Holiday Issue 2021

28 Feb21246 Interiors that Resonate The ‘Best Commercial Interior Design Studio for 2021’, Resonate Interiors is a boutique studio based in Surbiton. Treading Lightly on the environment whilst making a big impact in the industry, it has worked hard to become a leading voice in its field. Resonate has really focused on what it is good at - investing in both the practice and its people and remaining true to its values to stand out in an industry that has plenty of competition. With its Scandinavian heritage it has taken to new levels its core value of “Treading Lightly”. Its aim being to specify 75% of products and materials within 100-miles from site which has proved invaluable to its clients through the pandemic as well as Brexit. That principle has also allowed it to support local businesses as well as reducing the carbon footprint of projects. Resonate is a work family and with that in mind all of the team pull together to create designs with high aesthetic standards delivered with its strong moral standards, all the while remaining authentic to themselves. This is what has allowed it to really differentiate from the pack. Behind its founding is the desire that exists to this day - to create memorable environments for its clients. Heart-spaces that relax and inspire the user, promoting healthy working practices as well as aiding collaboration and creativity. In Resonate’s eyes, exceptional interior design is about true collaboration in which both designer and client have a transparent and honest relationship where they learn about each other, so that the designer can work with the client to turn their vision into a reality. No matter what the space is, whether it’s a workplace, an educational facility, a hospitality establishment, or residential area, it should always engage the occupant on multiple levels. Essentially, the space should work in perfect tandem with a client’s vision, personality and expectation, so that the client doesn’t have to adapt their lifestyle to fit. Ultimately design should create an environment that has a positive effect on productivity, innovation and wellbeing. Resonate are curators of design with every concept carefully crafted. During the ideation process, it listens intently to its client’s vision, expectations, pain points and seamlessly blends its own thoughts and ideas with those of its clients, ensuring that everything is considered. Resonate pride itself on truly understanding its client’s personality by delving deep into their history and listening intently to help create a concept that is a true reflection of each client. It believes every client should have an award-winning design. Its clients appreciate the commitment Resonate has in making a space not only warm, welcoming, and aesthetically stunning, but also functional and dynamic – it ultimately has to work! Its workspaces have been lauded by its clients as harmonious, agile, healthy, and productive; each element has its purpose and its place, all coming together to form a brilliant wider picture. When a client walks into the space at the end of a project, Resonate takes great pride in hearing them say how much it reflects them and just fits. This passion has fuelled it since its very first commission and ensures that it remains competitive. Over the course of the years, it has developed a strong list of satisfied clients, returning and new ones. Its core success over and above everything else has been about collaborating and supporting. During the pandemic it has made more new connections than ever before as people wanted that contact to the outside world. Resonate pride itself that most of its work has come via recommendations as well as from previous clients. Over time, these word-of-mouth referrals have afforded it the opportunity to develop and grow, sensibly scaling with its resources. As it continues to actively deliver on its treading lightly approach both in terms of design and specification, Resonate thrives on designing those exceptional and unique heart-spaces for its clients. As the world returns to their workplace now more than ever, we all need a workspace that is inspiring, motivational, healthy and with green spaces that promote exceptional engagement and productivity. With some of the most dynamic interiors in its portfolio and many more on the horizon, it promises to continue pushing the standards of innovation towards a better future. COMPANY: Resonate Interiors CONTACT: Susan Nash WEBSITE: