on it.” Address: Av. Alfonso Reyes #900, Colonia La Cima, C.P.66230, San Pedro Garza García, N.L. México. Website: Telephone: +52 (81) 1728 3110 / +52 (81) 1413 7877 Facebook and Instagram: @studioam11